Saturday, 1 July 2017

Rampage In SUB As President Allegedly Walks Out On Congress

By Olabimpe Samiah O.

"Step Aside! Step Aside!! Step Aside!!!"

These were the words that rented the air as agitated students or congressmen were shouting at the OAU Students' Union Congress held on Thursday, 29th June 2017.

The congress, which is still likened to many as staged drama, was supposed to start by 4pm but was delayed till some minutes after 6pm. The SU PRO, Mr Okediji Simeon, stated that the congress started late due to inaccessibility to the university sound system at Amphi theater. The Engineer in charge of the sound system who according to the PRO and SEC GEN promised to be available was nowhere to be found when it was due time for the commencement of the Congress. It was reported that the Engineer lamented on the mismanagement of some of the sound systems at the last Congress.

"Engineer in charge of the sound system said the microphone and the mixer were destroyed and are to be repaired." Boluwajaiye Adeoluwa, the Secretary General of the Students' Union claimed.
"He complained that the microphone we used for the last congress was damaged due to rough handling. When he told us this , we apologized and we gave him part of the money" attested the Public Relations Officer.
The congress started with the president moderating it, Submissions​ were taken from individuals and the congress seemed to be going on smoothly until the congressmen asked the president to step aside as the moderator of the congress and allow a neutral individual to moderate instead. These arguments were backed by the fact that a man cannot be a judge at his own case. Congressmen insisted that the President should not preside on the congress but the president turned deaf ears to their demands and hot arguments, agitations and Rants engulfed the theatre. The Hullabaloo was on for 30-45minutes and later on the President single handedly declared the congress closed. According to him he said the environment is not safe and conducive enough for a Congress.

Following his declaration, the President Walked out of the theatre with Congressmen shouting and ranting behind him. He was followed to the the Union building and minutes later, It was discovered that the president was nowhere to be found and Certainly had made his way out of the building through a backdoor. A considerable number of students who most people alleged to be member of the left movements on campus were asking for the wherabout of the President. Consequently, Students were seen trying to force themselves into the Union offices. They managed to force their ways into the Office of the Secretary General and from there to the President's office.

Meanwhile as this was going on, some students might have used the opportunity to attack and perpetrate evil things. As the PRO of the Union was reportedly mobbed while his female classmates that came to collect notes were harrased. Consequently the PRO, SPEAKER, DSP, CLERK offices were broken into. The PRO reported that his phone SAMSUNG C5 was stolen from his drawer and that he could recognise some of the students that barged into his Office. There we're lots of damaged doors in the Union building. The Secretary General lamented on how the doors were just repaired and that the money used was from his own purse.

Conclusively, some individuals are saying that the destructive act of the mob should not be completely condemned as a standard has been laid down for them by the destructive incident and the irrational act of the Sports Director on the protest in Akintola hostel.
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