Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Elujoba's Trial: Court Adjourns Case, University Students And Workers Protest Detention

For members and friends of the Obafemi Awolowo University, the ongoing trial of the immediate past Vice-Chancellor of the University is on issue that has rocked the University Campus over the past few days.

Whilst many are holding on to the belief that the Professor of Pharmacognosy is being witch-hunted by some political forces that might have not agreed with his emergence as the Vice-Chancellor and the events that followed. The trial which was continued today at the Federal High Court was adjourned to the 19th July 2017. However, the members of the University community that went with him would go into protests when it was stated that the  Professor, who is on the verge of his retirement, would be held at the Ilesha prison.

Some other parties have made claims that the adjournment was a means to unjustly detain the Professor as there are speculations that the court would go on holidays from Monday 17th July 2017. More details to be brought to light as events unfold...
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