Saturday, 17 February 2018

OAU Education Students Lament Over The Crappy State Of NUESA SignPost Project

By John Beloved
Reacting to the signpost that has recently been installed  at the entrance of the faculty of education,several students have expressed themselves concerning  recent developments in the  faculty.

While some students appreciate  the effort of the  faculty president  for the signpost creation, others were not completely impressed with it complaining  on what they feel to be profane about the signpost .

As some  students have opined, a rationale for the uprising is the awful standard of a project budgeted with a sum of #160,000 .
 Arbitrarily, from the  fund allocated to the project, it was highly anticipated by the students

Although a Committee of 7 was   set up by the president to carry out the project
but the beautiful initiated project could not be called a beautiful done job to the later.

They claimed that materials used in making the project were of low and inferior quality and this was never expected as the project had enough money allocated to it.

In an encounter with  chimdi, a  student of the faculty of Education. He complained bitterly over the awful state of the just completed project "This work is rough   and it has a really low quality,obviously the money spent on this cannot be summed to #50,000
it is funny how the president thinks he can fool the student by presenting such a ridiculous thing to them after getting funds that would sufficiently finance it".

In a release obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency and signed by the association"s  Financial secretary ;Ayoola Ojo Oswa and General secretary; Ayoola Adekunle Isaiah, they ascertained that although a committee was set up  for the project delivery, the President; Fatoyinbo Gafar popularly known as SOCRATES excluded the committee from the planning and execution of the project and further ascertained that Oyebanjo Oluwaseun SIEWEN (Assisitant  Secretary General, Great Ife Students" Union) addressed as his all time adviser was aware of all the bargains made during the project execution.

"""The message we are trying to convey here is that SOCRATES executed the project together with his adviser,SIEWEN and not the committee members and as a result, he only should accept responsibility for whatever discontent NUESITES have with the project. NUESITES  should hold SOCRATES responsible for any form of underestimation or overestimation of the project cost.""- the release stated.

 On getting across to  President Fatoyinbo Gafar,  He however refused to comment on the matter.

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