Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Chemical Engineering Students Hold Second Annual Lecture In Honour Of Professor Layokun

Second Ife Chemical Annual lecture in honour of Late Prof. SK Layokun at Ajose LT. organised by Nigeria Society of Chemical Engineers OAU students' chapter {NSChe OAU}

The program, which was held on Saturday, 10th March 2017 featured the presence of several eminent professors and lecturers as well as a representative of the Acting Vice Chancellor.

The speaker of the day, a Professor of Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, Prof. Benjamin Ewa Ubi, spoke on the potentials ofy Biotechnology in industrial development.
The learned professor took a long stretch in discussing the wrongs in the society that have been branded as right, thus, causing an increased rate of death and laying foundation for disease.

YHe continued by shedding light on those fuels that are favourable and those that are detrimental to our health, the fossil fuels that have negative effects and consequence on humans, affecting people in subtle ways. While analysing the importance of biofuel industry, he also stated that it is the only way to have sustainable energy in Nigeria.

Prof. Benjamin further stressed on the alarming rate of population increase at the expense of decrease in food production. He said, "by 2050, a 70% increase in food production is needed to solve the rampant famine. Fermented food which has greater impact and effect on humans are being left out, just as balance diet is equally being laid off out of human life."

He noted the unhygienic food that Nigerians eat and believe are nutritional which were detrimental to our health.

Noting Nigerian-made products, the department made a clear recognition of Godwin Oguta, an indigenous student of the department who majors in the production of hand washing and liquid soaps.

Prof. Ubi when answering questions on local food stated that the local foods were available, but people, out of civilization, had deviated from taking them and this shift to more 'modern' foods had caused untold risks such as reducing or impairing man's sight and other functional organs - risks that an adequate supply of some of these local foods like locust beans can help prevent.

The Ag. Vice-Chancellor, Professor Anthony Elujoba, was ably represented by Professor Fademileyin from Basic Medical Sciences who presented an award of meritorious service to awardees like Prof. B.O Solomon.

The wife of the late honoree, Mrs. Layokun, thanked the whole gathering in the name of the Layokun family. While making her speech, she acknowledged the love, passion and prowess her husband had for the department.
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