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Simisola: Merging With Art…

(A Review of Simisola: The Album by ‘Joba Ojelabi)

There is no gainsaying in that Upcoming acts usually are in a more delicate place with the quality of their work than already established artistes, most especially when it comes to Debuts and sophomore projects. The delicacy of the former perhaps being due to the concept of first impressions and how long they last. Interestingly, this might not always be the case, especially in some kinds of art; like music, literature and a few others. Sometimes, a person can jump into the art, suck so grossly at it and grow out of that mediocrity. Such an artiste must however strive and work hard to improve. It is why in these industries, a person who has been around for a while might remain unknown until such a person makes a ‘hit’. But what comes after the hit? This is where the sophomore impression comes in. An artist, after a hit, should be able to reproduce such success, if possible on an even larger scale. This is what goes on to cast in stone any impression the debut might have left in the mind of the audience. And so, as much as mediocrity might be pardonable in some forms of art, before a transition into professionalism can be fully acknowledged, a minimal level of improvement must become reproducible by the artist. It is perhaps why some Nigerian artistes who have been in the industry for a number of years would still be regarded as “upcoming” despite producing a few hit songs; that lack of consistency! It then becomes interesting when an artiste still in this delicate region of her career goes on to take an even bigger risk with her debut!

Self-titled music albums can sometimes be very tricky, especially for an upcoming artiste. I mean, Beyoncé can call her album “Beyoncé”, sing whatever she likes and get away with it. But for an act that doesn’t own that kind of veteran license yet, it can be tricky business especially if the quality of such an album is not at its optimal level. Self-titled albums are usually personal; they are a means by which an artist expresses himself in his art such that a fusion between the two is inevitable. Sadly, sometimes the fusion can go awry, and if the art is not regarded as good enough, so is the artist and often times, in these cases, irrespective of any improvement that might come afterwards, the artist is already at some level, both literally and figuratively, bound to the work that shares his name. Interestingly, in my time listening to Nigerian music (which might not be as long), I have only come across only a few self-titled music albums that have caught my interest: First on the list being “Asa” by Bukola Elemide, who also goes by the same name on stage. And as is the case for many lovers of good music, the 2008 award winning album does hold a spot on my eternal playlist. Another being “Ayo” named after Ayo Balogun or Wizkid, as he is more often referred. However, unlike “Asa”, the second studio album of Wizkid might not have met the expectation of some fans, who without any reservations expressed their disappointments at the time of the album release. Funnily, “Ayo” was not a debut, it was an overdue follow up to a hit debut. Adekunle Gold, might also fall in the class of artistes with self-titled albums. After all, there is Gold in Adekunle Gold. However, when Simisola Ogunleye announced on her instagram page that her debut album would go by her first name, I really hoped that the album would live up to its name; a name that Simi herself had spent the past few years building, and amidst the thrill of anticipating the album, I feared that it wouldn’t.

Simisola is a 54-minute album and in that less than one hour, Simi does to us in bulk what she has been doing in bits over the past few years. The album opens with “Remind me”, a song that reminds us of what many religions preach but rarely practice. On a solemn beat flavoured by a lot of gentle instrumental, Simi reminds us by remembering herself what love is. The Jamb Question crooner then goes on to bring Sir Victor Uwaifo’s classic to the twenty-first century. In “Joromi”, Simi, with her graceful voice and some quality production, manages to create her own version of “Joromi”; one that unlike Uwaifos’ exposes the subtle things ladies do to get the attention of guys they fancy, especially in a society that does not allow the female throw too much advances at the other party. She repeats this feat again in “Aimasiko”, only this time it’s Chief Ebenezer Obey’s classic with a similar title that she remakes; giving it a modern twist, in her own little way encouraging a little patience in an age where everything and everyone seems to be in a hurry. “Complete Me” as the name might imply is a love ballad and haven’t we heard just enough of Simi to know how much she can handle her love songs. But it would seem that even love doesn’t last forever as in “Gone for Good”, Simi, in that slow solemn Sam Smith kind of way, delivers this attempt by a lover to move on from a heartbreak. This is the kind of song that makes you feel like Adele might just have some African links somewhere in her genealogy. “Original Baby” is perhaps the core of the album as Simi bares Simisola; the person, all in encouragement of originality. “One kain” is a tale of two friends who try to reach to a level higher than the friend zone. And on the eighth track of the album, its only feature comes in. Being the only featured artist on his album, one might be tempted to think that Adekunle Gold being the only feature on Simi’s album is some way to make things even. Interestingly, the song does bear some semblance with the Adekunle’s album collabo, only now, Simi is asking ‘Kunle, as she refers him on the song, to, in her words, “Take me Back”.

Things the get somewhat groovy as the ninth track of the album describes the Lagos frolic for vain ceremonies and the attention given these ceremonies. “O wa n be” describes what Saturdays in Lagos look like and the unrepentant ways of its people towards this lifestyle. Simi’s last single before the album; “Smile for me” comes in tenth and although, somewhat stale, the track somehow still comes off with a new vibe. “Angelina” is another testimony of Simi’s exceptional creativity, the song tells the not too unfamiliar story of the cheating boyfriend on a reggae beat. And although, the victim girlfriend in the song has already accepted a “side chick”, she goes ahead to discover another lady in the picture and according to her, this time it’s a…no. “Hiphop hurray” comes on last on the album and does what it can to offer a lively exit.

The album comes with some bonus tracks, which are indeed worthy forerunners of the album; “Tiff”, "Jamb Question", and “Love Don’t Care”. As expected, Simi’s pristine voice goes a long way in making the album the wonder that it really is. With production credits to Seyikeyz, the problem kid; Sess, Vtex, and the more familiar Oscar Rackah, Simisola is a piece of art that might just be joining “Asa” and a few other self-titled albums on my eternal playlist. For indeed, in 54 minutes the album blissfully merges Simi with her art; a feat that many artistes spend an entire career trying to achieve…and very many never really do.

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The Mysterious World of 'Baba Alankara'

By Ndimele Kingsley

Born on 25th September, 1944, Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja is a businessman who became a governor of Oyo State on 29 May, 2003 as a member of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), but was impeached on 12 January, 2006. He was preceded by Lam Adesina and succeeded by Christopher Alao Akala. Ladoja was elected to the Senate of Nigeria in 1993 during the short-lived Nigerian Third Republic.

He attended Ibadan Boys High School (1958–1963) and Olivet Baptist High School (1964–1965). He studied at the University of Liège , Belgium (1966–1972) where he earned a degree in Chemical Engineering. He obtained a job with Total Nigeria , an oil company, where he worked for 13 years in various positions before entering private business in 1985. In 2000, he became a Director of Standard Trust Bank Limited.

Despite the status of Senator Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja, the High Chief of Ibadan, however lives an incredibly simple lifestyle such that an unsuspecting onlooker would place him among peasant farmers.
A visit to his Bodija G.R.A, Ibadan home shows that his lifestyle fall below his worth. In his words, he says "I feel comfortable living a simple life".
Even in his dress style, most of the time he is clad in Nigerian-made Ankara. Ladoja admitted that people called him 'Baba Alankara' due to his choice of Ankara.

According to many, the ex-governor is jovial, accommodating and known for his philanthropic gestures. The septuagenarian noted that what is  important for him is to create opportunities for other people to grow. It can be inferred that Senator Ladoja's generosity transcends the Government House.

One of his outstanding achievements during his tenure as Oyo state governor was the 30 pupils per class Initiative in every government school.

According to him (Ladoja), He left PDP because the party had lost focus and forgotten its vision of becoming a democratic party that will meet the expectations of the masses. Ladoja reportedly stated that " PDP has abandoned its founding objective and the party is now peopled with politicians who are opposed to the political principles of democracy".

The former Oyo state governor who defected to the Accord Party is set to return to the People's Democratic Party. He disclosed this in a radio interview on Saturday 23 September, 2017 saying, "my greatest regret at 73 years is not getting Oyo state to where it ought to be".

In response to his contesting as a governorship aspirant in 2019, Senator Ladoja remains uncertain about his political ambition.

In also stated that his re-alliance with his ex-deputy, Otunba Christopher Alao-Akala who many believed to have co-planned his impeachment and succeeded him on 12 January, 2006, Ladoja said "In politics, there's no permanent enemy and permanent friend, only permanent interest".

Obafemi Awolowo University To Host Hult Prize

Obafemi Awolowo University, selected to Host local edition of Hult Prize as students answer United Nation’s Challenge and go head-to-head for US$1M.

Barakat Tiamiyu recently announced that Obafemi Awolowo University, has been selected to host a local edition of the Hult Prize, the world’s largest student competition for the creation of new social businesses. The annual Hult Prize awards one million dollars in start-up funding to the team of students that develops the most radical and breakthrough idea to solve one of our world’s toughest social challenges.

In partnership with the United Nations, the Hult Prize is hosting college and university events around the world in search of the next game-changing start-up.  Barakat Tiamiyu will be leading the Hult Prize at Obafemi Awolowo University, initiative, and is confident that her peers on campus have as good as chance as anyone to go all the way and with this year’s Hult Prize. “I believe if given a chance, we would lead and the good work"

The winner of the intra-campus event will automatically advance to compete in one of fifteen regional finals happening around the world next March.  One winning team from each host city will then move onto a summer business incubator, where participants will receive mentorship, advisory and strategic planning as they create prototypes and set-up to launch their new social business.  A final round of competition will be hosted in September 2018, where the winning team to be awarded the $1,000,000 prize.

Hult Prize at Obafemi Awolowo University, is now recruiting volunteers and teams who are interested in registering for the competition.

To learn more, contact:
Barakat - 07050541172
or send to

About the Hult Prize Foundation
The Hult Prize is a start-up accelerator for social entrepreneurship that brings together the brightest college and university students from around the globe to solve the world’s most pressing issues. The annual initiative is the world’s largest student competition and crowd-sourcing platform for social good, and has been funded by the Hult family since its inception in 2009. To learn more, visit

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Post Graduate Students Accuse OAU Of Systemic Fraud

By Daily Post

A group of Post Graduate students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife, Osun State, has accused the management of the school of systemic fraud and exploitation.

In a document sent to DAILY POST on Sunday, which comprised a communique and letter addressed to the Vice-chancellor, the students specifically frowned at what they described as continuous payment of fees after final oral defence, among other sundry issues.

The communique, dated September 11, chided the university management for charging the highest fees for post graduate programmes among other federal universities in Nigeria.

The communique further queried the reason why the management will delay sittings on the final results of students after completion of their programmes, and at the same time continue to charge them for subsequent semesters they spent waiting for their results.

“Despite the outrageous increment, nothing has been done in averting delays and curbing administrative bottlenecks, which resulted in continuous payment of fees after final oral defence.

“The continuous payment of fees after final oral defence is rigid, unfortunate, exploitative and the peak of inhumane treatment a Nigerian student can be possibly served,”‎ they said.

In the same vein, the students, in a letter dated September 12, which was addressed to the Vice-chancellor, Prof. Eyitope Ogunbodede, and copied to all the unions on the campus, as well as Chairman, Committee of Deans, and Dean, Students’ Affairs maintained their stance on the alleged illegal charges, and demanded for immediate redress.

“Taking into account the obvious, that we students, after the submission of our corrected theses have no control over the recurrent delayed approval forms E, A, and Abstract, at different stages of sittings.

“We lament the unjust cause for which we are made to bear the brunt by way of being continuously charged heavily for our period of inactivity.

“Moreover, as a university which prides herself as a foremost university in the continent, with massive efforts of operating based on well-established international standards, we find such a policy alien in the comity of prestigious universities.

Hence, we press for a rational cause and maintain that the institution issues a directive that primarily allows students to pay, not further than the semester of final oral defence and further addresses the many issues stated in the enclosed communique accordingly.

“We hope, not later than two weeks from now to get a prompt response to be intensely review for our next line of action”, the letter reads in part

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Highlights Of Ammended Calendar For 2016/2017 Rain Semester

Highlights Of Ammended Calendar For 2016/2017 Rain Semester

OCT 3- All Students come into residence for rain semester.
OCT 4- Rain semester lecture commence
OCT 10- Faculty/Students Colloquium
OCT 12- Senate for consideration of Harmattan Semester Results
OCT 27- End of normal registration of courses
NOV 10- End of late registration with penalty
NOV 13-18- Continuous assessment
NOV 29- Senate
DEC 13-16- Convocation
DEC 22- Rain Semester Lecture ends
DEC 23- JAN 2- Christmas/New year break
JAN 2- JAN 9- Lecture free week

Friday, 22 September 2017

OAU: Second Semester Resumption Likely For October 3

The resumption of academic activities for the rain semester in Obafemi Awolowo University could be postponed, the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) informed OAU Peeps News Agency.

According to the institution’s existing academic calendar for the 2016/2017 academic session, students are expected to resume for the new semester on Sunday, September 24, 2017.

In a telephone chat with the Dean of the Division of Student Affairs, Professor Aransi; he told our correspondent that the Committee of Deans has proposed a week extension for the semester break, so as to afford sufficient time for the fumigation of the Halls of Residence. So, this means resumption is now proposed for October 3, 2017.

The University Senate will meet soon, and the proposal is subject to the ratification of the Senate. Recall, local staff unions, including the ASUU, NASU, NAAT and SSANU all refused to join their national body that just ended suspended their strike action. This extends further to barely two years running that the institution has ran academic activities without any truncation, a situation that has not been witnessed in the varsity so for many years.

In the mean time, the Post-UTME screening of intending students into the university will go on as scheduled, starting from next week. The exercise is expected to last some days.

NASU, SSANU, NAAT Suspend Strike

NASU, SSANU, NAAT Suspend Strike
By Premium Times

The non-teaching staff of Nigerian universities have suspended their strike.

The staff, members of three unions, NASU, SSANU, and NAAT, announced the suspension of the 11 days old strike on Thursday.

Sam Ugwoke, the national president of the Joint Action Committee of three unions, announced the suspension at a media briefing in Abuja.

Mr. Ugwoke said the strike was being suspended for a month to allow the government meet their demands.

He enjoined government to “ensure compliance” with agreements reached with the unions.

PREMIUM TIMES reported how the government and the staff reached an agreement after several hours of meeting in the early hours of Thursday.

At the meeting, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the federal government delegation led by the Minister of Labour, Chris Ngige.

Mr. Ngige had earlier said both parties produced “collective agreement of action” after the meeting.

ICAN Undergraduate Essay Competition 2017


(Established by Act of Parliament No. 15 of 1965)



· Accuracy and Integrity: The Unchanging ICAN Motto in a Rapidly - Changing World.

· The Essay Competition is to engage the Nigerian students intellectually and in the end
produce enlightening essays on the platform of operation of ICAN in the next 50 years in the
global professional Accountancy Practice.

1. Essay must be written in Microsoft Word and contain not less than 2000 words and not more
than 3000 words ;and essay must be written in font size 12 with double line spacing.
2. Essay should contain abstract, introduction, main body, conclusion and references
3. All entries must be accompanied with a letter of attestation from the Head of each
participant’s Department.
4. Participants must submit copy of their birth certificate/Sworn affidavit and brief profile of not
more than 15 lines in MS Word
5. Only the first 500 entries will be considered
6. Winning essays will be selected based on content, grammar and style
7. The winning essays will be announced on Thursday 12 October 2017
8. All entries must be received on or before 23:59hours Thursday 28 September 2017. Entries
received after this date would not be processed further.
9. All entries should be sent to:

Eligibility for Entry
The competition is open to:
1. All students in any field of study in ICAN accredited tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
2. Age limit: Participants must not be older than 26 years of age as at 30th September, 2017.
NB: Members of the ICAN governing Council, AAC Committee members and staff of ICAN, KPMG
and their wards are not eligible for this competition.

Prizes to be won
· Ist Prize: N100,000 plus laptop, plaque, letter of commendation, all expense paid to Abuja
for the 47th Annual Conference, ICAN Professional Examination Scholarship with a value of
N340,000 covering tuition, study text and examination fees (
· 2nd Prize: N50,000 plus laptop, plaque, letter of commendation, all expense paid to Abuja for
the 47th Annual Conference, ICAN Professional Examination Scholarship with a value of
N340,000 covering tuition, study text and examination fees
· 3rd Prize : N25,000 plus laptop, plaque, letter of commendation, all expense paid to Abuja for
the 47th Annual Conference, ICAN Professional Examination Scholarship with a value of
N340,000 covering tuition, study text and examination fees

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

YES! Festival 2017: Registration To Close October 1

YES! Festival 2017: Registration To Close October 1
The registration for YES! Festival 2017 is set to close on 1st October, 2017 by 11:59pm WAT.
To register, visit
YES! Festival is a 30-day online business summit for successful business leaders, brand owners and aspiring entrepreneurs from different fields of business all over the world.
One of the objectives of the online platform is to develop and nurture the young, dexterous workforce and aggressively promote the creative drive, sustainable development and foster unique values in upcoming entrepreneurs as a means of arresting unemployment and poverty in our society at large by making available practical, relevant and commercial information for sustainable development.
The event scheduled to hold on 2nd - 31st October, 2017 is undoubtedly the most anticipated online event in Africa.
We have as target 30 business leaders, some of which include; Vincent Adeoba (Nigeria), Sola Sandra (Uganda), Lukmon Fasasi (Nigeria), Agyemang Caleb (Ghana), Timi Agbaje (Nigeria), Tafon Babila (Cameroon), Kehinde Afolayan (Nigeria), Ojo Temitope (South Africa).
At least 5000 participants are expected for the summit. The program line up includes; Business lectures, Book Reviews, YES! Charity Tour, YES! Essay Contest and lots more.

Hurry and Register!!!

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Apply For MTNF Science & Technology Scholarship 2017/2018

The application for the MTN Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship scheme for the 2017/2018 session has commenced, OAU Peeps News Agency can confirm.

With over N1,690,800,000 spent so far, the MTN Foundation “Scholarship scheme” is pleased to commence phase eight of this hugely successful initiative.

Eligible candidates are invited to apply for the educational opportunity of a life time.

Second year full time undergraduates in public tertiary institutions (universities, polytechnics and colleges of education studying any science, technology or accounting related course and has a CGPA of 3.5 or its equivalents (Second class Upper/Upper Credit).

How to apply:
1. Visit
2. Upload a copy of your recent passport photograph: Maximum file size of 600kb

Please Note:
• The application portal opens Monday September 18, 2017 and ends October 09, 2017.
• Only short listed applicants will be contacted and MTNF bears sole responsibility for final selection of successful beneficiaries.

Worth: N200,000

Available Awards: 500

Opinion: A Million Pythons Cannot Dance Away The Biafra Question

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. — Albert Einstein

Whoever he is, the military officer who coined the code name ‘Python Dance’ is a genius. Although an original version of the military operation, the Python Dance I, held between November 27 and December 27, 2016, no one should have looked any further than the code name to deduce the possible outcome of the army’s latest incursion into the south-east. As a rebel scientist, I’ll break this down.

Although they are a family of nonvenomous snakes, pythons, scientifically Pythonidae, can be extremely dangerous. They are some of the largest snakes in the world, and are notorious ambush predators in that they typically lay motionless to evade the notice of a passing prey but then suddenly strike when danger is least expected. Ordinarily, no one should tease the python — that is where Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) got it wrong. Even though it looks innocuous when motionless, a python cannot be active without inflicting harm — that’s the misjudgement of the army, the thought that the operation would run without tension.

Prior to the take-off of the operation, the Nigerian Army acted like a python, listing a raft of harmless activities to cover up its one controversial aim of the operation. David Dawandi, a Major-General and Chief of Training and Operations of the army, said in a statement on September 8, that “during the exercise, emphasis will be placed on raids, cordon-and-search operations, anti-kidnapping drills, road blocks, check points, patrols, and humanitarian relief activities such as medical outreach”. That’s the motionless python. The statement also made it clear that there would be a “show of force to curb the rising threat to national security in the south-eastern part of the country”. A “show of force”? That’s a python in ambush mode. The summary is that it was an unnecessary operation. For many reasons.

Nnamdi Kanu’s court trial is ongoing. When he returns to court on October 17, the court will hear the federal government’s application for the revocation of his bail. There is no chance Kanu will win that argument — unless Justice Binta Nyako, who granted him bail in April, wants to make a mockery of herself and the judiciary. Kanu has repeatedly violated his bail conditions, the most obvious being his prohibition from hanging out with a company of more than 10 or granting interviews. The violation of the latter Kanu has already tried to defend, bizarrely claiming that he doesn’t “grant interviews” but he only “answers the questions” of journalists because it would be “rude and arrogant” of him to keep quiet when asked a question! But no such ingenious explanation exists for the former; there are numerous footages of him among scores and hordes of people, including videos of him preaching raw hate. Kanu’s return to prison will be permanent in October, so first question to the army; why roll out the pythons against a drowning adversary?

While the pythons were still dancing, the defence headquarters rushed to designate IPOB a terrorist group without even taking a moment to find out the procedures, as laid down by the same law they claim to be enforcing. The army erred by failing to follow the provisions of the Terrorism (Prevention) Act 2011, amended in 2013, that “setting up or pursuing acts of terrorism, the judge in Chambers may on an application made by the Attorney General, National Security Adviser or Inspector General of Police on the approval of the President; declare any entity to be a proscribed organization and the notice should be published in official gazette”.

Even that move itself is an overkill. Of course, Nnamdi Kanu is very annoying — I can imagine the Chief of Army Staff watching him in one of his numerous hate videos and itching to grab his throat and strangle him. There can be no arguments that he is unstable: how can a man who so passionately preached Nigeria’s unity under Goodluck Jonathan now so vehemently champion secession? But a more careful look at him will reveal his true nature: a mere radio/internet noisemaker elevated to the status of Biafra champion by a zealous and unlawful Muhammadu Buhari government. Kanu would never enjoy half his current popularity if he wasn’t repeatedly denied bail. Kanu talks too much; die-hard rebels talk less and act more. His Biafra Security Service (BSS) is toothless; not one of the so-called trainees carried any sort of weapon. They, in fact, looked too confused to be able to withstand confrontation by a private, the lowest-ranked officer of the Nigerian army. Little wonder Kanu himself is now in hiding.

The deployment of soldiers to the south-east has caused needless tension. The death of a hard-to-ascertain number of people, the assault on suspected IPOB members (which, by the way, will go unpunished despite the army’s claim to be investigating it), the combing of buses by IPOB members in Aba for Hausa to harm, the Igbo-Hausa tension in Jos and Port Harcourt are all worrying scenarios that would have been avoided without military action. The seething inter-ethnic tension is worrisome; this is how wars start. In the past week, whether we admit it or not, Nigeria took one giant step towards a second Civil War. The good thing, though, is that the situation is still reasonably under control. To avert a total breakdown of law and order, our leaders must learn from our history and ask themselves the hard questions.

Speaking of lessons, it is hard to imagine how quickly our leaders have forgotten the role of military action in the escalation of Boko Haram from a nonviolent ideological group under Yusuf Mohammed to a ruthlessly violent one under Abubakar Shekau. The 2009 police crackdown on Boko Haram in Bauchi led to violence in Kano, Yobe and Borno states; and after Mohammed’s capture by the military and extrajudicial execution by the police, the reins of Boko Haram fell on the bellicose, blood-thirsty Shekau. The rest, as they say, is history. It will take decades for the north to recover from the ruin of this insurgency — the deaths of hundreds of thousands, displacement of at least 3million people, the humanitarian crisis, the sheer destruction of flora and fauna, the physical and socioeconomic regression. So, even if the military succeeds in taking out Kanu, the Biafra mantle will naturally be transferred to someone else, who may even be more dangerous than kanu. Tact, not force, is what President Muhammadu Buhari needs to handle Kanu and the Biafra agitation.

There are two questions the government must answer if Nigeria must remain peaceful. Why, despite his apparent weakness of character, lack of purpose, unruly choice of words, does Kanu continue commanding huge youth following? And, why, after almost four decades post-Civil War, are we still discussing Biafra? I do not have all the answers, but I’ll supply some.

First question: as I said earlier, Kanu is the number-one beneficiary of government’s misuse of power. But more importantly, Kanu’s followers are mostly made up of unemployed or unprofitably employed, disillusioned youth who have finally found someone to identify with their struggles. For the second, it must mean that the Biafra question was never addressed after the war. Buhari must think long and hard about what the Igbo want, why they feel sidelined, and what he can do to make them feel part of Nigeria.

Otherwise, a legitimate Biafra question will be left in the hands of an opportunistic Kanu, and we will lose a golden opportunity to once and for all resolve our differences and strengthen the bond of our nationhood. Buhari should let the courts decide Kanu’s fate. He must jettison the use of force and embrace dialogue — because whether we like it or not, a million pythons cannot dance away the Biafra question!

The writer, 'Fisayo Soyombo, Editor of the International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR), tweets @fisayosoyombo

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Igbobi Boy: The Sweet Bitter Tales Of A Young Old Man

A review of Adebayo Lamikanra’s “Igbobi Boy” by ‘Joba Ojelabi

Having had firsthand experience on the effects that good aesthetics can have on the human mind, I tend to often find the maxim; “Do not judge a book by its cover” quite controversial. For indeed, as much as a substance’s exterior is not always a precise expression of its interior, I believe that the packaging of a thing, to some extent, defines the value of such substance. Such that before any critical appraisal, the metaphorical cover of a book offers a potential reader some privilege of a preliminary assessment because eventually, the cover is part of the book! And more importantly, it is the part that carries the burden of first interaction with potential readers, bringing to mind the brother expression of first impressions and their comparative lifespan in the mind of readers.  This, coupled with the fact that I have had the privilege of stopping by Adebayo Lamikanra’s office a number of times, is perhaps why I find the cover of the enlightening memoir of the Professor of Pharmaceutics not as arousing.

It does not take too much time with “Lamikay”, as Professor Lamikanra is more fondly called, to learn of his fascination with the arts; both visual and virtual. His office, apart from the several expressions of visual art present, is littered with sheets of abstract sketches by the Professor himself. It is on this basis that a person aware of this fact about Lamikay, such as myself, might demand more from the book cover of Igbobi Boy; which, as at the time of this review, is a simple silhouette of a school boy carrying the blue and yellow colours of Igbobi College; the Alma mata of Lamikanra. Personally, I have a soft spot for covers which, in their attempt to express the theme of the book and in obedience to the sacred laws of design functionality and aesthetics, are laced with some with some elements of mystery and simplicity. What says mystery better than abstract art?     
A bite into the less colourful pages of the book, however, might leave a reader a little more interested than its blue and yellow covers as Lamikay describes his experience at Igbobi College in very specific and quite fascinating detail. Beginning from his admission into the legendary college, Professor Lamikanra describes people, places and events with such precision that makes it hard to believe that the memories are from over forty years ago; leaving any reader familiar with the author pondering on how young the old man really is. Lamikanra, in the first few chapters after his interesting admission into Igbobi College, describes the age-old college. And indeed, he does so with such detail and affection that should leave any person in the current Nigerian educational system with a bitter sweet aftertaste.        
In the course of book, Lamikay describes many of the events that would go on to influence his personality. Starting with his immense affection for the college; which it would seem the college herself instills in her sons, discipline, leadership, a passion for excellence amongst other things, the author would even describe traits that were not directly instilled by the college: A good example being his mother’s well delivered offhand speech, which at the time was merely a source of pride for the author but would eventually become a strong influencing factor in his method of presentation in subsequent years; a method which has interestingly become characteristic of a number of lecturers of Pharmaceutical Microbiology in the Department of Pharmaceutics of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife to state but a few secondary influences.

Lamikanra, apart from the walls of Igbobi College, also describes fondly a number of people met either at or through Igbobi College. Some of these persons, the Professor would later come across in later years under different circumstances.

Igbobi Boy is a description of golden years, not just for the boy currently living in an old man but for a nation presently in the shadow of herself. Lamikanra reminds us of an almost forgotten period in Nigerian history through his affectionate and passionate narration of his formative years. For those of us that were not around in the sixties, Igbobi Boy might come off as a fairy tale, especially considering the current realities of the Nigerian state but for those that were around, Igbobi Boy is the kind of book that brings back some fond memories especially for other alumni of the institution. Although the book does contain some typographical blots, looking at its cover once again, Igbobi Boy might actually just be a good reason to not judge a book by its cover.             

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Post-UTME: Printing of Online Registration Slip To Commence Tomorrow

Post-UTME: Printing of Online Registration Slip To Commence Tomorrow
All Obafemi Awolowo University aspirants are to print their slip by the end of Monday 18th, September 2017. The Printed Registration Slip would contain the allotted date and time  to be brought along to the screening venue in addition to JAMB UTME Notification of Results/Registration Slip. The Combination (i.e. OAU Post-UTME Registration Slip and JAMB UTME Notification of Results Slip) would be the pass for entrance into the Computer-Based Aptitude Test venue.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Course Registration To Commence Next Week Monday

Registration of courses for the Rain semester of the 2016/2017  academic session will commence Next week Monday, 18th September 2017. Students are advised to complete their registration as soon as possible..

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Startup Labs Ife Launch Monthly Interactive Meetings

Startup Labs, an organisation set out to assist intending and upcoming entrepreneurs in bringing to reality their ideas, announced its presence officially in Ile-ife on Sunday, 10th September 2016.

The meeting which was organized by the localized section of the organisation, Startup Labs Ife, was held at the Rotunda of the Obafemi Awolowo University Campus and was supported by Classic Systems Infotech.

Giving his welcome address, founder of the organisation, Mr Igba Joshua; founder of the Neonatar brand stated that the organisation was birthed in a bid to assist young entrepreneurs, most especially considering the peculiarity of Ife not being as friendly for business.

The speakers at the event included Opeyemi Adesanya of OFA Multiglobal, Bomi Opatayo from StartUp Nation Africa, Adewale Ojo from the A&G group. The speakers spoke on an array of intricacies involved in starting and scaling a business, giving attendees practical experiences.

Commenting on the necessity of starting the programme, Mr Igba in an interaction with our correspondent stated, "The Startup Ecosystem in this terrain (Ife) is not vibrant. This is why startups in Ife hardly get any funding from investors in Ife let alone getting funding from outside.
One of the strong purposes of Startup LABS is to push Startups in Ife in the direction of funding for scaling."

Join BestBrains OAU Intensive Post-UTME Tutorials


BESTBRAINS OAU Ile Ife wishes to inform the general public that Powerful coaching for the 2017 OAU PostUTME is going on inside OAU Campus as follows:

Tutorial start: From Wednesday 6th Sept. to 30th Sept. 2017

Accommodation: YES

Fee: Tutorial (8000) and Accommodation (5000)

Venue: Faculty of Law, Topmost Floor (inside Obafemi Awolowo University Campus)

Time: 9am - 3.30pm (Monday - Saturday)

We SHALL also teach students that enrol with us, how to answer numerous APTITUDE Questions! Current Affairs Questions and Logical Reasoning Questions for FREE!

For more details, call or WhatsApp 08069200144/08057374736.


Monday, 11 September 2017

Feelings And The Voices From The Cradle of Life

By 'Joba Ojelabi

I came into Ife at an interesting period or perhaps, the euphoria of becoming a student of one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria, crowned by the re-emergence of the students’ union at the time is what clouded and still clouds my critical of the assessment of the period. Indeed, whilst the euphoria that comes with being a freshman of the university might be more personalized for many, the reinstatement of the Obafemi Awolowo University had a more general effect on us;y the freshmen of the university at the time. The newly restored union, through its leaders, had a point to prove to the freshmen. After all, we had heard tales of the glory days of the Union and boy were we ready to just taste a little of those fanciful tales. The performance of the leadership of the union at the time still remains a subject for debate till date, most especially considering the myriad of sad incidents that have accompanied subsequent leaderships. But in a personal assessment of each key office in that leadership, it is almost without any doubt that I would state that the Social revolution that came with that administration was quite intense. This, coupled with my curiosity as a freshman, is perhaps why I attended so many social gatherings and as expected, this exposed me to learning many things about the great Ife. The age-long amphi tradition of “Dobaleing”, the fixed price for selling tickets to Awo Boys, the stage expression of Aro and perhaps the then music community of the OAU Campus. I came into Ife at the dawn of a new reign.

Attending shows in OAU meant listening to OAU artistes and I can assure you that amidst all the rubbish that often came with the tagline “OAU acts”, there were a lot of local artistes that I always looked forward to listening to: There was Chinko Ekun; the lyrical tiger who could make verses from almost anything, High M; OAU’s Incredible, Viruz; the melodious lover of Tina, Veejay; the man who melted our hearts with his ice-cream voice, BlaqBones, Buraimo, Gbasky amongst many others. Once in my first year, I heard Bankeh sing and all I could do was breathe and listen. I no longer follow the OAU music industry as I used to, the engaging schedules of academia and the other baggages I now bear no longer allow me the luxury of attending as much social gatherings but a few days ago, I came by a song by Tobi Morakinyo and it reminded me so much of my fresh year and the plenty quality OAU tracks that still make it memorable.

Tobiano Ace, as the young lad is more popularly referred, in the track Feelings plays with the Ghanian-Nigerian melody, which is claimed to have been made by popularly producer, Masterkraft. And indeed what the song might lack in content, it surely makes up for delivery. Tobiano, already recipient and nominee in a number of varsity awards, works Masterkraft’s beat like a professional leaving one to wonder for how much longer the title “upcoming” that accompanies Tobi’s appellation would remain. But then again, with such a voice, it might only just be a matter of time…

PS- You can listen to TobianoAce’s feelings by following the link below. It would go a long way in helping this Great Ife. Click HERE to listen.

Achievers Tutorial College Organises Post-UTME Revision Classes

Achievers Tutorial College uses this medium to invite aspirants of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife to a one week explosive Post-UTME revision class.

The class would also feature mock exams in preparation for the exam. For more details about the classes and registration, contact 08109438110 or 09067670627.

2017 OAU Post-UTME: Answers To Some Frequently Asked Questions

Good day reader. As the registration for screening of candidates seeking admission into Obafemi Awolowo University starts tomorrow, here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by candidates.

When Will The Application For Post UTME Be Out?
The Online Registration will commence on 11th September by 10am and end on 22nd September, 2017 on this platform. Please do not patronize touts.

How Do I Change My Institution/Course?
JAMB handles this. Please visit JAMB website for further details.

I Scored Less Than 200 In JAMB; Can I Apply Since Cut-Off Is 120?
No! Candidates who scored less than 200 are not eligible. OAU’s Cut-off Mark remains 200.

Will The Post-UTME Aptitude Test Be Based On the Subjects We Did In Our JAMB Or Not?
The Aptitude Test will include, but is not limited to the offered UTME subjects.

What Kind of Credentials Exactly are we to Upload?
O’ Level for UTME Candidates. In addition, Direct Entry (DE) candidates are to update the platform with their highest qualification.

Please, in Order to Prepare for the Post-UTME Aptitude Test, Which Subject(s) Should I be Reading as a Direct Entry Candidate?
Direct Entry students won’t participate in the Aptitude Test. They will, however, be subjected to a special administrative process. Direct Entry (DE) Candidates should ensure that their transcript is forwarded by the Awarding Institution to the Admission Office, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife for DE Admission processing.

Will OAU Pre-Degree/JUPEB Students Participate in The Post-UTME Screening Exercise?
Successful OAU Pre-Degree and OAU JUPEB Candidates are already being processed by CDL for admission. Pre-Degree Candidates who desire to use UTME platform for admission may apply.

Is Awaiting Result Candidate Eligible For Post-UTME Screening Exercise?
Yes! Provided the results are released before the closing registration closing date, i.e. Friday 22nd September, 2017

God's best!!

For further enquiries, see below:

In a bid to serve you better and reach you more readily, OAU Peeps News Agency has decided to create interactive groups for all pre-degree and OAU aspirants (separate).

The primary aim is to disseminate targeted information to this class of persons faster.
To join the WhatsApp group, send a direct message to any of these numbers; 

Pope Jay 08063429623
Fixit  07067539342
Babafaros 08064189480

on WhatsApp using the format below
'Kindly add me to the OAU Pre-degree Aspirants' group. My name is Ajanlekoko May.'
You will be added once we receive your request.

Best Regards
OAU Peeps News Agency

Important Registration Guidelines For UTME & Direct Entry Candidates

OAU Peeps News Agency can now confirm the commencement of Registration for OAU POST-UTME at

Find Below the Important Registration Guidelines;

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife online registration for the Computer-Based Aptitude Test for admission into ALL COURSES/PROGRAMMES for the 2017/2018 Academic Session will commence by 10am on Monday 11th September and end on Friday 22nd September, 2017. 

1. Candidates who made Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife their First Choice Institution in the 2017/2018 UTME and scored 200 and above; 
2. Direct Entry (DE) Candidates who chose Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife; 
3. UTME Candidates who recently changed their First Choice Institution to the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in the just concluded JAMB Change of Programme and scored 200 and above; 

In addition to above, candidates must possess at least five (5) O’level credits, including English Language, at not more than two (2) sittings. 

The applicants are required to login with their JAMB Registration Number to download Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) and use it to make payment online or at any commercial bank. 
Note: - Impatience with MasterCard/ATM/Internet Banking/Mobile Wallet Payment could lead to multiple deductions on your account.   

Applicants will be required to do the following on this platform, after paying appropriate fees: 

• Update JAMB data, 
• Upload Results (i.e. WAEC, NECO, JUPEB, ND, NCE etc.), 
• Upload scanned copy of result credentials, 
• Upload passport photograph, and
• Print completed OAU Post-UTME Online Registration Slip. 

UTME Candidates will also be required to participate in the Post-UTME Aptitude Test on their date, time and venue between Saturday 23rd and Saturday 30th September, 2017 as shown on their printed Registration Slip. Also note that, all candidates should bring along the following items to the screening venue: 

• JAMB UTME Notification of Results/Registration slips; and 
• Printed copy of the completed OAU Post-UTME Online Registration Slip. 

The Computer-Based Aptitude Test would be inclusive of Candidate’s UTME Subjects. UTME Candidates who fail to participate in the Exercise will not be considered for admission. 

Candidates who made Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife their First Choice Institution in the 2017/2018 UTME and scored 200 and above are eligible to apply  between Monday 11th September and  Friday 22nd September, 2017

 On Monday, 18th September, 2017, Direct Entry (DE) candidates will be able to use the platform for registration.  In addition, DE candidates should ensure that their transcript is forwarded by the Awarding Institution to the Admission Office, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife for DE Admission processing

UTME Candidates who recently changed their First Choice Institution to Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in the just concluded JAMB Change of Programme and scored 200 and above will be able  to apply using this platform as from Monday, 18th September, 2017.

Successful OAU Pre-Degree and OAU JUPEB Candidates are already being processed by CDL for admission. However, Pre-Degree and JUPEB Candidates who  desire to use UTME platform for admission may apply...

Saturday, 9 September 2017

OAU SU Fight: Vice Chancellor Suspends Union Officers

OAU SU Fight: Vice Chancellor Suspends Union Officers
The Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, Professor Eyitope Ogunmodede has ordered the suspension of the studentship of two of the Students' Union officers over a dirty fight that resulted in the hospitalization of the duo earlier this week, OAU Peeps News Agency can confirm. The two Union officers are the Union Vice President, Jacob Tosin Grace a.k.a Emerald and the Union Director of Socials, Adedayo Afolabi Emmanuel.

Details later...

OAUSU: "I didn't Stab Lamba"- Emerald Comments On Scuffle At Executive Meeting

By Uthman Samad, Olarinre Damilola and Farombi 'Seun

In what is seeming as yet another scandal in the Students' Union  of the Obafemi Awolowo Univerity, Jacob Oluwatosin popularly known as Emerald, the Vice-President of the Union who was said to be assaulted after being involved with the Director of Socials of the Union has finally spoken on the fracas that rocked the Student Union building of the varsity on the 5th of September, 2017.

In an exclusive interview with OAU Peeps News Agency, She opened up about the scuffle between her and the Director of Socials of the Union, Adedayo Afolabi popularly known as Lamba, amongst other things.

The Vice-President who is currently admitted at the Seventh Day Adventists hospital, Ile-Ife, whilst speaking on her experience in the union so far said “Since the beginning of this our administration, it has not been easy at all as it has been filled with difficulty and atrocities sprawling up, issue upon issue. When I was sworn in at the level of Oduduwa hall, I didn't believe and I didn't prepare for an in-house problem rather than from the management”.

While speaking with OAU Peeps News agency on the Genesis of the fisticuff, she further said "I have not been going to the Student Union building, when people need anything as regards my office, my numbers and lines are open to all, my room is open to all. I attended to a lot of challenges this way. I could not work out of my office, because there were threats in SUB that I couldn't just talk about. I’ve gotten a lot of sexual harassment there. In fact, there are some persons in the Union building that I cannot have a closed door meeting with, because I’m not sure that something will not emanate from such meeting.”

Emerald continued in unravelling her experience about threats and harassment she faced from different quarters of the Central Executive Council of SUG, saying that “There's this traditional orientation of people about power, that when you sleep with a woman, you disempowered her and she won't have a voice to speak anymore. They’ve tried that because they wanted to get me on their side, they wanted to silence my voice. My voice cannot be silenced. It may be unpopular, I might be standing alone, but I will keep standing."

Whilst giving her side of the story on the fracas, Emerald stated;
“There was a meeting slated to hold around 5pm on the day of the incidence after my exams, I felt so weak, on getting to the president's office (the venue for the meeting), it was made known that the meeting has been shifted till 7pm, I showed my dissatisfaction to this that if at all the meeting has been shifted that there should be a notice on that. I had to wait till the stated time because I couldn’t go back to my room. The meeting later started around some minutes to 7pm. When the welfare director came in, he was asked why there's no light. He answered with a funny comment by saying 'the director of works says there's no light', I merely shook my head at the current set of leaders we are now having. The funniest part of the whole story was when the Public Relations Officer of the Students' Union entered saying 'there's no light let me go and 'shana' for them’, that is, he should go and give them his sweet tongue of fluent spoken English like the light has issues at Ajebamidele, or there's  a power cable issue again.

After some minutes the meeting started with them talking about a lot of capital projects, and to them they know I don't support capital projects as it's an avenue for embezzlement because I know they can't be so sincere in handling projects dealing with money.

With all their deliberations, I reminded silent. Then, when it got to the Freshers’ Orientation package, I voiced out for them to hear my opinion. These people (2016/2017 fresh students) paid ₦300 for Students’ Union due; they paid another ₦300 in their school fees likewise paying indirectly in their respective halls of residence to the Students’ Union. I felt these people needed to be given their package. There was a time I was nearly got embarrassed by a classmate because I hadn't paid for the hall decorations during the Freshers’ orientation program. I used my money to stage everything; I was starved of funds, this Union has made people to call me so much names. All in the name of the Union, I even lost my integrity.  After much calls and begging from different quarters to the SU President, he later gave me ₦100,000 which I used to clear the debt.

On the day of this incidence when the meeting was becoming unsafe for me, I headed for the door to leave but they had locked the doors. Before then, I can remember vividly that Lamba told me that if he catches me in town he's going to beat me which the whole house took as a mere joke.

Lamba and I don't talk nor we do greet, I shocked to see online what journalists wrote that Lamba was just trying to play and joke with me by standing at the door. I was really surprised at this. I even begged him to let me leave, but he refused. I tried to push him out of the way and before I knew it, we were already fighting with him raining blows on me and in the process he head-butted me and none of the other CEC members did anything about it, which made me to pick up a bottle to defend myself. I broke it to scare him so as to have way for me to leave because nobody was coming to my aid because Mr President (Oyekan Ibukun), when I was shouting, told people outside the room that they shouldn't come in that we are in a meeting. I left SUB with my bra, I was humiliated, and I was embarrassed. I would like to add that I didn't stab Lamba. The wound on him was not by my hand.”

Although, all efforts to reach the Director of Socials for his side of the story as been futile as he claims to be too occupied to grant an interview, several third parties have come out to condemn the actions of both officers claiming it was nothing but an embarrassment to the entire University.

Also, in giving an account of the incident, The Financial Secretary of the Union, Omisakin Kehinde, also talked about the incident saying that "We got a backlog from the management and we all discussed on what to do with the money. Emerald raised the issue of fresher’s package which was discarded since she already has N1.4 million in her proposed budget. She got vexed. While trying to leave, Lamba blocked her but she slapped Lamba. Both engaged themselves physically before we could separate them.”

“Emerald searched the fridge, later got a bottle on the shelf, broke it and charged at Lamba while Lamba also headbutted her,” Omisakin expressed.

It would also be recalled that it was the last backlog released caused the Bus scandal allegations which also rocked many news platforms.

In an interaction with the University's Acting Chief Security Officer, O. Babatunde, he said the Vice Chancellor of the institution had already ordered the security unit to investigate the incident and file a comprehensive report to his office.

Friday, 8 September 2017

ASUU Strike: Lecturers Reach Agreement With Nigerian Govt

ASUU Strike: Lecturers Reach Agreement With Nigerian Govt
By Premium Times

The striking university lecturers, ASUU, have agreed to consider the federal government’s offer and suspend their strike.

The agreement comes after 12 hours, 30 minutes of a closed door meeting between ASUU and a government delegation in Abuja.

The leadership of ASUU, however, said though it accepted the proposal presented by the government, it will take the proposal to its members and get back to the government in a week.

Biodun Ogunyemi, the national president of ASUU, told journalists after the meeting that the union will come back after one week to take its final decisions.

“Now we have some concrete proposal that we will take back to our members for consideration,” he said.
On his part, the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, said ASUU’s demands have been addressed and the union will get back to the government in a week after consulting with its principals.

The meeting started 1:38pm on Thursday and ended 2:15 a.m. on Friday.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

OAU Peeps Launches Free Past Questions Portal

Good day readers,

OAU Peeps News Agency has found it very imperative to assist candidates seeking admission into Obafemi Awolowo University (and other Nigerian tertiary institution) with past Post-UTME questions, hence the creation of a Past Questions Portal. This will afford aspirants a platform to adequately intensify preparation. Kindly click here to access the Past Question Portal or visit

You can assist someone out there by sending the link to this post to him/her.


For partnership/sponsorship of this project (including OAU Post-UTME tutorial centers), kindly reach us via  or 08063429623, 08138276857, 08064189480

JAMB Orders Candidates To Re-Upload Their O'Level Results

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has ordered all candidates to re upload their results onto the portal AGAIN. This was released from jamb official twitter account @JAMBHQ

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

SSANU, NASU, NAAT Declare Indefinite Strike

There appears to be more trouble for Nigeria’s education sector as all the major non-teaching staff unions of Nigerian public universities have resolved to embark on an indefinite strike from September 11.

At a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday, the Joint Action Committee, JAC, of Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities, SSANU; Non-Academic Staff Union of Universities, NASU; and the National Association of Academic Technologists, NAAT, announced that the strike would be total and comprehensive.

The chairman of JAC who is also the President of SSANU, Samson Ugwoke, said: “During the strike, there shall be no provision of services, no matter how skeletal.

“Concessions shall not be granted while all our members are to stay at home till further notice, unless as directed by JAC through their respective presidents,” he said.

More Details to come…..

Saturday, 2 September 2017

OAU 2017/2018 Admission Screening Details Released (UTME & DE)

OAU Peeps News Agency can now confirm the release of OAU Post UTME. A release from the Office of The Registrar read thus:

Candidates who made the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife their first choice in the 2017 UTME and scored 200 and above, and those who applied for Direct Entry (DE) are hereby informed to log on to Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife website ( or to register for the POST-UTME screening exercise effective from September 11, 2017. The candidates are required to click on “2017 ADMISSION SCREENING-UTME/DE APPLICANTS” link (or visit directly) and login with their JAMB Registration Number to download RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference) and use it to make payment online or at any commercial bank.

Applicants for the Screening Exercise will be required to do the following on the University admissions portal ( after paying appropriate fees:
Update JAMB data
Upload Results (i.e WAEC, NECO, JUPEB, ND, NCE etc)
Upload scanned copy of credentials
Upload passport photograph (if not available)
Print completed Admission Screening form

The closing date for screening of all candidates UTME/DE is 22nd September 2017.

Candidates will also be required to participate in the Post-UTME Aptitude Test on their allotted date and time between 23rd and 30th September, 2017. Applicants should note that the fee for the Aptitude Test is N2,000.

All enquiries should be forwarded to or

D. O. Awoyemi

Friday, 1 September 2017

OAU Introduces Computer Based Post-UTME

By Farombi Oluwaseun

The 2017 Obafemi Awolowo University Post-UTME will be a Computer Based Test, OAU Peeps News Agency can confirm. This decision was reached at the Senate meeting that held on Wednesday this week.

During the meeting, the OAU Management got a nod from its Senate to re-introduce examination to screen intending students, but this time, not the traditional Paper Pencil Test, rather, a computer based one. This development comes on the heel of federal government's repentance, allowing universities to conduct tests for aspirants seeking admission into their citadel.

Confirming the development, the Dean of Students' Affairs, Prof. I. O. Aransi told OAU Peeps on phone that the Post-UTME will be a Computer Based Test as the deadline set by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for the submission of merit list is October 15, 2017.

The Dean however advised all prospective candidates to stay away from unfounded reports and fraudulent rumours stating that the screening form is already out. "The advertisement will be on the school website very soon," Aransi added.

Part of the recommendations put forward to the Senate by the Committee of Deans, as obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency include that the registration portal be opened to aspirants starting from Monday, September 11 and the screening examination starting on September 18.

According to the same proposition, the charges for the screening will be the same amount as what was charged last year (N2,000 JAMB Charges and N5,000 for the use of CBT facilities totaling N7,000). All of these subjected to the approval of the Senate at Wednesday's meeting.

Edl-kabir Message

From a heart undiluted, mouth unsoured and a reflective mind, we at OAU Peeps News Agency say 'Happy Edl-Adha'

Lessons of this festival should be imbibed by us as a watch word and we should always remember the virtues taught by Prophet Ibrahim (ASW), giving his only son as a sacrifice to worship his lord (Allah) and Allah's intervention.

 Steadfastness can bring his (Allah's)  promise to us more than expected.

OAU Peeps News Agency
wishes you BARKA DE-SALLAH..

Best Regards:
Uthman SAMAD
Public Relations officer,
OAU Peeps News Agency