Saturday, 8 July 2017

A Fanciable Rubbish System: The Definition of our Immediate Society.

I don't know when to point to in exactness the last time parity took charge for real (or to a very considerable extent) in this society. I am sure in my own head anyway, for things to be this goodly poor; in the past, things had to have been directly the opposite. Realistically now, when I think figuratively deeply about the superstructure of the kind of rulership this society used to have way back when capitalism was beginning from communalism or even before that, before the slave trade kick-started. There used to be peace. Humankind on these selfsame lands upon which we tread today as pin-riddened paths used to be together in oneness, in utter sufficiency of almost everything in all their aspects of being as they multiplied and subdued their earths as the Lord God has directed. Although, there would be misunderstandings and some negative natural occurences constant with man but such would be... or was at a very miniature weight. Thus, they were together sharing fine myths and legendary tales of past leaders to children to pass them over too. They cultivated farms well and ate well and died quite applaudably old enough.
However today, life has become quite easier through machine or technology and through what any sane human could down-tone today, our democratic system of government. However, it is all a façade. Common! open your eyes wide! "shine your eyes"! and smell the acrid odour of the rubbish around you. Can you not see? Look at what we have all around now. Every bit of the system makes me cry as though broken bottles, gun powder mixed with hot water and chili pepper are poured in my eyes. These are nothing compared to the gravity of pain few good minds in this society enjoy through the dark light our democracy shines upstairs. Truth has been taken to be a terrible sin off the grace of rulership libation. It is now only those who lie and cause serious woes for millions at once that are right.
This is no good system. This system was never there. If we call what we have a democracy, we must be out of our right minds or being jocular. What is the difference betwixt Marxism and this Democracy ah! For you to talk at all you must have practised well how to cover your semblance for afterwards, justice would only be given you after your head bounces back and forth away from the guillotine. This is oligarchic as the few rich become richer and they have had us all packed lonely to one corner and they serve us all with stubble as we run around in kilter doing for them their terms to cause us more trouble.
In conclusion, this I have written bleeding way too deep inside my heart as I project always considering my future kids, our posterity. I am begining to pity them already as they are already on their way to us in this shameful pit of gory. If this feeling could make me be singly good and do well to keep every bit of the state's structure as Nigeria's "Pledge" as it. Why must you not pray for the same, my fellow person? Although now, it seems God has abandoned us to suffer on and on like this as it is much like pragmatically, the world is not bad, it is us in it that always want to blow it apart. Justice has lost its virtue and would only bear its true self (again) if only we would for real, for once, once and for all fear the rules and regulations of the state, having kept them each for the goodness of the other neighbour.

-Kayode Emmanuel.
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