Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Buhari and His Government Have Bastardised the Nation's Economy - Mr Tope Fasua.

The CEO of Global Analytics Consulting Limited has appreciated the presence of future generation leaders stating that
"Education remains the relics when you forget what you were taught in school and as an economist, you must be someone with an open mind. Nothing should be too difficult for economists to define its right path..."

The Annual Economics students' Conference(AESC) organized by the Nigerian Economics Students' Association (NESA) could be tagged as the conglomeration of Economics and Accounting students across Nigeria. In attendance were students from numerous universities who sent delegates to grace the conference at Oduduwa Hall of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State.

Mr Tope fasua who also had with him in attendance, Prof Akinbobola, Mr Dolapo Oni (Energy research Ecobank), Dr Paul Alaje (The former OAU Students' union president) amidst other top notch personalities posited that Buhari and his government do not manage the country's economy in a balanced form as there's much mismanagement of fund and rise in external debt. He further stated that Nigeria is owing 19.6 trillion naira which is directly proportional to the bastardisation of the nation's economy and hardships which average Nigerians are facing.

Also the CEO of Airtel Nigeria, Mr Segun Ogunsanya stated that the issue facing technology and finance has been a major bewilder to the African economy.
Mr Femi Osilaja, Regional Operational Director who represented the CEO of Airtel Nigeria, while Speaking on 'Roles of Technology and Finance in Economic Development of Africa', portrayed the present generation as a Technological Generation where technology has taken up over 80℅ of labour. In his words,
"Technical knowledge for vast and fast growth in a county's economy has increased the productivity of labour and has reduced stress in work forces around the world including Africa'.

He posited further that reasons for the rise in profit maximisation in businesses remain on improvement of managerial skills.
He reminiscend back to the introduction of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) into the Nigerian Banking System, where machines took up over 75% of banking jobs. He went on to charge Nigerian Accounting Students to ruminate and make proper arrangements on how they could face the challenges which technology has caused.
"Both Technology and Economy are vital for entrepreneurship especially for SMEs. They have helped to override those causes of some unreliability in the past, but today's generation must be prepared to face off the challenge with it's (technology) disadvantage on the side. Remember goods and services can be procurred online which was not so in the olden days. This new technology has deprived humans of their strategic positions..."

He rounded up his speech by saying that developing a capable future generation has to be balanced by equipping them with proper technical orientation flanked with a balanced economy
"The quality of education in sub Saharan coast is a big issue. But Economy and Technology can pave the way out..."

In his own quota speech to the conference, Former Student Union President OAU, Dr Paul Alaje speaking on 'Becoming 21st Century Human Resources', gave an insight on facts, checks and figures on some keynote issues in Nigeria as Technology has made a mess of knowledge.

Dr Paul who discribed The coming generation has a telecommunication generation in opposite to the present talking generation stated that the world economy is revolving in line with technology as demarcations of any form cannot bewilder it's growth.

He ended his speech by making it known to the conference attendees that 21st century employers employ only those that can help them to solve problems as all ceteris is not paribus.

The conference saw a huge turnout from students and other members of the academic community as well as the general public. It is slated to continue tomorrow at the same venue.

By Uthman Samad
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