Sunday, 14 May 2017

Freshmen And The Packaging- Adigun Olayemi Paul

After some months at home, after sitting to write series of UTME, and now successfully gaining admission, the time has come to step up as a student of one of the leading universities in Nigeria - Obafemi Awolowo University.

Firstly, as you have now gained admission, one thing that will definitely strike your mind is how to cope in a new environment. Virtually all students on this campus also thought as much when they resumed as freshmen. But I must tell you that your readiness is necessary for this task ahead because the task I can say is for years and not for months or days. The main thing is to be adequately prepared for the task so as to be able to meet up and face every challenge you'll be faced with.

As a freshman, you need to more intuitive in your decision making. By this, I  mean being able to make some decisions rationally and quickly as well. Those secondary school days when your parents made all decisions for you are over. Of course, your parents could still make some choices for you. However you can start by coming up with ideas by yourself, then working to implement them into results. Personally, I cannot say you shouldn't take to your parents' advice - that would be unwise. You must however be ready to take responsibility for your actions. This, of course, takes a responsible and diligent mind to accomplish.

At this stage, your way of thinking and your level of intelligence should be improving rapidly. This is due to the obvious fact that you're now in the higher institution, and as such, an adult. You should be focused on how to make good grades, and how to develop yourself for the demands of your career and the outside world. In addition, as you begin to make some achievements, try to remain humble.  Remember that getting into the university does not necessarily place you above your colleagues in the polytechnics and other institutions.

Finally, my advice is that you live within your means.  Not everything you desire right now is needed or affordable. Make use of what you have presently to continue this journey you have embarked on. You have started well and you must endeavor to end well. Hold fast to those values which will aid you in accomplishing the task you are here for. Maintain the right mindset and share your problems with God and like-minded and trustworthy individuals. I welcome you all to this new phase of freedom.

Adigun Olayemi Paul

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  1. Please I am a fresher and I want to do my registration(Mathematics department).Please what are the requirements for registration at the mathematics department because I could not find it on the notice board....I need answers please