Monday, 1 January 2018

OAU Peeps News Agency Named Among Top 50 OAU Campus Sharpers

Indigenous campus news portal, OAU Peeps News Agency has just been named alongside some other persons and groups as those that shaped Obafemi Awolowo University the most in 2017. This year's edition is the third from the organizers, Chero Vibez.

The recognition which was announced some hours to the end of 2017 added to the list of popular awards and recognition the news agency has bagged in recent times.Notably, in November 2017, OAU Peeps News Agency was named the Best Nigerian Varsity Editorial by the Nigerian Universities Merit Awards. Prior to that time, the Association of Campus Journalists (ACJ) and House of Trends Incorporated (OAU Awards) named OAU Peeps News Agency as the year's Best News Agency, in separate Awards.

Here is the full list of Chero Biz' 50 Outstanding People who shaped OAU in 2017:

(1) Sage - Man of the Year
(2) House of Trends Incorporated (HOTINC)
(3) MC Timi Agbaje
(4) Ekpa stanley
(5) The Vibez promotions
(6) Timanzeh
(7) Theholu
(8) Valentine
(9) Modupe
(10) 78A Media
(11) OAU Blog
(12) Life of OAUstudents
(13) OAU Trends
(14) Rhozario
(15) Yhemi Eleso
(16) TalkwithTola
(17) Smartbrains NG
(18) Fattkay
(19) Adejumo kabir
(20) Lexie Armani
(21) Shank Comics
(22) Alaska (The vibes collections)
(23) KingHaybee (Haybeeclassic)
(24) Pigeon Post
(25) LammieBells
(26) Dockthor
(27) OAU zone
(28) GiveItToTayo
(29) OAU Peeps News Agency
(30) Lume Drinks
(31) Mc Smith
(32) CBEE
(33) Imas4to9ja
(34) Foodie
(35) LA makeovers
(36) Zaman
(37) John The Raper
(38) Bihigdrimez (HOUSE OF BIHIG)
(39) Xpecial (HAPPEN NIGERIA)
(40) OG Studios
(41) SAMDAM Entertainment
(42) Ewa Agoyin
(43) Badman Beats (Producer)
(44) The Merije
(45) Idiol Nupo Collections
(46) Luminux Dance Factory
(47) Humans of OAU
(48) Zibes drinks
(49) Disturbing IG (DIG)
(50) Ayomide Photography

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