Tuesday, 6 March 2018

OAU Begins Renovation of Dilapidated Hostels

By Uthman Samad

The management of Obafemi Awolowo university Ile-Ife has commenced the renovation of Halls of residence in the institution.

Being one of the core Agenda among others of the Ogunbodede Administration to refurbish the aged halls of residence and put to good condition, the hired workers are seen in full force tiling and restructuring dilapidated structures  in toilets of  Annex block C and D of Fajuyi hall of residence of which signs are seen of work to start sooner on other blocks and likewise the main Blocks of the hall.

According to one of the contractors in Block C that spoke with OAU Peeps News Agency, he said he has come to take the measurement like 6 months ago & that he's just being called to start the work weeks ago, and they will ensure to make done the work as soon as possible.

It will be recalled that the administration of the former Acting Vice chancellor (Prof. Anthony Elujoba) of the institution also took some obvious measure to renovate the  toilets in halls of residence and make water supply available during his tenure before the coming into office of Ogunbodede.

Before now, students have taken to social media to complain  the devastating status of the great Ife halls of residence and poor infrastructure.

Report has it that the school management is making every possible means to decongest the hostel although the left organisation termed it  as 'forceful eviction  from hall of residence and outrightly to dehumanize the studentry as they are to go off campus, into the arms of insecurity.""

According to a pharmacy student of Fajuyi hall who pleaded anonymity told our correspondent that " The management should have done this since to complement Elojoba's work but all the same we hope they finish this and improve the welfarism of student which shouldn't only be  on renovation of hostel toilets alone but repainting and also renovation of the rooms also.

In an exclusive interview with OAU Peeps News Agency, the Dean Of Students Affairs, Prof. Aransi  confirmed &stated that the management wants to decongest the hostel so as to improve the welfare conditions of all halls of residence which is affected by Overcrowding. He added that the renovation has been planned on a larger scale before freshers resume by April 3 but facing challenges with  students not leaving the halls of residence for their various homes though there are some that can't be denied hostel access like finalists ,SIWEP & SIWESS students, pharmacy students presently taking their examination, and also Education students who are on TP.

He was however unhappy with some students in the halls who are careless to the extent of burning their rooms as it happened recently in Block 3 of Awolowo Hall. ""Imagine we are trying our possible best to renovate and put all hostels to proper look and some of our students are being careless to the extent of burning rooms  It occured in moremi, Fajuyi and Awolowo hall. ""

He also stated categorically squatters won"t be allowed this coming session and if anyone is caught in the act, the squatter and the "landlord" will be expelled as the issue won"t be lightly at all again.

He concluded that those who do sell and buy bedspaces should retract from such and  if caught, the buyer and the seller will smell the hot part of law.

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  1. The school is trying to increase the comfort of students but are doing so very blindly because over 60% of students are being left out .... The upgrade is being implemented to increase the welfarism of the 'students' therefore it doesn't seem very useful if the majority of the students cannot enjoy it...bedspace that was not enough before has been made fewer by decreasing the number of students in each room ....it seems to me that the DSA which is meant to be very concerned about 'all' the students of the university are being concerned about a very little percentage of the students and don't seem to show concern about the rest of them who happen to be the greater percentage of the students... They were told to go off campus.... The university is sending her students into the hands of insecurity, stress and expensive rents....the painful thing is that they are being sent out by a division which is meant to be concerned about the affairs of the students.... Not fair....not fair at all