Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Campus Journalists Across  Nigeria Frown Against Suspension of Colleague, Demand for Reinstatement

By Uthman Samad

A body of Campus Journalists drawn across different universities in Nigeria, "Free Campus Press Movement" has frowned against the draconic actions of the University of Ibadan management on the suspension of Kunle Adebajo, a notable/award-winning campus Journalist, a student of Law, University of Ibadan who's expected to proceed to law school this year.

In a press statement released by the group of Campus Journalists, it highlighted the group was aimed at ensuring that Press Freedom is guaranteed on campuses across Nigeria and also raising voice in unison against any attempt by University managements to victimize campus Journalists for doing what they do objectively on campuses.

While registering their grievances at the recent development in University of Ibadan as regards the two-semesters suspension of Kunle Adebajo, the group registered their displeasure towards the actions of the management under the Leadership of Prof. Idowu Olayinka.

An excerpt of the press statement states thus, "While we are not contesting the powers of the University to discipline Students, we are very much concerned that the institution management found it very convenient to suspend Kunle Adebajo for his investigative feature titled "UI: The Irony of Fashionable Rooftops and Awful Interiors" published on Guardian Newspaper 2016 -

"Not only do we find this strange in the current dispensation of modern terms and in the post colonial era, we also find it strange that the University failed to observe that this intellectual work did not in anyway abuse or defame any personality nor institution but rather aimed to improve the standard of the University. We are deeply disappointed that a University of prestige and calibre like University of Ibadan will fail to observe that ethics of Journalism requires objectivity, we feel the objectivity of Kunle Adebajo was seen as subjectivity by the University management which is appaling"

While explaining the importance of freedom of the press, the release highlighted that, "in the current age where Press Freedom is being preached, we find it very disheartening that University of Ibadan decided to be the premier varsity in suspending campus Journalists". "We would not fold our arms, we call on all well meaning Nigerians to prevail on the University management to rescind the suspension of Mr Adebajo." it added.

In a similar vein, The group has unveiled a campaign which is expected to trend on various social media platforms across the country tagged "#FreeKunleAdebajo. "We are embarking on a massive media campaign and social media campaign. We plead with all media stakeholders to support this move and help end this not just for now but for future of Journalism in Nigeria"

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