Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Mathematics Department Provide Relief Package For Students As Exams Draw Closer

The Department of Mathematics of the Obafemi Awolowo University, more commonly referred to as Yellow house in description of her residential building, on Tuesday, 14th March 2017, set out to provide food stuff for her Students through the Students Association; National Association of Mathematics Science Students of Nigeria.

In what was described by many as a thoughtful initiative, the programme featured majorly a trade fair in which various raw food stuff were sold to Students of the Department at a 50% discount. Also from further interaction with the President of the Association, Mr AbdulKadri Agboola, known to many by the Pseudonym; Vision 2032, some food materials had been given to indigent Students who could not afford even the 50% cost free of charge. In his words, the President stated, "...The performance of Students during exam is always woeful because they don't feed well and thats why we have set out to help provide a cure to this... If one has eaten well, he is likely to perform better in exams"

Also, speaking with the Staff Adviser of the Association, Dr Fadodun, who was claimed to have greatly assisted in the facilitation of the scheme, he stated that the scheme was meant to assist students of the department in the examination period, especially those who could not particularly afford these foodstuff. He further divulged that most of the financial support for the project came from within the department; mostly staff and even the department itself.

From the expression of students observed at the fair, it was apparent as most of the students were pleased with the Project as a mere stroll through the corridors of the Yellow House on Tuesday 14th March exposed the delightful countenance of Students of the Department.

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  1. this is good...agbo... u finally did it...God bless you plenty

  2. Mr agboola...we dy feel u mehn!