Monday, 24 April 2017

OAU Students' Union To Organise Trade Fair For Freshmen

The day is fast approaching, and in fact is here already. Naturally,  freshmen eagerly anticipate their resumption into OAU for the new session.

On the other hand, the OAU community is also eager to have fresh faces and are therefore making plans to ensure a stress free resumption. Based on this, the Central Executive Council of the Students' Union, through the office of the Financial Secretary has helped easen the burden of traveling by organising a trade fair to receive the freshmen on campus.

In order to reduce the stress of transporting goods and to ensure the welfare of students, a provision has been made for freshmen and stalites to meet with sellers in a trade fair, where commodities such as foodstuffs, mattresses, cooking materials, provisions, clothes, and other necessities would be made available for sale. The trade fair which is set to begin on the 30th of April will be located at Anglomoz carpark. Thus, freshmen and stalites alike can make their way to Anglomoz to get necessary stuff without having to go to town or bring so much luggage from home.

According to the Financial Secretary of the Students' Union, the essence of the trade fair is to save students the stress of having to transport some materials down to OAU when they can easily get them on campus. In his words, Omisakin claimed, "...the fair in a good way solves a welfare problem."

In addition, interested sellers who would want to display their goods for sale can also contact these numbers for more information: 08105406977 or 08134212379.

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  1. This is really nice. Can i also also get my gas container filled during the trade fair? I have been thinking of how to get it transported to ife. I think it will be too heavy for me when filled

  2. If you want to get some used items, like gas cylinder, rug, electric cooker, microwave, standing fan etc
    Contact 08063669709

  3. Can I get locker as well? Or cupboard?

  4. Can I get locker as well? Or cupboard?

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