Sunday, 27 August 2017

Something Light; The Musical Romance of Boda Taju

By ‘Joba Ojelabi

For me, like many others, I think it all started with a hello. But it wasn’t to us, it was to a mystical lady whom somehow Mr. Folarin Falana had managed to stupefy. “Ello bae”, apart from introducing Falz to us, was a track that went on become a quite popular social media trend, a feat that not too many upcoming artistes achieve these days. Looking back now, it would seem as though the track was an introduction to something more than his sardonic version of English: Ello bae, like what the phrase (Hello bae) indicates was an indeed an introduction to seeming contention with the female folk, a contention which would last through some subsequent tracks and is continued in “Something light”.

Any true lover of rap would agree that there has not been a lot of quality rap from these parts. Interestingly, there have been many attempts; and whilst some have given us some hope, the others have managed to take it back. “Something light”, like most of its predecessors, is a narrative, one that details an encounter of the artiste with a lady; an ‘entrepreneurial’ lady. In “Marry me”, Falz narrates the experience of a young man and woman who are on the verge of nuptial vows and although, Falz comes majorly from the feminine perspective, the track expresses the non-committal attitude of the male figure and more importantly, his non-readiness towards settling down. This non-readiness is perhaps why his travails escalate with “Karishika”, the spiritually active female who seems to be quite demanding from the spiritual realm (Personally, I think most ladies have an element of Karishika within).

“Soldier”, which featured the sensational Simi might have been an indication of something positive but it would seem that the Barrister rapper got tired of the hard-to-get Jamb question crooner or perhaps “Joromi” happened. In “Something light” however, the current lady in the spotlight is painted as demanding, a character she shares with Miss Karishika but unlike the daughter of Jezebel, her demands are more physical. Another difference highlighted by the track, which might actually be the major theme of the rap song, is Miss Something Light’s pretextual schemes.

Like most quality rap songs, Something Light’s verses are separated by a simple chorus, one that does not require any tasking vocal burdens. Also in the song, Falz shares the microphone with fast rising rapper Ycee, who also comes on with his own narrative and together, they manage to create a harmonious two-in-one narrative that might after all be an indication of synergy in rap and its positive results.
“Something Light” also carries the usual comical flow that comes with Falz, or as he addresses his alter ego; Boda Taju and his kind of rap, and somehow, Ycee manages to keep up. And in attending to the question of who slaughtered who? It brings to mind the Jet Li-Jackie Chan duo in Forbidden Kingdom? It’s better to just focus on the bad guy or in this case, girl! And for Falz, we can only hope he settles down soon or for the sake of good music, maybe not so soon.
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