Monday, 14 May 2018

Introducing DEYDAM.COM


DeyDam is an ambitious innovative new company or business that is set to  become a lead to all social networks .with an ambitious and mind focused entrepreneur at the helm as president and also a viable team supporting this huge vision

 The social site aims to help people choose from different platforms which are entailed in the social site. The different platforms meet the social general demands of an average human

 The platforms are classified as follows *[ME AND MY FAITH]*,*[ME AND MY ACADEMICS]*, *[ME AND MY SPORTS]*, *[ME AND MY FRIENDS]*, *[ME AND MY MUSIC]*.These platforms are easy and user friendly, providing users with varieties of choice. The  creation of shows and concepts which will be initiated by the site through the platforms entailed on he site. Thus, we intend to grow with your support all year round

Benefits To Users


The music portal is created primary for uploading and downloading of songs on a professional and General bases. Also the portal is avialable for music lovers to interact and comment.
Akada ( academics)
We believe they are more than one ways to socialize. The academic platform is created for Academic lover's to share and upload academic materials of all disciplines.This will boost knowledge while enjoying the Social sphere of the brand.

 Deydam is an entertainment multi- platformic concept that enables people to choose through different platforms with the aim of ensuring your maximum enjoyment and intelligence growth.

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