Sunday, 12 November 2017

Urban Food Fest 'Feast'

By Pelumi Hassan & Ololuo Emmanuella

“The way to a man's(male and female) heart is his stomach.”

LOJ foods in partnership with Kitchen Monster's understood this and decided to bring it to reality by bringing skilled food mongers together to tickle the taste buds of OAU students.

Urban food fest held at the Student Union Building (SUB) OAU on Friday. It witnessed Beth Bakings, who displayed cupcakes; Tommycares and Another Muslimah's Kitchen displayed drinks like lemonade, iced tea, yogurt, smoothies, chapman amongst others; the Kitchen Monster was also there with her mouth-watering dishes like amala and gbegiri, rice, porridge etc. The organizer of the event, LOJ foods also came strong with asun, burger, hot dogs, chicken and more.

For the vendors, they were there for specific reasons. Another Muslimah's Kitchen said her reason for coming around to display her drinks was for her to share and not be stingy with the spectacular taste her foods bring. Also Beth bakings stated that she wanted people to get delicious cakes at affordable prices. Tommycares who does a lot of other things was all about serving good quality too.

Urban Food Fest also had the food enthusiasts around as they couldnt pass by SUB without treating themselves to something at any cost. The excited students that had their thirst and hunger for good food satisfied expressed it. Wakeelah, a food lover, said she was awed by what she had at the Fest. Emmanuel, a foodie, had chapman and banana yoghurt and he said they were delish; he couldnt wait to have more of what food fest had to offer.

Alongside the food and drinks, was music and games as promised. Anyone that was present at the Urban Food Fest wouldn't deny the fact that they had fun. After all, the way to a Man's heart is his stomach.
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