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Nigerian Campus And Youth Leadership Summit To Hold Between 8th-9th July

The Nigerian campus and youth leadership summit is a summit aimed at bringing together Nigerian Youth and Campus leaders.

It is a summit aimed at celebrating Youth and Campus leaders excellence in the country and also take a look at the contributions  of Youths towards the Nigerian Development.
Themed "Towards the Nigerian Project ; Role of Nigerian Youths and Campus Leaders" will hold on the 8th and 9th of June at Oduduwa University in Ipetumodu.
Over 2000 campus and Youth leaders are expected.
The day one is for Registration and Arrival of participants while the second day is for the main event.
The summit will also have present the launching of the Nigerian Youth Diary celebrating 400 Nigerian Youths who have distinguished themselves in the country .

Below is the schedule of programs as released by the organizers of the summit.

Schedule of Events and Programs For Nigerian Youths and Campus Leaders summit 2017

May 10
Unveiling of Nigerian Campus and Youth Leadership summit Ambassador

May 15
Grand Unveiling of Guests

May 17-25
National Tour(Featuring Press Conferences and short seminars)

May 26
Media Chat

May 29
Unveiling of First batch of Delegates

June 1
Campus Reps Meeting( Venue to be Communicated later)

June 3
Media partners Meeting (Venue to be communicated )

June 4
Late Registration for event  commences with No penalty

June 6
Pre-Event Media Chat

June 7
Unveiling Last batch of Delegates

June 8
Arrival and Registration of participants / Pre-Summit

Nigerian Youth Diary Cover Unveiling

June 9
Nigerian Campus and Youth Leadership summit

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