Monday, 23 October 2017

OAU Peeps Inducts New Members

An organization that fails to build its future from the present, has lost it already. In order to secure its future, OAU PEEPS News Agency recruited some students in the OAU Community in order to continue its legacy and existence on campus on the 21st day of October 2017. The induction program which had in attendance notable campus journalists and also some graduates from the University took place at Eden, New Buka and began proper at about 11:30am with opening prayer said by one of the inductees. Introductions were made by Ayantayo-Ojo Damilola, the Head of the Recruitment Committee. The President and Editor-in-Chief, in person of Mr. Jesujoba Ojelabi was then invited to the podium to give an insight and a welcome address.
In his welcome address, he urged the recruits to be committed and dedicated to the task ahead of them, intimating them of the challenges which they are bound to face in the course of disseminating their duties in service to the public. He ended his address by urging them to work hard in whatever they find themselves doing in order to be the best.

An invited guest in person of Mr. Adejumo Kabir, a renowned campus journalist, columnist and reporter delivered a speech on “Journalism”. In his presentation, he defined journalism as “holding powers accountable”. He reiterated the fact that journalists should be able to keep powers in check at all times and must be accountable to the masses by providing them with the truth in every information. Further in his presentation, he urged the recruits not to be intimidated by threats or ill borne towards them in the course of discharging their duties. He also added that devotion of time and commitment to whatever one does, guarantees success.

Another guest speaker, a former Deputy Editor-in-Chief (Publications) of the News Agency in person of Mr. Oyetunji Ridwan who graduated from the department of Botany gave a presentation on the topic “Journalism in OAU”. He noted the challenges that could face someone who is into campus journalism. He gave an insight on how to overcome those challenges and be a credible writer and reporter on campus. One of the challenges identified by him was the challenge of multi-tasking. He noted that many people could not prioritise their activities on a daily basis and thereby failed in the course of the job. He also made it clear that commitment and passion is key to being proficient and successful in campus journalism. In conclusion of his presentation he urged them to be credible writers and reporters in whatever they write or report.

The last speaker in person or Mr. Lukmon Fasasi, a graduate of Management and accounting spoke on “Journalism and the Internet”. In the course of his presentation, he discussed the “new media” in the world of journalism today. In his speech he described the new media as leveraging the internet alongside journalism. He enjoined the recruits not to close their eyes to happenings in the social media community. He added that for a successful journalism career in the 21st century, one has to involve the use of internet and social platforms.

After all the presentations, the induction oath was taken by the recruits which was overseen by the EIC. The closing remark and vote of thanks was taken by one of executives of the News Agency. The program ended in a wonderful atmosphere, pictures taken and refreshment served.
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