Sunday, 24 December 2017

OAU Break: Ile-Ife Traders Decry Poor Sales, Blame Government on Fuel Hike

By Uthman Samad

Few weeks ago, the students of the Obafemi Awolowo University proceeded  on an End of the year break, the traders of the Ife City has however complained of low sales since the break   amidst  fuel hike.

The traders in series of interview with OAU Peeps News Agency expressed their heart broken feelings over poor turn out of buyers especially during this Christmas period.

In her view, Mrs Adijat Olaniyan ,an hair dresser at  Lagere lamented over the poor turn out of customers saying that there is no any significant profit during the Christmas period and the normal period." People are looking for money to buy food and cloth to water for Christmas, not for hair-do as there's no sales at all"  Mrs Adijat added.

Furthermore, Madam Omisore Olayinka, a food seller told our correspondent that  the fuel hike and hoarding by the station owner has become every Christmas period tradition which do have effect on the purchasing power of buyers.

In the mean time, Mr Bankole durojaye told our correspondent that nothing spectacular can be pointed at during this Christmas period as their normal ways of working is not affected. Mr durojaye who is a fashion designer along lagere GTB axis lamented and called on government to pull money into the economy.

Speaking further, Emmanuel chiagozi, a boutique owner said their cloths are just hanged without customer to patronize nor check on their goods. "Like before, you can't see me like this for interview talkless sitting down with you because I will be so busy with customers, this year is seriously different as there is no green light which is peculiar to not only Ife".

Mr Clement chikeze who is  a shoe seller in Mayfair also decries the ugly state of the economy which is directly affecting their sales. He urged the government to find a lasting solution to December tradition of the petrol station and fuel hike which he said petrol is a pivotal joint of all traders and buyers. He added that there's no margin in their sales during this festive period as to when not.

Alh Amdalat, jewelry trader, while giving her comment on the situation of the period told OAU Peeps News Agency that there's no sales which has made them not to buy goods of high price just as people retract from costly products as we have been sleeping since morning without customer.

"The fuel scarcity is a major issue bewildering the growth of the economy especially developing state like Ife. An average citizen can not buy cloth for his family not to talk of going to cinema with the effect of petrol in their life. Imagine us buying fuel #160,#170, #180 per litre , definitely there will be rise in the price of transportation and you expect the price to remain the same as Osogbo to Ife is now #700 due the fuel hike" Adekunle Agboola, deputy chairman Osogbo car unit lamented.

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