Wednesday, 4 October 2017

OAU SU Evacuates Union Building Surrounding, To Construct Relaxation Centre

Students of the Obafemi Awolowo University would be resuming to a different outlook of the Students Union Building of the Institution. The area which was a major commercial area on campus has been evacuated, leaving the usually crowded area scantier than usual.

The evacuation which was brought about by the Students Union saw many artisans and trader leave the premise. In an interaction with a top Officer of the Union, he revealed that the evacuation was to sanitize the environment and give room for easy access to the building. As expected, the traders and artisans involved are not happy with the development and when asked what the plans for the removed persons are, he further stated that they were duly notified and they would be given spaces at the Campus Central Market.

Already there are speculations that the current Executive council of the Union is set out to construct a relaxation centre at the building. However, apart from the the traders, Students and staff pf the institution who are the clients of these people have already begun to feel the brunt of the new decision as many now have to go longer distances to get their needs attended.

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