Friday, 2 June 2017

Angered Athletes Storm Akintola Hall, Chase Students Out Of Rooms

On the 31st of May 2017 at around 6:30pm, there was turmoil in the Ladoke Akintola Hall of the Obafemi Awlowo University, Ileife as her athletes stormed several rooms in the hall to chase out residents of the room with their belongings. The rooms affected were block M1, rooms 201 to 205 respectively as well as block W1, room 201 and 205. According to the athletes, these basis for their action was the allocation of bedspaces to non-athletes by the DSA.

The athletes therefore complained bitterly that spaces which ought to be allocated to them had been allocated to part 2 and part 3 students who were not athletes themselves and several attempts to complain to the DSA had proven abortive as their complaints had not been attended to.

An interview with one of the athletes revealed that 100 names are usually sent to the DSA but 50 spaces are allocated to them which makes them scot with each other. Therefore out of 5O slots, only four spaces were given out to them.

The furious athletes expressed their dissatisfaction as they explained that the President of the students union had failed to have a meeting with them.

Another athlete expressed her ordeal that the DSA has been so unfair to them in the recently concluded games where they represented the School as they had spent 17 hours on the road with no proper meals.

Now, their rights have been trampled upon.
During the protest, the President of the Student Union arrived at the scene to calm the athletes down and assured them that they would look into the matter.
At the scene, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Union, popularly addressed as Siewen, opined that the athletes had acted inhumane by chasing innocent students out of their hostel. He expressed that the problem was the management and not the students because they were allocated these spaces.
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