Friday, 13 October 2017

OAU SU: Budget Sitting Set To Hold Tommorow

By Farombi Oluwaseun

The Budgetary and Finance committee, Great Ife Students Union has finally submitted the 75-page  budget  for this parliament year to the Students Representative Council. The budget which has been fully reviewed contains the budget of all Union Councils (Hall Executive Council, Judicial Council & Central Executive Council), Committees (Select Committee, Submit Committee  & Budgetary and Finance Committee) and Commission (Transport Management Commission), comprising    58 offices.

In an extensive interview with the Chairman, Budgetary and Finance Committee, Hon.  Oladebo Akinwale , He said the committee though faced with some complications due to the political atmosphere has tried their best to ensure accountability and transparency. He explained the budget sitting was late due to the fact that the committee was not constituted early enough as there was no immediate outgoing SRC members, therefore a responsibility of the current parliament to appoint members of the committee.

Speaking  further on the budget of the Vice President and President which was not fully reviewed,he explained that the budget of the office of Vice President could not be reviewed due to the clash between the Vice President (Jacob Tosin) and Director of Socials( Adedayo Emmanuel) . The Vice President could not appear before the committee for her presentation before the suspension given to her and the Director of Socials. However , the budget of the  office of Director of Socials has been reviewed weeks before the suspension.. The Office of the President’s budget according to him could not be fully reviewed due to the pandemonium between the Students Union President(Oyekan Ibukun) and a member of the committee(Hon. Koye-Ladele Mofehintoluwa).

He ended by thanking all the committee members starting from the Secretary(Hon. Chukwuka Maryann) and other (Hon. Temikel, Hon. Pchaun, Hon. Koye, Hon. TM and Hon. Lekan.)
The final ratification of the budget has been scheduled to hold tomorrow, October 14,2017 at Awo Café by 10am.

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