Wednesday, 18 October 2017

"Aggregate Score Differs From Screening Score" - OAU Admission Officer

By Farombi Oluwaseun

Following the several reactions that have emerged  from aspirants on the procedure for calculating the screening score for candidates, OAU Peeps News Agency made it a necessity  to visit the admission office ,University Senate Building to clarify all reactions..

In a Chat with the University Admission Officer, Mrs Awofisayo , she ascertained that the first result slip printed (The POST-UTME AGGREGATE SCORE) which has UTME score considered  was used for determining cut off marks  in all  FACULTIES and DEPARTMENTS..
She added that the Post- UTME Aggregate Score is different from the Post-UTME Screening score..

""The FIRST RESULT SLIP printed was based on an AGGREGATE SCORE while the SECOND RESULT SLIP is based on the POST-UTME SCREENING SCORE only"". she stated.

The POST-UTME AGGREGATE SCORE is computed as follows:
A = UTME-SCORE(over 400) divided by 8

B = TOTAL O-LEVEL SCORE divided by 5


POST-UTME AGGREGATE SCORE (100%)  = (A + B + C)/100 x 100%

Also, in a chat with OAU Peeps News Agency , the Pre-degree Programme Officer, Mr. Bayo Oyekan also explained the mode of admission for the predegree students. He clarified that the Predegree students Aggregate score was calculated as follows;
O" level -10%

He further stated that the pre-degree students will also use same cut off marks as other aspirants..

Click here to check Cut-Off Marks For All Faculties

In a bid to serve all you better and reach you more readily, OAU Peeps News Agency has decided to create interactive groups for all aspirants.

The primary aim is to disseminate targeted information to this class of persons faster.
To join the WhatsApp group, send a direct message to any of these numbers; 
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on WhatsApp using the format below

'Kindly add me to the OAU  Aspirants' group. My name is Ajanlekoko May.'

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  1. Good evening and thanks for your efforts on the admission processes so far.
    You clarified that the first result will be used for admission placement and it was clearly written on some printout that scored above 50% in aggregate score that they were not eligible for admission.
    Is there hope for the candidates that are in these categories?

  2. Pls, will there be any sale of change of course form before admission list is finally processed? And when will its sale commence? I didn't meet my cut-off for my choice of course but i met some others... Please, help me find out. #GodBlessOAUPEEPS

  3. Add me to WhatsApp group +2349038773694 my name is shadrach

  4. Please how can I print out my aggregate score because I can only access the screening score online. Thank you

  5. Do we have latest for direct entry candidate?

  6. Please how can I see my aggregate results

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