Sunday, 11 February 2018

Awolowo Hall: EWA Day 2018 Holds In Grand Style

By Uthman Samad

As Muslims celebrate Eid festivals and Christians celebrate Christmas just as the same is Awolowo hall of residence celebrated EWA Day 2018.

The male Awo hall is known for  its radicality and high intellectual greatness in learning, culture and Entertainment.
EWA Day,  a customary  end of the session celebration,  A day where the excecutive arm of the hall arranges for a large quantity of beans to be cooked en mass for the mark of the Day.

This year, 2018  edition was no different as the Excecutive arm of Awolowo hall of residence organised it in a grandstyle.

According to a student of the Hall, Olawale Maruf  commented that the tradition has been sustained for years, and for residents of the hall, Ewa Day  helps  to relieve themselves of academic stress which always come during exam period.
Students were caught  trooping out with their pots and coolers, lining up in happiness in the scorching sun, singing various songs.

“I have been hearing about Ewa Day right away from my secondary School days. I got admitted into OAU and everything that happened confirmed what I heard. Students speaking different languages came together to dance and sing. This, in my observation, is the message of the event and I pray for continuity for this Comic galore ” a part one student exposed.
“I was served ewa inside a bucket and I will eat it for two days,” Oludiran Olushola, a 200-Level student of English said Emphatically with Sense of Happiness,  adding that the event always remind him of his people outside the world that could  not afford three square meals daily.

Samuel Olayemi ( S O ), the Chairman of the Hall can not hide his exhilaration while speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency, He said " I am very much happy as things went as planned and thanks to our people who showed us love from right , left and center to the success of this year"s Ewa Day".

While speaking with the Hall Executive General Secretary, Olakanmi Abdullah (MC wealth) who could not envelope his joy for the success of the Annual event appreciated everyone that helped  in the finance of the program.

He added that the glory of the great Awolowo Hall can never be lost and the lasting culture will never be a thing of the  past.

After the Ewa distribution and consumption, music followed it all at night at exactly around 9:15 pm.

The Awolowo cafe walk ways was full to the brim as it turned to the performance stage with OAU artists and The Arò team led by OPA added more flavour to the taste of the event.

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