Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Music Review: Doing "Uncle Suru" Proud

By 'Joba Ojelabi

Do you remember that song they said we shouldn’t forget? Well we didn’t. Being the only feature on his quite anticipated album, and keeping in mind that many already anticipated a collabo between Adekunle Gold and his alleged lover, Simi, at least before Folarin Falana came along with his village boy rap, “No forget” was certainly one collaboration that brought pleasure to many lovers of good music in Nigeria, and even though it had its faults, many have since then looked out for another collaboration between the golden boy lover and Simi, whose voice, somehow always manages to pull strings in the heart.

They say two’s a company, three is a crowd but somehow, Jon Ogah has found a way to place himself in between the “No Forget” couple without necessarily crowding the track. Perhaps because, unlike their first collaboration, “Uncle Suru” is not a love affair. The track carries a theme of patience, or at least it is supposed to. “Suru” is the Yoruba word for patience, however as much as the broad theme of the song is patience, it primarily narrows this patience to the music industry, with all three artistes telling us in their own way that the industry is not a bed of roses.

Considering Jon Ogah’s past with music, one might be tempted to expect more from a thirty million naira voice but then again, there are claims that he kissed T-boss with that mouth. However still, his vocal performance on the track is sure above average. We have certainly heard less melodious voices in the industry, some even costing as much as thirty billion. Adekunle Gold, once again, does not hesitate to remind us that he is Yoruba as he conveniently switches languages when he takes his verse, he however might have taken it to risky heights when he starts making claims that he might just be a better singer than the R&B legend, R.Kelly, if he gets the instruments. Well, some serious autotuning stuff better be in those instruments. And then one is compelled to ask, what ever happened to Ladies first? Simi’s verse comes last and as always, she does some vocal magic which might be a hint that she mixed and mastered the track.

In all, Uncle Suru is the kind of track that makes one regret not knowing the Salsa dance. It is almost sure to get any first time listener nodding in no time. Personally, I think even “Uncle Suru” himself would be proud

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