Thursday, 23 March 2017

Learn About The Perfect Yacht For A Long Voyage

If you are planning a cruise on a yacht, then, most likely, you have already decided which exotic places you want to visit. However, choosing an appropriate vessel for a cruise is not always easy!

Our experts know what to look for when choosing a suitable yacht!

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Aluminum, pluses:
● durable body;
● excellent microclimate in the cabins;
● well protected from lightning;
● no osmosis.

Aluminum, minuses:
● expensive internal insulation;
● significant time required for the construction of the yacht;
● large consumption of materials.

Fiberglass, pluses:
● absorbs noise better than aluminum;
● preferable for small boats;
● small repair costs;
● relatively light weight and high speed;
● easy maintenance.

Fiberglass, minuses:
● insufficient body sturdiness.

What is better: a monohull or a catamaran yacht?

A monohull, pluses:
● occupies less space in the port;
● when overkill, they return to their normal position automatically.

A monohull, minuses:
● the internal layout of a single-hulled vessel is almost always the same, which means it is quite boring;
● significant sludge that leads to an increased risk of running aground.

Catamarans, pluses:
● almost no tilting;
● large under-deck volumes;
● insignificant sludge;
● easy maneuvering in harbors;
● they move fast, with a slight tilt, and cope with the waves perfectly.

Catamarans, minuses:
● are charged with higher port taxes;
● the threat of overturning during sudden strong squalls.

Suitable length
A modern 34-foot yacht provides the crew (especially the one consisting of a few members) with space and amenities much better than a 12-meter yacht from the past.

The minimum size of a cruise yacht is explained by a different reason - how the yacht can maneuver in the sea. Therefore, the region where you are going to use the yacht is very important. If it’s the Baltic sea with its short waves, then 35-feet can be considered sufficient length for the yacht. In the Mediterranean the optimal length is 40 feet. As for the Atlantic, the best yacht for calm and safe swimming can be the one at least 42 feet long.
Anyway, the size of the yacht is directly related to its speed.

In conclusion, let's say that preparing a yacht for long voyage is not an easy task. However, as they say, where there's a will there's a way!

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