Wednesday, 31 January 2018

2017/2018 OAU Freshers Registration: List Of Documents Needed

We at OAU Peeps News Agency congratulate every aspirant that has been offered admission into the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo Univerity. Some of the admitted students have been calling us to know when the 2017/2018 academic session will resume and when registration will commence. As of now, March 8 has been stated on the university website. Note that if there is any change, it will be communicated immediately.

In the mean time, we encourage all the admitted students to prepare themselves for the registration. The following are the documents you will be needing for screening and registration as a Fresher.

List of Documents
Original and four (4) photocopies of the following documents:

(1) WAEC/NECO/GCE O’level result(s)
(2) Birth Certificate/Sworn Declaration of Age
(3) Admission letter (printed from JAMB website)
(4) UTME Original result slip (also printed from JAMB website containing your picture)
(5) Post UTME/Screening result/Pre-degree final result
(6) State of Origin/Local Government Area Certificate

Later on when you are able to access to the OAU e-portal with your JAMB reg. no., you will print out the following documents and also provide the original and 4 photocopies of each:-

(7) Notification of Admission
(8) Bio-data form (Course registration form)
(9) Hostel Slip (optional)

Do you have questions? Drop them as comments and let us discuss them. Goodluck!

Adedigba Daniel Emerges As LSS OAU President-Elect

By Farombi Oluwaseun

Adedigba Daniel has emerged as the President-Elect of Law Students" Society, OAU Chapter. Adedigba Daniel Popularly known as Cortez won with 651 votes over his opponents;Lady K and Standard who had 129 and 159 votes respectively.

In a release obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency and signed by President Elect Adedigba Daniel, He thanked everyone & restated his firm resolve in ensuring an all inclusive administrative session devoid undue recourse to political segmentation. He added that the vision of encrusting a Golden Benchmark in the historical rock of our society remains as constant as the Northern Star hinged upon the necessity of sustaining Our Societal heritages as well as come up with innovative strides..

He further added that In the next administrative session, the society should be assured of Law Students' Society, OAU being a pacesetter Law Students' Society in Nigeria as well as a touchstone for administrative recourse by sister societies.

See full results below;

Public Liaison Officer
Total Votes-980
Valid Votes-940
Void votes-40
Dolly P: 144 Votes
Michael: 242 votes
Peter Opa: 192 votes
Sammy G: 362 votes-Winner

Assistant General Secretary
Total Votes-980
Valid Votes-899
Void votes-81
Posi Plenty: 233 votes
Olah Da Poet:666 votes-Winner

Vice President
Total Votes-980
Valid Votes-941
Void votes-39
Charex: 228 votes
Doja: 713 Votes-Winner

Total Votes-980
Valid Votes-939
Void votes-41
Lady_K: 129 Votes
Standard: 159Votes
Cortez: 651 Votes-Winner

Unopposed posts were not counted as declared by the electoral chairman and  are as follows

General Secretary  - Eluyera Oladipupo

Public Relations Officer- Adeyeye Eyitayo

Financial Secretary - Timilehin Kuyoro

Director Of Socials- Opatunde Tayo

Treasurer -Adeagbo Folakemi

Sports director - Komolafe Yusuf

Monday, 29 January 2018

Gbolagun Ezekiel Emerges As NESA OAU President-Elect

Gbolagun Ezekiel , a part 3 student of Economics has emerged as the President of National Economics Students Association, OAU Chapter. Ezekiel won with 280 votes against Oshogwemo who had 85 votes..

In a release obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency, the President-Elect Ezekiel  thanked the members of the association and further clamored for Unity after the election.

See full results below

For the post of SPORTS director
Abogunrin Gabriel 345 votes 43 void/no vote - Sports director Elect

For the post of PLO
Oni Dolapo 343 votes 45 void/no vote PLO elect

For the post of PRO
Atilade Maxwell 346votes 42void PRO Elect

For the post of AGS
Ganiyu Oluwatosin 162 votes 2 void
Agboola Hikmot 200 votes 10 void Ass Gen. Sec elect
14  no vote

For the post of SOCIAL director
Timson Korede 347 votes 41void/no vote Social director elect

For the post of FIN SEC
Fadahunsi Oluwafemi 343votes 45void/no vote FIN Sec elect

For the post of Treasurer
Fadahunsi Teniola 192 votes 7 void Treasurer Elect
Adedayo Ayomide 178 votes 3 void 8 no votes

For the post of GEN sec
Adegoke Abidemi 353votes 35 void/no vote GEN sec Elect

For the post of Vice President
Oyedeji Goodness - 264 votes 7 void
Jaiyeola Faith - 85 votes 4 void
Olajide Dorcas - 25 votes 1 void
2 no vote

Goodness is the Vice President Elect

For the post of PRESIDENT
Gbolagun Ezekiel 280 votes 15 void President Elect
Oshogwemo Shola 85 votes 6 void

Ezekiel is the President Elect

ACJ OAU To Hold International Campus Journalism Conference

ACJ OAU To Hold International Campus Journalism Conference
The Association of Campus Journalists, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (ACJOAU) is set to hold her annual campus journalism conference for the year 2018.

The association well known for her outstanding development towards campus journalism aims to bring all pen pushers across the world institutions together as all student journalists are invited to the conference scheduled to hold in Africa most beautiful campus.

Theme: The Proper Use of Media: An Elixir To Terrorism Attacks in Nigeria

Date: 10th of March, 2018

Venue: Conference Centre, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

Akinyeye Oluwafeyisiyunmi Emerges As First Female President Of PEPSA OAU

By Farombi Oluwaseun

Akinyeye Oluwafeyisiyunmi has emerged as the first female President of  Physics and Engineering Physics Students Association, OAU Chapter..

Akinyeye Oluwafeyisiyunmi who had 65 votes won Ojewale Michael who had 57 Votes

Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency, she said " I want to appreciate everyone who stood out for me and supported me. The decision to run as president was never an easy one for me.
It was the biggest risk I took in recent times but your support so far has shown that you all share in my dreams and aspirations for PEPSA.
I'm so excited and I appreciate everyone for making this possible once again.""

See the full details of the election in the image below

Fatokun Matthew Emerges As NAOSS(Osun) OAU President-Elect

By Farombi Oluwaseun

Fatokun Matthew Babafemi has emerged as the President-Elect of the National Association Of Osun State Students , OAU Chapter. Matthew Popularly known as Ishe is a  part 3 student of the department of English language, Faculty of Arts.

The election which was keenly contested and was initially cancelled on Saturday due to unforeseen circumstances  later held on Sunday, January 29,2018 at Anglomoz  Car Park..

Fatokun Matthew(Ishe) pulled a total vote of 185 against his opponent Akinshola Omotunde popularly known as Prof. Yaayi who had  a total number of 88 votes.

In a release obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency and Signed by the President Elect Fatokun Matthew,he thanked his campaign team for their hard work and also saluted the Electoral Commission for conducting a free, fair and credible election.

He further assured everyone that he perfectly understand the responsibilities of his position and also look forward to interacting and sharing great ideas with members of the association.
He concluded by thanking  the entire association for the  singular honor..

See the election results below;


FAWAZ  - 222
VOIDS -  53

HON. AJI- 307
VOIDS - 01

Office of the social director
Laggie - 299
Voids - 18
No vote-15
DOS Elect



Office of the General Secretary
HERICK - 175
NO VOTE - 07

Office of the vice president 2
Oluwaseun -280
Voids -32
VP 2 elect

Office of the vice president 1
Omidan -323
No vote - 6
VP 1 elect

Office of the President
Ishe - 185
Prof yaayi - 88
Voids - 53
No vote-04
The President Elect

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Isaiah Ayodeji Emerges As FASA OAU President-Elect

By Uthman Samad

Isiah Ayodeji has been announced the Elected President of Faculty of Arts Students Association.
This was contained in the release obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency , made by  Olaniyan Olubunmi, the chairman FASA Electoral commission.

Isiah Ayodeji politically known as ORI, an English part 3 student of Faculty of Arts, who polled his rival with 271 votes against SPESH who had 80 votes.

See the details below;
ORI:      271
Spesh: 80
Void: 31

Vice President
MPHAT : 90
VOID:    28

 Director Of Sports     
 EL- RUFAI :   313
VOID: 69

Director Of Socials
DON KIRO:     137
FLOWZ:         205
VOID: 40
 Public Relations Officer
CSO: 115     
 VOID: 42
VOID:  56

Financial Secretary
PRAIZ :       186
K'MIXERS:    154
  VOID:     42

Assistant General Secretary
HAMZAT:  204
PEDRO:  140
VOID:          38

 General Secretary
AJJI:   309
VOID:   73

FASA President, VP,General Secretary Impeached, Others Fined& Suspended

By Farombi  Oluwaseun

Last week, the Faculty of Arts Students Representative Council in her parliamentary sitting Impeached the President,Vice President, General Secretary with some other executives suspended and fined.

In a resolution obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency &signed by the Speaker of FSRC,Rt. Honourable Adekunle Rachael stated the crucial reasons behind the Impeachment of the president & some other executives.

The embattled President Adegbite Abimbola(Obims) was said to be impeached Over Misappropriation of the association's fund, misplacement of priority, disregard for parliamentary rullings, embezzlement of funds. He was further compelled to return a total sum of #83,300  to the association's account before 5th of February 2018 or risk his studentship and certificate.

On the same vein,  Omofoye Adebola(Debola), the  Vice President of the association was also served an Impeachment  due to  misplacement of priority, disregard for parliamentary rullings, constitutional aberration
And that a total sum of #75,700  be refunded to the association's account before 5th of February 2018 or risk her studentship and certificate.

Also, the General Secretary of the association in person of Ayodele Oluwapelumi (Sugar) was also impeached based on misplacement of priority, negligence of duty, constitutional aberration and that a total sum of #25,600 be refunded to the association's account before 5th of February 2018 or risk her studentship and certificate

However, The Public Relations Officer of the association in person of Adeleke Akin  was  suspended indefinitely based on constitutional aberration, misplacement of priorities, misappropriation of fund and negligence of duty with the Treasurer- AKINLABI THEOPHILUS(sango) , Financial Secretary-ADEFABI JOHN(Tobiano) and the Director of socials-FATOKI EMMANUEL (Olivertwist)  fined a sum of  #1,000 each { to be paid to the Office of the Clerk on or before 5th of February 2018} for constitution aberration and disregard for parliamentary rulings  thereby leaving the Assistant General Secretary; Komolafe Tolulope Joshua(Toluano) left untouched  with the sword of the FSRC in the the executive council.

Monday, 22 January 2018

My Farewell

By 'Joba Ojelabi

No, I am not committing suicide! As a matter of fact, I doubt that I would ever find the guts or folly (whichever is applicable) required to perform the appalling act of ending my human life. These words, as concise as I would try to make them, are a marker of my exit from a world I came into five years ago under unusual circumstances.

I have always wanted to be many things at different stages of my life: Doctor, Engineer, Pilot, and even once also sometime in my juvenile years; typist. Of course, like the typical African parents, my father was quick to delete the thought from my mind, and my mother did not waste any time in praying against the devils at work. But in all my adventurous desires, I do not recall “Journalist” ever coming up at any stage.  Hence my admittance; that like some other things in my life, why I decided to write that article on Admission Racketeering five years ago in applying for an OAU Peeps Membership slot I might never understand.
However, it would sure remain one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Although I completed the application process even before official resumption as a freshman on the OAU campus, the email that carried my acceptance into the then year-old agency did not come until several weeks into resumption. And so when I got the email, I had almost forgotten that I applied to be a part of the agency and considering the gory tales I had begun to hear about my faculty, I had my doubts about joining the agency; doubts that only an encounter with the erudite David Adetula would clear.

Adetula David was in his penultimate year in the Obafemi Awolowo University and had already spent a good portion of that time establishing what would go on to become one of the top news agencies on campus. David had a kind and gentle heart (he still does), and I indeed would not have a campus journalism story without David. Apart from Editor, he was teacher and mentor. And perhaps the most important lesson I learnt from David was building institutions. David showed me that from helping build institutions that outlive us, we build ourselves.

In all my time with OAU Peeps, I have authored over a hundred news stories, editorial, and advertorial content and edited even more. Although I do have my favourites, I bear sentimental attachments to every single one of them. Through the agency, I have had the opportunity to work with and meet amazing people, some of whom have gone on to become friends and even family.

To say farewell to writing might just be suicidal for me and in as much as the essence of these words is not to take the life out of me, they are my unofficial eulogy to days I would never forget… days that would now exist only under the shroud of memory. And the only words I seem to find to keep the last four years safe in time are; "Thank you".

Farombi Oluwaseun Appointed As Editor-in-chief Of OAU Peeps News Agency

Farombi Oluwaseun

Farombi Oluwaseun, popularly known as Babafaros, has been announced as the Editor-in-chief of the OAU Peeps News Agency for the 2017/2018 academic session.

The announcement was made on Sunday, 21st January, 2018 at the handing over ceremony of the Agency. Farombi who once served as Public Relations Officer of the Agency would be taking over from Ojelabi Jesujoba.

In his farewell speech, Ojelabi appreciated everyone who had made his administration a successful one and went on to charge the newly appointed executives to do even more.

Farombi would be serving as the third Editor-in-chief of the five year old agency after David Adetula and 'Joba Ojelabi. Other newly appointed members of the executive council include;

Uthman Samad- Deputy EIC (Administration)
Akinfenwa Olaitan- Deputy EIC (Publications)
Abdulwahab Lanre- General Secretary
Ogunlowo Samiah- Public Relations Officer
Alabi Aderonke- Welfare Secretary

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Ogunlere Oluwatobi Emerges as NASS OAU President-Elect

By Ogunlowo Samiah

Just as the Session is sliding to an end, the atmosphere is tense with the fight for Power, Leadership positions and campaign.
"Vote For Kelvin"
"Michelle cares"

Even though the Union election seems not feasible as her activities has been suspended,  Obafemi Awolowo University still experienced and is still experiencing the hustle and bustle of Faculty and Departmental Elections.

Faculty of Science was not left out of this as her election was conducted on Friday, 19th of January even as students in their various department prepare for tests and Examinations.

The election which started some Minute past 9 in the morning ended peacefully at exactly 3pm. Polling unit was set for all the 8 departments of the faculty so as to ease the exercise for members of the faculty. The Electoral committee  after later released the the official Result of the Election even though some contestants were already jubilating for their success.

3 individuals contested for the post of the President and just 2 contested for the post of the Public Relations officer while other posts were unopposed

Mr. Ogunlere Oluwatobi Matthew Popularly known as TOBEST emerged as the President Elect with 786 votes over two contestants.

Below is the result of the election,  released by the Electoral committee and obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency.


Modalities to declare a winner;
1 Win at least 40% in 5 departments.
2 Most constituency won
3 Total population vote

NB:Modality 1 has priority over Modality 2 and Modality 2 has priority over Modality 3...

TOBEST(Microbiology Department) - WINNER
Modality 1-  3departments
Modality 2-   3 constituencies won
Modality 3-  786 votes


Modality 1- 8 departments
Modality 2- 8 constituencies
Modality 3 -  954 votes

THOLARADESHINA(Microbiology department) - WINNER

Modality 1- 6 departments
Modality 2- 6 constituencies
Modality 3-  922 votes

LANREFORWAD(Chemistry department) - WINNER
Modality 1-  8 departments
Modality 2- 8 constituencies
Modality 3-  1004 votes

Modality 1- 8 departments
Modality 2- 8 constituencies
Modality 3- 923 votes

Modality 1- 8 departments
Modality 2- 8 constituencies
Modality 3- 964 votes

QUOYYUM(Botany Department) - WINNER
Modality 1- 8 departments
Modality 2- 8 constituencies
Modality 3-  960 votes

CODED(Botany Department) - WINNER
Modality 1- 8 departments
Modality 2- 8 constituencies
Modality 3- 940 votes

QUISTAR(Zoology Department) -WINNER
Modality 1- 8 departments
Modality 2- 8 constituencies
Modality 3- 917 votes

In release obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency, Mr Ogunlere Oluwatobi Matthew, the President-Elect thanked everyone that supported his vision despite looking unrealistic. He further clamoured for support&unity, team&collaboration, adding  that with all these, greater &wonderful things will be achieved

The election was proclaimed Fair and credible as winners flooded WhatsApp groups with their appreciation messages.

Ikedichi Egwu Emerges as NAAS OAU President-Elect

By Farombi Oluwaseun

Few hours ago,  Students of Nigerian Association of Agricultural Students, OAU, Ile-Ife, casted their votes  and decided officers to run their association for the next academic session . 

Mr.  Ikedichi Egwu Popularly known as IK-Explicit  emerged as the  President-Elect with the total  number of 562 votes.
The Other elected officers with their total number of votes are as follows;










In a release obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency, Mr Ikedichi Egwu, the President Elect thanked his supporters and also clamour for more supports from students of faculty of Agriculture at large.

He concluded by congratulating all aspirants that successfully emerged as executives and further looked forward to  smooth, goal oriented and result producing administration.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Osun State Speaker Bags Doctorate Degree, Visits OAU

By Uthman Samad.

Today, the Speaker of the state of Osun, Rt Hon. Najeem Salam had his jumat prayer in Obafemi Awolowo University

The Speaker who is representing Ejigbo State Constituency under the platform of the All Progressive Congress paid a courtesy visit to the great Ife community.

Dr Abdulfattah Makinde of the department of religious studies who led the prayer announced the presence of the speaker after the prayer.

The speaker who had jumaat prayer at the  Obafemi Awolowo University Central mosque located at the school’s religious ground beseeched all Muslims to seek knowledge in all possible means at their expense.

Rt. Hon Najeem Salam  is among the newly produced PhD holders from the department of political science, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

Speaking at the prayer, He  made it known that  today marks his 15th day he finished his PHD program &therefore decided to give God all the glory in Ife as he did his Bsc ,Msc & now PhD in Ife.

The speaker  challenged the leaders of the Muslim community of Obafemi Awolowo University to help the incoming generation  actualise their dreams.

Dr Najeem studied Political Science and graduated with a second class upper degree in 1993 and later enrolled for his masters, before coming back for his Phd, which he has just successfully completed.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Highlights Of Ammended School Calendar

Highlights Of Ammended School Calendar
Dec. 23, 2017 – Jan. 2, 2018 – Christmas/New Year Break

January 22 – 28, 2018 – Lecture Free Week

January 29, 2018 – Rain Semester Examinations Begin

February 16, 2018 – Rain Semester Examinations End

February 16, 2018 – End of 2016/2017 Session

March 8, 2018 – Harmattan Semester,

2017/2018 Academic Session Commences

NAAS President, Others Impeached Over Misappropriation Of Funds

By Ndimele Kingsley

It was another dramatic event at the parliamentary sitting of the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Students, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state on Friday, 12th January, 2018.

The sitting which lasted over four hours was presided by the Speaker of the House (the Student Representative Council of Agricultural Students, OAU also referred to as Joint Session Board), Aina Olaoluwa who stated that the President (Adesope Ibrahim), Financial Secretary (Ajayi Emmanuel) and Treasurer (Oloruntunbi Philemon) could not account for the missing #108,000 in the association's purse.

The declaration came, following a majority vote of the parliamentarians after the presentation of the final audit report as at 12th January, 2018.

In a phone conversation with the Speaker, he said, "After thorough scrutinization and questioning, it was discovered that over #108,000 was missing from the association's account. Hence, the majority of the JSB voted for the impeachment of the three executives involved. They've also been asked to refund the money within a week".

Confirming the impeachment, the President said, "I have no objection to the impeachment. The Financial Secretary was unable to balance the account".

It should be recalled that, exactly a year ago, the erstwhile President of the same association, Oluwaseun Oyeniyi was also impeached by the parliamentarians for misappropriation of funds.

OAU: Students Prepare For Rain Semester Examinations in Total Darkness

By Uthman Samad and Farombi Oluwaseun

As  the rain semester examination of the Obafemi Awolowo University approaches,  It's been close to two  weeks now that the academic areas of the university has been in total darkness.

The academics area which covers the lecture theatres and offices of the lecturers cum administrative section of the school can be said to be facing huge huddles of electricity which has been a major set back of  normal lecturing activities.

It will be recalled that the school Management recently released the amended calendar which states 29th of January for the beginning of 2016/2017 rain semester examination which is just  few days to go, the university library under lock&key with the only option left for the students to read(academics area) in total darkness.

Apart from reading at night, due to the blackout,  practicals/laboratory works has been put on hold especially for students in the faculty of Science, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Technology etc.

It's also been inferred that some departments are not done with their tests which is prerequisite to the examination, their students and the generality of the great Ife students are now to prepare under darkness and health destroying candles to source light to cover their reading thirst with the popular Awolowo Cafe& Halls of residence now on new colour as it's always full to the brim.

However, the school management has not made any release to the community over the blackout.  According to a source, a lecturer who pleaded anonymity, said  that "the school Vice Chancellor communicated to the lecturers to bear with the the administration over the hitches caused by the electricity disruption around academic areas." He added that "it was caused by the fault in the cable connection which those in charge(non-academic staff) to rectify the scourge(faulty cable) has been on strike over allowance issue.   

Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency, a student of the Department of Economics, Ologbenla Tolu  caught  reading in AUD 2 said that "the management has always taken their success with levity adding that ever  since resumption  from the End of the  break,  the university library has been  locked coupled with blackout  in the academics area."

Also speaking , Olushola Oludiran, a student of English while lamenting on the state of the school said " the management should please rectify the light so that students will be able to read and prepare well for their coming exams".

Akande Azeezat of Psychology Department  reading with lamps in ODLT 1 pleaded that  the management should devise every possible means to make up the light before the examination period.

Meanwhile, Olateju Oluwasegun RAY added that the current situation came to stay with no fear of its repercussion on the university management as the  management has been able to kill the consciousness of students, bring disunity among students and render students powerless in making demands for their rights through the serial proscription of the students' union knowing fully well that  it is easier to win a struggle as a body and not as individuals. He further added that  as long as students continue to manage with the bad situation, he foresee  more anti-student policies as from next session.

However, Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency on telephone,the Dean of Students Affairs, Prof. I.O Aransi refused to comment on the black out of the university academic area.

Photo credit by Ilebani Olushola

JAMB Fixes Feb 6 As Deadline For UTME Registration

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has fixed February 6, as deadline for the sale of registration form for this year’s unified tertiary matriculation examination (UTME).

JAMB Registrar Prof. Is-haq Oloyede spoke at a meeting on strategic planning, supervision and evaluation of the conduct of 2018 unified tertiary matriculation examination (UTME) in Abuja yesterday.

He said only 283,319 candidates had registered for the examination.

The board also fixed March 9 to17 for the conduct of the UTME in 620 computer based test centres across the country.

The registrar said: “Because of the criticisms that trailed the sale of entry form for a month in the past years, the board has decided to earmark two months so that every willing candidate will be able to purchase, fill and submit the forms.

“We opened entry from December 6, 2017 to February 6, 2018, but one month later, only less than a quarter of the two million candidates expected for the examination this year have registered.”

Prof. Oloyede said its mock examination slated for January 22 would now hold in first week of February.

He blamed the shift of the mock examination on the strike embarked on by members of NASU, noting that the strike made the CBT centres in affected tertiary institutions not available for accreditation.

The JAMB registrar also banned the use of wristwatches, biros, pencils and other devices from the examination hall.

He added that the ban affects both candidates and examination officials.

Oloyede said: “The Board has prohibited additional materials during the 2018 UTME in the examination hall. These include wrist watches, biros, calculator, biros, pencils except the common HB pencil, and any other device that can store data, transmit or receive signal no matter the form. These prohibitions are not only applicable to the candidates but to all examination officials. The reasons for this will be provided shortly.

“Scanned pictures of candidates are no longer accepted for registration, except live capture at the accredited CBT Centres as part of the Registration Procedure. Furthermore, candidates’ pictures will be embossed on all candidates’ documents generated by JAMB henceforth,” he said.

The registrar also disclosed that Minister of Education Malam Adamu Adamu has queried 42 institutions for charging candidates more than N2000 for their post-UTME.

“There is nothing wrong with post-UTME provided that our candidates are not extorted. The honourable minister of education queried about 42 institutions for charging more than N2000. We made recommendation to the minister and the minister said all of them should refund the money. He gave them two weeks and all of them are making refund now.

“He has put his feet down that all excess charges should be refunded and people can testify to the fact. Where they have the list they are paying them directly and in this case where Vice Chancellors proved clearly that those candidates could not be traced the minister has given appropriate directive.

“Candidates are reporting back to us. In one case where they could not, the minister directed that they should pay the money to a non religious orphanage, orphanage owned by the state or anything because those people couldn’t be traced,” the registrar said.

According to him, the figures being paraded as qualified candidates to write its examination was not true.

Friday, 12 January 2018

OAU Releases New Guidelines For Accommodation

Date: January 10, 2018
In line with the decision of the University authority to improve the living condition of Students in the Halls of Residence, the Division of  Student Affairs is hereby informing all the Students that there will be a reduction in the number of bed spaces in each of the rooms in the Halls of Residence: Consequent to this, bed space allocations will be limited and will follow a democratic process. ‘Accommodation
Allocation’ is not automatic for any student, however special consideration will be given to freshers(new students) and final year students for limited spaces based on a first-come, first-served on-line application and balloting process.
Following this arrangement, there will be no special request for bed space either by students or staff – PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE
DSA FOR THIS PURPOSE. All students will be given an opportunity to ballot for bed space. About 50% of final year students and likewise freshers would likely be given accommodation based on balloting. However, any student who fails to secure bed space through this balloting process will have to look elsewhere for his or
her own accommodation because squatting will not be allowed.
Students are advised to watch out on the E-Portal, University website  and DSA notice boards for information in respect of the balloting exercise for bed spaces before the end of the 2016/2017 Session.


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Former OAU Lecturer Accused Of Failing Medical Students Over Sex

Former OAU Lecturer Accused Of Failing Medical Students Over Sex
A former lecturer at Obafemi Awolowo University, Francis Fakoya has been called out on Facebook by one of his former students who accused him of failing medical students because of sex.

An alumnus of the university, Funke Dezarn, on Sunday, January 7 decided to expose the lecturer who was said to have his power as a lecturer to fail Medical Students who refused to have sex with him.

 Dezarn wrote:
Oprah’s speech on Golden Globe tonight inspired me to post this.

“Dr.Med.Dr” Francis Andy Fakoya of  Anatomy Department ,OAU Ile-Ife Nigeria, you destroyed many young lives through your sexual harassments. As that was not enough, you used your power as a teacher to Medical Students, to fail any student that refused you.

Some of the student victims repeated the class, some like me were lucky to have just a resit, while some were thrown out of Medical school. I chose to say NO to you and you failed me in Anatomy 2 times (Part 2 and Part 3), which are the only failures I have on my transcript!!! I remember your words to me both times, a day before both exams, “Agree to sleep with me or you fail and resit the exam”.

Wherever you are tonight (St George’s University, Medical School, Caribbean Island), for all the lives you affected negatively, TIME’S UP!!!

Funke who is said to be assistant class rep when she was in the university was applauded for speaking up and calling out the lecturer.

Meanwhile, one Tunde Komolafe who graduated from the University also commented on the post saying he heard about the story then but didn't know it was that deep.

Funke later revealed in her comments that her father wanted to report the lecturer but was held back by the then chair, Professor Ezekiel Caxton-Martins.

'Yes, Dr. Komolafe! My dad was so upset the 2nd time that we went to report to Caxton Martins, who was the chair then. He begged us not to make it a big deal because I will be the one to suffer it if my dad reports to the authorities.

Caxton Martins insisted that I should take the resit and move on with my life. (But my transcript is always there to remind me of life) Many of the anatomy and Physiology teachers knew about the incidents. That is just my story, I know more that were affected and had to resit the course, repeat the year or leave Med School.

'Time’s up for accountability. It’s time for him to pay the price''.

Francis Fakoya according to the lady is now a professor at St. George's University, Grenada in North America.

See more at

Strike:JAMB Postpones 2018 UTME Mock Examination

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has postponed the 2018 Mock Examination which was earlier scheduled to hold between January 22nd and 24th, 2018.

The 2018 JAMB UTME Mock Examination will now hold on the first week in February, 2018.

It was learnt that the postponement is connected to the ongoing strike by non-teaching staff of universities which makes it impossible for JAMB to make use of the CBT centres located within the campuses of some of the universities.

The JAMB Boss revealed that about 10 percent of the expected number of candidates have so far registered for the 2018 UTME.

The date for the main JAMB examination remains the same. It is expected to hold between March 9th – March 17, 2017.

The JAMB Boss further stressed that “No candidates, examiners, invigilators will be allowed to enter the examination hall with wrist watches, pencils except HB pencils and cameras”

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Startup Labs Bring Biggest Education On Blockchain And Cryptocurrency To Ife

We bring to you, The Biggest Education on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

At Startup Labs, we believe that while we are trying to help startups get footings with the present economic order, there is an urgent need to position startups for the future and disruptive order ...

Beginning with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

We want the young public to have stake in the blockchain space. We hope to see New digital startups spring forth after that meeting.

Frank Onuoha has been confirmed. A tech writer, Blockchain writer for Businessdayng.

David Ajala , Founder of Nairaex is yet to confirm his coming

Yemi Osoba from Bitconnect is confirmed

Johnson Omeiza, a Blockchain coach will be our panel moderator.


All round understanding of subject matter

Guide to investing in Blockchain and cryptos

Combining cryptos with Binary Options and Trading

Types of startups or businesses you can start, leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrency

How to incorporate or adopt cryptocurrencies in your regular businesses and startups

The risks involved with blockchain and cryptocurrency

How to get rich quickly with ICOs

Hacking and Fraud Checks

THIS MEETUP is worth $1000 but has been brought this cheap because of Joshua IGBA's passion to empower startups in Osun state to catch up with the Lagos and other Startup Ecosystem.


Entry fee is N1,000 to support our planning and logistics.

Media personnel can contact us for a FREE MEDIA PASS.

PreBooking is very Important. That is why we are using If you use PayPass to pay and for any reason could not attend the event, you automatically get a 100% Payback to your account.

Paying CASH at the venue of the event will be N2000. So, its advisable to just make reservations through PayPass.


07051459134 (WHATSAPP)

Venue: first Choice Hall, Opposite OAU Campus Gate, Ibadan Road
Organiser: Startup Labs Ng
Event Starts: 28 Jan 4:00 PM
Event Ends: 28 Jan 7:00 PM If you use PayPass to pay and for any reason could not attend the event, you automatically get a 100% Payback to your account.

Paying CASH at the venue of the event will be N2000. So, its advisable to just make reservations through PayPass.

Paying CASH at the venue of the event will be N2000. So, its advisable to just make reservations through PayPass.


07051459134 (WHATSAPP)

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

OAU Resumption: "Lectures Will Commence On Friday" - OAU DSA

By Farombi Oluwaseun

As students of the Obafemi Awolowo University resume back to campus today from their "End of the Year Break". The  Dean of Students Affairs, Prof. I.A. Aransi has informed OAU Peeps News Agency that lectures will Commence Friday January 5,2017.  In his words "'We have  resumed today, but lectures will start on Friday, we just want to tidy up some things to make the environment more Conducive for everyone"

Also confirming this development, a notification was  received by OAU Peeps News Agency written by Chairman,Committee Of Deans(CCODs), Prof. M.A. Aluko stating also that lectures will commence on Friday so as to allow the university administration to put some things in place.

As at the time of filing this report, Non teaching staffs were seen holding a  congress at the University Senate Building.

Monday, 1 January 2018

OAU Resumption: Electricity & Water Supply Restored To Halls Of Residence

As earlier stated by the management of Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU Ile-Ife , that the school will resume as stipulated after the "End of the Year Break", some students remain skeptical about the proposed date considering the  fact that the OAU NASU Chairman tagged the resumption as "unrecognized" and also the welfare condition they left the campus last year.

However, information reaching OAU Peeps News Agency this evening has given a boost to hopes of resumption  as water and electricity supply has been restored in various halls of residence.

As at the time of filing this report , light and  water has been restored fully to all blocks  of Fajuyi and  Akintola Halls of residence. On credit,  light  has been restored at the  other  Halls of residences' porters' lodge with hopes it will be restored to all blocks immediately as students resume as duly informed.

On this note , OAU Peeps News Agency wishes everyone a Happy New Year & Resumption.
Journey mercies back to School!!

President Muhammadu Buhari's 2018 New Year Address


I join my fellow citizens this morning to welcome and celebrate the New Year 2018. This year promises to be pivotal in our quest for CHANGE.

Unfortunately, I am saddened to acknowledge that for many this Christmas and New Year holidays have been anything but merry and happy. Instead of showing love, companionship and charity, some of our compatriots chose this period to inflict severe hardship on us all by creating unnecessary fuel scarcity across the country.

The consequence was that not many could travel and the few who did had to pay exorbitant transport fares. This is unacceptable given that NNPC had taken measures to ensure availability at all depots. I am determined to get to the root of this collective blackmail of all Nigerians and ensure that whichever groups are behind this manipulated hardship will be prevented from doing so again.

Such unpatriotism will not divert the Administration from the course we have set ourselves. Our government's watch word and policy thrust is CHANGE. We must change our way of doing things or we will stagnate and be left behind in the race to lift our people out of poverty and into prosperity.

My address to fellow Nigerians this morning is devoted mainly to informing you about the intense efforts this Administration is putting to address our country's huge infrastructural deficit.

We are going to make significant in-roads in advancing road, rail and power projects across the country.

The Ministry of Power, Works and Housing is one of the drivers of this Government’s commitment to renew and increase Nigeria’s stock of infrastructure in order to achieve global economic competitiveness as targeted under the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan.

With regards to Railways, we have set ourselves ambitious targets. Already in construction stage is the Lagos-Kano Standard Gauge Railway.

The line should reach Ibadan from Lagos by the end of 2019 and will carry two million passengers per year and five million tons of cargo will be transported every year giving a substantial boost to the country’s economy.

Construction of the Kano – Kaduna segment is expected to commence this year and reach Kaduna by the end of 2019. By the end of 2021 the two ends will be joined so that we will have standard gauge railway across the main North-South trading route.

The Abuja – Kaduna route will be boosted by additional rolling stock next Thursday and will be able to handle one million commuters annually.

At the same time I have approved and negotiations will be concluded in the first part of this year for the Port Harcourt to Maiduguri line covering Aba, Owerri, Umuahia, Enugu, Awka, Abakaliki, Makurdi, Lafia, Jos, Bauchi, Gombe, Yola and Damaturu.  The Abuja to Itakpe line will go through Baro and terminate in Warri with construction of a new seaport at Warri.

Negotiations are also advanced for the construction of other railway lines, firstly from Kano to Maradi in Niger Republic passing through Kazaure, Daura, Katsina, Jibia to Maradi.

Secondly, Lagos to Calabar the “Coastal Rail”  through Ore, Benin, Agbor, Asaba, Onitsha, Sapele, Ughelli, Warri, Yenagoa, Otuoke, Port Harcourt, Aba, Uyo and Calabar.  In the next few years, all these Nigerian cities will be linked by functional modern rail systems, giving enormous boost to the social and economic life of our people.

With respect to the Abuja Capital Light Rail, progress has reached 98% completion, as at 64% completion when we assumed office.  Only test runs remain before start of operations.

This train service will stimulate economic activities in the Federal Capital and provide residents with an efficient and safe transportation system.  Twelve railway sub-stations around the capital over a 45.2 kilometre route will serve as a catalyst and a pull factor to the economy of the area.  The Light Rail System will reduce traffic congestion and carbon emission in line with the Administration’s policy on climate change.

Management of the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) has been reconstituted and has been charged with a 12 week rapid intervention in road repairs to cover all the geo-political zones. Government is undertaking repairs and maintenance of 44 roads within the six geo-political zones.

Twenty five major highways will be funded under the N100b SUKUK facility. Each geo-political zone will benefit by an equal amount of N16.67b. The following major highways are to receive special attention:

a.  Oyo – Ogbomosho,

b.  Ofusu – Ore – Ajebandele – Shagamu,

c.  Yenagoa Road Junction – Kolo Otuoke – Bayelsa Palm,

d.  Enugu – Port Harcourt Dual Carriage Way,

e.  Onitsha – Enugu Expressway,

f.    Kaduna Eastern Bypass,

g.  Dualization of Kano – Maiduguri Road,

h.  Dualization of Abuja – Lokoja – Benin Road,

i.    Dualization of Suleja – Minna Road.

In addition, Government has approved work to start on the re-construction of Abuja – Kaduna – Zaria – Kano road which is in a state of disrepair. Work will soon start and is expected to be completed in 2019.

More Nigerians across the country are experiencing improved power supply to their homes and businesses.  However, power remains a concern to this government because too many people still do not have regular and reliable supply.

The Payment Assurance Guarantee Scheme which started in January 2016 has enabled the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trader to raise so far N701 billion to assure Generation Companies of at least 80% payment for any power delivered to the national grid.

Consequently, generation has now reached 7,000MW. On December 8, 2017 the country achieved 5,155MW of power delivered to consumers, the highest level ever recorded.

Several moribund projects have been revived.  Repairs of Afam Power Station added 110MW in 2017 and another 240MW will be added this year through a private investment partnership.

Katsina Power Project is now being tested and producing 10MW of power from wind for the first time in Nigeria.  It should be fully operational this year.

The Zungeru 700MW Hydroelectric Power Project, stalled by court cases is due for completion in 2019.  The transmission and other requirements to operate the 30MW Gurara Phase 1 Hydroelectric Plant, the 40MW Kashimbilla Hydroelectric Plant and the 215 MW Kaduna Gas/LPG/Diesel Power Plant will also be completed this year.

A landmark project, Mambilla Hydroelectric Power Project is at last taking off.  This project has been on the drawing Board for 40 years, but now the engineering, procurement and construction contract for the 3,050MW project has been agreed with a Chinese joint venture Company with a financing commitment from the government of China.  Completion is targeted for 2023.

As I mentioned earlier, the Transmission Company of Nigeria can now distribute all the 7,000MW that can be generated.  TCN and the Niger Delta Holding Company have added 1,950MVA of 330 down to 132KV transformer capacity of 10 transmission stations and 2,930MVA of 132 down to 33KV transformer capacity of 42 sub-stations including Ikot Ekpene, Aba, Alagbon, Ajah, Ejigbo, Funtua and Zaria.

This Administration is working with the privatised distribution Companies to overcome the continuing challenges of distribution.

These massive public works should spearhead the recovery and lead millions back to employment. You will recall that it was not until last year that we got out of the economic recession into which the country had fallen as a consequence of past unsustainable economic policies which projected short-term illusory growth.

The government is slowly stabilizing the economy.

It was in order to change the steady and steep decline that we adopted the more sustainable policies and programmes captured in the Economic Recovery Plan. Diversification efforts have resulted in improved output particularly in agriculture and solid minerals sectors. The relative exchange rate stability has improved manufacturing sector performance.

We have got to get used to discipline and direction in economic management. The days of business as usual are numbered.

Two years ago I appealed to people to go back to the land. I am highly gratified that agriculture has picked up, contributing to the government's effort to re-structure the economy. Rice imports will stop this year. Local rice, fresher and more nutritious will be on our dishes from now on.

By the same token, I am today appealing to enterprising Nigerians with ideas and unemployed graduates and other able-bodied and literate men and women with ideas not to just sit and wait for employment from the government or the Organized Private Sector. Great nations are built by enterprising people who turn their hands to anything that circumstances dictate.

In respect of political developments, I have kept a close watch on the on-going debate about "Restructuring". No human law or edifice is perfect. Whatever structure we develop must periodically be perfected according to changing circumstances and the country's socio-economic developments. We Nigerians can be very impatient and want to improve our conditions faster than may be possible considering our resources and capabilities. When all the aggregates of nationwide opinions are considered, my firm view is that our problems are more to do with process than structure.

We tried the Parliamentary system: we jettisoned it. Now there are shrill cries for a return to the Parliamentary structure. In older democracies these systems took centuries to evolve so we cannot expect a copied system to fit neatly our purposes. We must give a long period of trial and improvement before the system we have adopted is anywhere near fit for purpose.

However, there is a strong case for a closer look at the cost of government and for the public services long used to extravagance, waste and corruption to change for the better. I assure you that government is ever receptive to ideas which will improve governance and contribute to the country's peace and stability.

As the electioneering season approaches politicians must avoid exploiting ethnicity and religion by linking ethnicity with religion and religion with politics. Such must be avoided at all costs if we are to live in harmony.

In this respect the rest of Nigeria could learn from the South Western States who have successfully internalized religion, ethnicity and politics.

Political discourse should be conducted with civility, decorum and in a constitutional manner. We all have a collective responsibility to strengthen our democracy and entrench the rule of law. We should draw encouragement from the series of bye-elections conducted by INEC last year which were generally violence free and their outcomes adjudged to be free and fair.

Before I conclude my address I must reassure my fellow citizens that security of life and property is still top of our government’s agenda. We have since beaten Boko Haram. Isolated attacks still occur, but even the best-policed countries cannot prevent determined criminals from committing terrible acts of terror as we have seen during the past years in Europe, Asia, Middle East, elsewhere in Africa and in America.

Our government remains determined to protect all Nigerians in line with our election pledge and promises. On behalf of all Nigerians let me offer our thanks to the Armed forces, the Police, other para-military forces and traditional authorities who are working round the clock to ensure that you and I go about our normal business in reasonable safety.

Terrorism and urban crimes are world-wide phenomena and our security forces are continuously adapting their responses to changing threats.

With regard to rampant cases of kidnappings, we are taking immediate short-term measures to combat this new evil creeping into our societies.  Tighter police methods and swift and severe punishment for those proved to be engaged in kidnapping are on the way.

With respect to Niger Delta, Government is still engaging responsible leadership of the Communities to help in identifying and addressing genuine grievances of the region. Our clean-up programme in collaboration with the United Nations is making satisfactory progress.

I am grateful to all the Governors and other Political & Community leaders of the Niger Delta States for their part in bringing relative peace to the areas.

Finally let me again express my heartfelt thanks to all Nigerians who prayed for me during my illness last year. I feel deeply humbled by your prayers and good wishes and I am more determined than ever to serve you to the best of my ability.

Good morning. And I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

UTME 2018:JAMB To Conduct Mock Exams This Month

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board is to conduct its optional mock examination in January , preparatory to actual examination later in the year .
The board made this disclosure in a statement signed by its Head of Media , Mr. Fabian Benjamin , and made available to the News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday in Abuja.

The board also reiterated the need for candidates to register on time and ensure that they follow due process in order to prevent certain challenges .

“ As we prepare for the 2018 examinations , beginning with the optional mock , we urge candidates to register on time , make clear their choices of institutions, disciplines and examination centres in the process.

“ Candidates must note that their first choice can be a College of Education , a university , an Innovation Enterprise Institution , a polytechnic or a monotechnic .

“ Others include , the Nigerian Defence Academy or the Police Academy .

“ We will conduct a better examination, ensure more transparent admission and make more remittances to the government , ” according to the statement .
It promised to sustain and make better the entire process in 2018 , noting that its Central Admission Processing System portal has been helpful .

Meet Bamidele Idowu, An OAU Student and also The Chairman Of UWS

Bamidele Idowu Elijah Bamidele  is an English student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun state, Nigeria. He is  a philantrophist with selfless veins  to make life worthy of living for those of Lower class.

 With his view on the magnitude at which low class students face to live and compete for fairness in UNIVERSITY community both socially and academically made him in creation of a Non governmental organization (NGO) named UNITED WE STAND MEDIA ORGANIZATION(UWS) to pervade the bridge between the Haves and the have-not students.

 Service to humanity as the utmost provision a philanthropist balances their view  to the society on , Bamidele as a person has numerous provisions in place for the masses especially youth through the projection with his NGO, created to provide a medium through which masses especially youths are reached out to and impacted positively with a wisdom and resources by influential Nigerians.

 He's also the chairman of OUR TOMORROW TODAY TEAM an arm of UWS saddled with the responsibility of organising programmes on verge to reach out to the needy of the society.

 Away from the youths, Bamidele's philanthropic hand-out and concern to the children and also the pregnant, under age children who are raped and disposed cannot be underated, Countless of which are recorded as great achievement of Bamidele's courtesy.

Out of Bamidele's charitable act and  for the sake of humanitarian assistance, he sold his public bus which he uses as one of the main income channel in maintaining his studies to pay for an hospital bill of an underage child beaten for stealing cassava cornflakes (Gaari) and gave an handsome amount of money to the parents for survival.

Bamidele in his charity benevolent has being to Boastal Juveniles Homes, Abeokuta to give aid to young people and also to the  Displaced children at Osun state where he gives food items and stagged a-four day seminar programme.

Bamidele is the recipient of the "Outstanding humanitarian service award of the year2016" organised by Falbands media organization, the winner award category Humanitarian aid caring personality of the year2016 and  the receiver Courage award by  UWSMO 2017

He believes in better Nigeria with devising all of all probable, workable and feasible means of making youths a beautiful element of Nigerian system which he's been working tirelessly on for the past five years towards achieving these stances with the view to relieving masses from all agonies.

OAU Peeps News Agency Named Among Top 50 OAU Campus Sharpers

Indigenous campus news portal, OAU Peeps News Agency has just been named alongside some other persons and groups as those that shaped Obafemi Awolowo University the most in 2017. This year's edition is the third from the organizers, Chero Vibez.

The recognition which was announced some hours to the end of 2017 added to the list of popular awards and recognition the news agency has bagged in recent times.Notably, in November 2017, OAU Peeps News Agency was named the Best Nigerian Varsity Editorial by the Nigerian Universities Merit Awards. Prior to that time, the Association of Campus Journalists (ACJ) and House of Trends Incorporated (OAU Awards) named OAU Peeps News Agency as the year's Best News Agency, in separate Awards.

Here is the full list of Chero Biz' 50 Outstanding People who shaped OAU in 2017:

(1) Sage - Man of the Year
(2) House of Trends Incorporated (HOTINC)
(3) MC Timi Agbaje
(4) Ekpa stanley
(5) The Vibez promotions
(6) Timanzeh
(7) Theholu
(8) Valentine
(9) Modupe
(10) 78A Media
(11) OAU Blog
(12) Life of OAUstudents
(13) OAU Trends
(14) Rhozario
(15) Yhemi Eleso
(16) TalkwithTola
(17) Smartbrains NG
(18) Fattkay
(19) Adejumo kabir
(20) Lexie Armani
(21) Shank Comics
(22) Alaska (The vibes collections)
(23) KingHaybee (Haybeeclassic)
(24) Pigeon Post
(25) LammieBells
(26) Dockthor
(27) OAU zone
(28) GiveItToTayo
(29) OAU Peeps News Agency
(30) Lume Drinks
(31) Mc Smith
(32) CBEE
(33) Imas4to9ja
(34) Foodie
(35) LA makeovers
(36) Zaman
(37) John The Raper
(38) Bihigdrimez (HOUSE OF BIHIG)
(39) Xpecial (HAPPEN NIGERIA)
(40) OG Studios
(41) SAMDAM Entertainment
(42) Ewa Agoyin
(43) Badman Beats (Producer)
(44) The Merije
(45) Idiol Nupo Collections
(46) Luminux Dance Factory
(47) Humans of OAU
(48) Zibes drinks
(49) Disturbing IG (DIG)
(50) Ayomide Photography

Happy New Year!

It is with great delight and joy that we welcome you; our dear readers and friends to the year 2018. Indeed, if not for anything else, we appreciate the most supreme for the gift of life without which hope dies. 2017 was a colourful year for us at OAU Peeps, like the few others before it; it was a year of growth and development. And of course, these processes we plan to continue even at an exponential rate in this year for perhaps the day growth stops is the day we begin to die. 

We pray and hope that you find your heart desires this year and in all, 2018 holds for you pleasurable experiences.
From all of us at OAU Peeps, we say Happy New Year!
Have a Prosperous 2018.

‘Joba Ojelabi
For the OAU Peeps Team