Friday, 28 April 2017

"Bloody Fresher"- Ayantayo-Ojo Damilola

It is my desire to extend the most gracious and inclusive welcome to the fresh students admitted into the Obafemi Awolowo University, which is typically known for learning and culture. It is my pleasure therefore, to apprise you all that you have been admitted into one of the most prestigious and renowned universities in Nigeria, likewise, the most beautiful campus in Africa and you, deserve to be proud of yourselves.

This is a new phase in your various lives, as you have come to live in a new world around the four corners of the campus. Your stepping into the university is the kick-off stage of a memorable and indelible experience, and this would be as a result of various amusing, interesting as well as formidable and challenging  encounters usually experienced as a fresh student.

During the first week of resumption, an orientation programme would be organized by the school management. One would be adequately informed about all essential things a bona-fide student of the university need to know. The school antemn would be taught, and also familiarization of all top officials on campus, including the acting Vice Chancellor among others in persons, would be made.

The freshers week is another memorable experience I would advise freshmen not to miss. This week is going to be dedicated to you, so you are urged to participate fully in it. The days of this week would be dedicated to various programmes such as mountaineering, a tour round the school where visits to places like the museum, zoo, Spider ( a magnificent building in OAU) among others would be made, dinner, a Variety night to showcase various talents among frehers, film show, games. The most important of all is the colloquium. This is an interactive section with your departmental lecturers and getting to know what they expect from you.

As you resume, you are going to be welcomed into the open arms of caring and loving religious sects who all want you to become members of their fellowships or Associations. This is like having over ten campus fellowships to choose from. Also, there's the part of being woken up by fellowships as early as possible for morning devotions.

This is quite hilarious but true. You should be ready for the unannounced yellowish stains of bats' waste on your heads and beautiful dresses. Do not be amused because  in OAU, this is believed to be a blessing from the heaven and also a way to assure you of being a bona-fide member of this university. I had this experience on my way to an SER class on a beautiful Tuesday morning.

The first year on campus is usually the most naive period of one's stay. This is due to one's little knowledge about campus. It is sure that certain amusing actions would be carried out by you. Do not be discouraged as they would become memorable things as time goes on.   For instance, I called my father to ask which special elective I should choose because I was so confused. Also, a friend told me that we were headed to 'Academics'. I replied that we were in an academic environment already. She smiled and explained to me that a place where lecture theatres are located is called 'academics'. I was embarassed then, but now it's funny as I remember.

There is also this aspect faced by freshers. This is the  running around to receive lectures at different lecture theatres. This is as a result of the small lecture theatres being allocated to courses taken by a large number of students from various departments. Although very stressful, as you would eventually find out, I would say that it's part of being on campus as it would prepare you ahead for other forthcoming challenges.

On a final note, I'd say "pass through school and let school pass through you".
By "pass through school", I mean focusing strictly on  your main reason on campus which is to acquire academic knowledge which will define your career years ahead, and "let school pass through you" is by joining various voluntary, educative, talent-developing organisations. Attend seminars, conferences, shows and others, as all these would make you competent, capable and people-oriented.

We are  delighted to offer the most hospitable welcome we can and we wish you great sucess ahead.


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  1. This is really nice.
    Thanks for sharing your jocular experience with us.

  2. Wow. Nice article. Calling your dad for special electives was quite hilarious. You'd surely see freshers who would love to take a bike to amphi theatre from SUB or to the Dept of English n bike men would take them round n drop them Wish them all a fulfilling stay.

  3. Even though I get bored of reading most articles, this one caught my attention cus it's kind of fascinating n gave me a clear picture of freshers are abt to face in OAU...nice one and thanks for sharing

  4. Wow!!What a great article but funny though...sorry I want to ask maybe there will be ppl who can help us with our luggage when we were dropping at the main gate

  5. This article remind me of my first day in the university, I was like a lost lad looking for his mother. That day I was standing before the school health centre waiting for someone, I felt odd as every people are passing beside me and seeing me looking as an amateur but today even though am a fresher, the school environment is no longer strange to me. I am already feeling the act of belonging to the prestigious campus