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"The B and F Committee Has Had About Fifty Meetings This Session"- Hon Pchaun

By Michael Mary
So OAU Peeps interacted with Hon. Sola Onimole, of the Faculty of Technology and member Budgetary and Finance Committee popularly known as Pchaun and here's what he had to say.

Interview Session with Sola Onimole, honourable of the OAU SRC representing Faculty of Technology

Good evening sir, we would like to know you.
Hon Pchaun: My name is Onimole 'Sola Paul, studentt of OAU, Mechanical Engineering part four.
  Is that all there is to know about you?
Hon Pchaun: I'm an honourable for my faculty.
  What faculty is that?
Hon Pchaun: Faculty of Technology, I'm also the class rep of my department.
  Perhaps, some background, educational background, where are you from?
Hon Pchaun: I'm from Lagos Island, I stay in Ogun state, I was born into a family of four, the second child and we have just a girl. Educational background, I had my primary and secondary education in Lagos state before coming down to Ife.

Coming back to Ife, in what year did come to campus?
Hon Pchaun: I came to campus in the year 2014.
  So how did the SRC happen?
Hon Pchaun: I have Always been involved in major things like having the mind of people at the back of my mind. I always want to see a better future. Ok, when I was in part one, I contested for the post of a class rep and I won. Ever since then, I have been going on with the with the good things, passing out information. Trying to get the best information. I will say in my set, I am the most popular class rep, I'm known as the  Faculty Rep. I have always been interested in bringing up the  progress of everywhere I am.
  So how did you convert that into getting the class rep office?
Hon Pchaun: When I was in Angola, I was very active, getting information, I was well known by majority of the people that stayed in Angola. I was involved in one political ambition that didn't really show up.
  What was that?
Hon Pchaun: Financial Secretary, but we thank God. I have been into getting latest information on campus especially the political aspect of it, till when I was in part three, I think when I was in part three when the union was proscribed. There was a little adjustment then and I contested for the post of SRC when I was in part three.

Now that we know your background, let's start from when you get to campus assessing the union, what do u have to say about it?
Hon Pchaun: When I was in part one, the welfare of the students was OK, that was the tenure of Ibikunle, the union was very vibrant. During the tenure of T.Y nothing really happened the union was dead that was what led to the suspension of some Executives of the union. Then we have this current administration, this administration hasn't been going on well actually, somethings that had to be done well has been done in a very bad way. They might have a good idea of what they need to do, but they are not really getting it. It's the other way round instead. So, this administration hasn't been going well for me, I don't really like it. I have not really seen something they have really achieved about from the issue that was on ground some months ago but we thank God.

Coming from that now, we must ask, you said personally that you have not been enjoying the administration, but you are part of the administration. As a part of the administration, what's your reaction to it? What have you been doing?

Hon Pchaun: I have been playing my role as an honourable and a major member in a committee.

Which committee exactly sir?
Hon Pchaun: The Budget and Finance committee.

Are you holding any post in the committee?
Hon Pchaun: No, but I'm an active member. What we do there is look into the budget making sure that nothing goes wrong. The part in which I don't enjoy is the bus issue it was a big slap on the face of Great Ife students, it didn't go Well at all, they didn't do the right thing for getting the bus which was known to the whole world.

We sure know that the bus issue is the one that really rocked the union this semester, if not mistaken, it is perhaps the biggest scandal we have experienced this session. Some say the price was exaggerated, and different claims have emanated. One of their major offenses was slighting the B&F in the process of procuring the bus, quite a number of releases was made, some trying to explain that the B&F were not constituted. As a member of that committee what have you guys been doing with the budget for this administration?

Hon Pchaun: We have done a lot of things, there is a whole lot of improvement, as a member we have had more than fifty meetings just this semester. At times we stay more than five hours, everytime I go for the meeting I always go back home with headache, because we are there to analyse issue, sometimes an argument may come up. It hasn't been easy but B&F have been trying.
So are we looking forward to the Budget Ratification soon?
Hon Pchaun: We have been doing it.

Diverting a little from the union and coming back to academics, if there anything we learn on campus, it is that combining academics with other things can be quite tedious. You said you are the class representative, an honourable and you are still a student, how do you find the balance?

Hon Pchaun: I have been trying my best because I have always been used to serving others, making things be in place and taking my time hasn't been a burden. So, I have been managing it up right from my secondary school and I am in part four now, I'm used to it already and I have never regretted it.
We must ask, are u looking forward to any bigger responsibility especially concerning the union or may be outside?
Hon Pchaun: Yes I am because not even looking at OAU alone but looking at our Society Ife, Nigeria, OAU, Osun state. There are a whole lot of things to address and put in place. Someone once told me she is not interested, she just wants to be looking at it from afar, she doesn't want to know what they are doing. And I told her if you see things going bad then what effect will it have on your community? If you can go there and make them understand that such is wrong. Let us do it this way, and why are we doing it this way so, there are a whole lots of things I'm so much interested both in OAU and outside OAU. Nigeria as a whole, there are a lots of things to put into place
Closing Remarks?
Hon Pchaun: Let me first address the issue we have here, in the administration we have right now, I noticed a fault. I think they should sit together and try to understand each other having the issue of suspending this and the other, then when are we going to have a good union? They need to work together for the progress of the union. Nigeria as a whole, Osun state, a whole lot of things to address next election shouldn't bring any violence and maybe they have to do some medical check up. I want to thank Great Ife students, OAU peeps for putting me there as an honourable and we are trying our best.

Thank you very much for your time.

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