Saturday, 23 December 2017

Why You Should Opt For Carpooling

By Osinjowo Tomisin

The current petrol scarcity in many parts of the country has plunged many people into confusion. This situation is further worsened by the announced temporary halt in train operations which has been a strong consolation for people who frequently travel long distances even in this time. Many are seeking ways to cushion the effect of these on their finances, health and work performances. Carpooling is an effective measure.

Carpooling is an arrangement whereby several people travel together in the same car in order to save costs, reduce polluton etc. This can be of much help to especially workers who travel long distances daily. Carpooling is well practiced in many foreign countries.

The advantages of carpooling are numerous ranging from economic to health, environmental advantages.

Carpooling can help to save transportation costs of the participants as all it takes is a participant's car and cost of fuel( which will be contributed by the participants). This, on the large scale reduces demand for fuel. It can also do a lot in reducing congestion on roads and in vehicles used for public transport which will in turn reduce air pollution by the exhaust fumes of motor vehicles.

Besides so many financial advantages, carpooling has also health benefits as it reduces for participants the stress of struggling for a seat in public vehicles. This can reduce the risk of many diseases such as hypertension.

Try carpooling today!
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