Saturday, 17 February 2018

Legendary Snakes: Nigerians, The Looters Of Their Own

By John Beloved

The astronomical level of corruption and greed in Nigeria has been proven since ancient times.

In recent times, it has been  shown that our long anticipated end to corruption is still a decade ahead of Nigeria.

Even as many Nigerians verbiage affirmatively to themselves as not part of Nigeria corruption, they still dine on a table with corruption depicting this from the occurrences recently dated in the educational sector. It is true when the Nigerian government is called to be corrupt but just to tag corruption with the Nigerian identity as a whole is a big dose.

Having laughed and mocked the beautiful and fascinating animal kingdom story of  a legend Nigeria snake that has stolen from humanity, Philomena  chieshe displayed her high intellectual level as the office clerk of the Joint Admission and matriculation board[JAMB] in makurdi with her story.

Having wondered how ridiculous it was for her to have thought of a folktale as a possibly acceptable pass for the missing money. An inspiring aspect of interest from every curious Nigeria is what in reality happened to the 36million naira.

Investigation following this criminal act has further exposed other fraudulent activities.
The embezzlement of another 23million In Nasarawa state.

As expected, this of course also came with its own tragic soap opera of been engaged  in a car accident which later resulted into a fire outbreak burning all the scratch card in the car on his way to Abuja.
In yobe state, the  JAMB coordinator accuses boko haram  for his inability to account for 613,000 and the kogi state JAMB coordination also blames poverty for the missing 7million in his office.

With all the fairy tales told by the distinct jamb officials  to support their action has revealed interestingly that while we all are crying over the infection of the Nigeria government from the incurable disease gotten from the sting of corruption even the Nigerian citizens have been soiled with impurity and greed.

 It should be noted that although a declaration has been made by The Joint Admission Matriculation Board [JAMB]  to ensure that the human snake that swallowed 36milion would be caught and punished like we all are waiting for.

We are the looters of our own self for to use for our exclusive benefit what is not exclusively our is theft.

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