Monday, 1 January 2018

Meet Bamidele Idowu, An OAU Student and also The Chairman Of UWS

Bamidele Idowu Elijah Bamidele  is an English student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun state, Nigeria. He is  a philantrophist with selfless veins  to make life worthy of living for those of Lower class.

 With his view on the magnitude at which low class students face to live and compete for fairness in UNIVERSITY community both socially and academically made him in creation of a Non governmental organization (NGO) named UNITED WE STAND MEDIA ORGANIZATION(UWS) to pervade the bridge between the Haves and the have-not students.

 Service to humanity as the utmost provision a philanthropist balances their view  to the society on , Bamidele as a person has numerous provisions in place for the masses especially youth through the projection with his NGO, created to provide a medium through which masses especially youths are reached out to and impacted positively with a wisdom and resources by influential Nigerians.

 He's also the chairman of OUR TOMORROW TODAY TEAM an arm of UWS saddled with the responsibility of organising programmes on verge to reach out to the needy of the society.

 Away from the youths, Bamidele's philanthropic hand-out and concern to the children and also the pregnant, under age children who are raped and disposed cannot be underated, Countless of which are recorded as great achievement of Bamidele's courtesy.

Out of Bamidele's charitable act and  for the sake of humanitarian assistance, he sold his public bus which he uses as one of the main income channel in maintaining his studies to pay for an hospital bill of an underage child beaten for stealing cassava cornflakes (Gaari) and gave an handsome amount of money to the parents for survival.

Bamidele in his charity benevolent has being to Boastal Juveniles Homes, Abeokuta to give aid to young people and also to the  Displaced children at Osun state where he gives food items and stagged a-four day seminar programme.

Bamidele is the recipient of the "Outstanding humanitarian service award of the year2016" organised by Falbands media organization, the winner award category Humanitarian aid caring personality of the year2016 and  the receiver Courage award by  UWSMO 2017

He believes in better Nigeria with devising all of all probable, workable and feasible means of making youths a beautiful element of Nigerian system which he's been working tirelessly on for the past five years towards achieving these stances with the view to relieving masses from all agonies.

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