Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Former OAU Lecturer Accused Of Failing Medical Students Over Sex

A former lecturer at Obafemi Awolowo University, Francis Fakoya has been called out on Facebook by one of his former students who accused him of failing medical students because of sex.

An alumnus of the university, Funke Dezarn, on Sunday, January 7 decided to expose the lecturer who was said to have his power as a lecturer to fail Medical Students who refused to have sex with him.

 Dezarn wrote:
Oprah’s speech on Golden Globe tonight inspired me to post this.

“Dr.Med.Dr” Francis Andy Fakoya of  Anatomy Department ,OAU Ile-Ife Nigeria, you destroyed many young lives through your sexual harassments. As that was not enough, you used your power as a teacher to Medical Students, to fail any student that refused you.

Some of the student victims repeated the class, some like me were lucky to have just a resit, while some were thrown out of Medical school. I chose to say NO to you and you failed me in Anatomy 2 times (Part 2 and Part 3), which are the only failures I have on my transcript!!! I remember your words to me both times, a day before both exams, “Agree to sleep with me or you fail and resit the exam”.

Wherever you are tonight (St George’s University, Medical School, Caribbean Island), for all the lives you affected negatively, TIME’S UP!!!

Funke who is said to be assistant class rep when she was in the university was applauded for speaking up and calling out the lecturer.

Meanwhile, one Tunde Komolafe who graduated from the University also commented on the post saying he heard about the story then but didn't know it was that deep.

Funke later revealed in her comments that her father wanted to report the lecturer but was held back by the then chair, Professor Ezekiel Caxton-Martins.

'Yes, Dr. Komolafe! My dad was so upset the 2nd time that we went to report to Caxton Martins, who was the chair then. He begged us not to make it a big deal because I will be the one to suffer it if my dad reports to the authorities.

Caxton Martins insisted that I should take the resit and move on with my life. (But my transcript is always there to remind me of life) Many of the anatomy and Physiology teachers knew about the incidents. That is just my story, I know more that were affected and had to resit the course, repeat the year or leave Med School.

'Time’s up for accountability. It’s time for him to pay the price''.

Francis Fakoya according to the lady is now a professor at St. George's University, Grenada in North America.

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