Monday, 18 June 2018

Press Statement Of The Osun Youth Coalition After Her Meeting Held At Osogbo


● We condemn the failure of APC in Osun state and reject any mission of continuity from the party
● The past failures of the PDP admnistration and its undemocratic tendencies disqualifies it from being a viable alternative
● The emergence of a masses-oriented third force is inevitable.

 Dear compatriots! As the 2018 Osun gubernatorial election in which the direction which our dear state will tow for the next four years will be determined draw nearer; it is pertinent that all concerned citizens of the state gear up to take critical decisions that will influence the mission to develop our state for the general good. In lieu of the above statement, the Osun Youth Coalition; an assembly of youths across the state met with delegates cutting across all local government of the state. The meeting which deliberated on the history of the state of Osun since her creation in 1991 till date took a critical look at the developments the state has witnessed since then and the need for the youths to take an active role in charting the course for the future. The coalition particularly discussed extensively the state of the State for the past eight (8) years.

Compatriots! In one voice, we make bold to express our displeasure against the anti-people governance in which Osun State has been subjected to across all sectors by the APC led state government with its extension at the federal level. It is clear to all that the position our dear state holds among her fellow states in the nation is pathetic. The state despite its huge natural resources has remained a state where a vast majority of her citizens remain in hunger and misery due to the anti-people policies of the Governor Aregbesola led APC administration.

The state has for eight years thrived on vile propagandas, appeal to pity and escapist ideas of the Aregbesola administration. These we believe should be a point of concern for every citizen of the state. The state government has since inception embarked on deceptive propaganda policies exploiting the population of their collective wealth. Cognizance must also be given to the tendency of the present APC government to always blackmail others for their failures, using this as an escape route to shield itself from criticisms. One of such by the Governor was the common excuse that it was the Goodluck Jonathan led federal government that affected its performance during the first term (2010 – 2014) thereby using it as an opportunity to sell the expired product called Buhari to indigenes of the state. It should be noted that since the inception of the Buhari led APC federal government, the situation has gone from bad to worse for citizens of the state.

The coalition condemns the inhumane treatment of workers which form a major bloc of the population. The workers according to Karl Marx are the producers of wealth; hence, the conditions which the present government has exposed them to is an height of insanity.  We also frown at the payment of half salaries to workers which has earned the governor the nickname ‘Baba Hafusa’. We also condemn the non-payment of pension to pensioners who had served the state meritoriously during their active years. History will also not absolve us if we fail to condemn the brutalization and harassment of pensioners and workers when demanding for their rights.

The coalition in similar light frowns at the state of education in the state despite the bourgeois infrastructure the state government claimed to have invested in it. The state government has failed to device means to rescue the state of education in the state rather it has embarked on failed policies which are not even sustainable. One of such is the Opón ìmò which was dead on arrival as it failed to make the necessary impact it was supposed to make. The state government instead of all-round development of educational infrastructure rather embarked on propaganda titanic ships termed mega schools which cannot serve the population. This has led to the woeful performance of the state in external examinations relegating her among other states in the federation. Also, the harassment of teachers under one quality control policy is condemnable and should not be encouraged in any sane society. As youths, we attach more priority to education as it defines our future, security and the glory of the state. The poor state of education in the state hereby makes us unfit to compete with our contemporaries in the corporate world.

 Finally, the debt status of the state has become so frightening that we as youths fear for our future under this current regime. The present government in its defense gave the ongoing construction projects in the state as an excuse for this huge debt profile; however, after careful analysis it became glaring that these bourgeois projects are ploy to cover up the huge corruption going on in the state. This is exemplified by ongoing airport project which has not witnessed any reasonable development despite the huge billions the government claimed to have spent.

Sequel to the above reasons, the coalition hereby assert that the state needs a fresh approach as the APC has failed and can no longer lead the state with any reasonable progress. The coalition therefore proceeded to evaluate all available alternative to this present hegemony that has bedeviled the state.
 It however bequeaths us not to be aliens to the fact that the People’s Democratic Party is on no parlance a progressive alternative to the APC as the ideology bears little or no difference. The PDP has failed to learn its lessons from her failure at the 2015 polls and has continually failed in her duty as the major opposition party as it has been unable to offer constructive criticism to the ruling party. The PDP has continually exhibited undemocratic tendencies in its internal affairs as the party has refused to accommodate any form of dissent from party faithfuls who are unsatisfied with how the affairs of the party is coordinated. This to us, is a sign of things to come if the party emerges in the September polls; that is, its emergence would usher in a new wave of dictatorship in the state.

 Furthermore, the aspirants on the platform of the PDP have all failed in proffering meaningful solutions to the crises in the state. Their campaigns have been so far empty and bereft of visions as it has been more of a show of wealth than ideas. Also, the aspirants on the platform of the PDP are  political vegetables in the politics of Osun state whose ability to wrestle power from the APC is greatly in doubt as they don’t have the required political support base and track record to wrestle power from the ruling party, this is due to their lack of vision and ideas to move the state forward and as such their inability to appeal to the rank and file of the citizens of the state.

  It is evident that both the broom and umbrella house mealy-mouthed opportunists who are more keen on their selfish interests than the collective interests and progress of the good people of Osun. This has further shown the need for a third force in the politics of the state to serve as an alternative to this two expired platforms. Therefore, we have begun a critical analysis of the best candidate to bring the necessary vigor and ideas which will serve as an alternative to the PDP and APC. In achieving this however, we will not fail to employ all thorough checks in arriving at a logical and progressive consensus, in a weighty appraisal of all aspirants in search of a credible candidate. This decision stands firmly guided by wealth of experience, love for the masses, progressive antecedents, integrity, clear-cut understanding of the challenges confronting the state, responsiveness and sense of responsibility, among other germane factors.

As we celebrate Democracy in our dear nation, we assertively pitch our tents under the roof that was injured in the wake of June 12, 1993 when democracy got a big blow dealt on its pride in our dear nation. Necessity beckons on all youths today to support the movement to revive democracy in our nation.

It is in view of this that the Osun Youth Coalition with thousands of members in the state cutting across every polling unit would continue to engage the population on the need to ensure that progress is restored with the outcome of governorship race of the state in the September elections via ample use of our Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC). Our unity would be however pivotal in ensuring that our voice commands progress, peace and good standard of living for the virtuous people of Osun State.

Thank you

Bamidele Joshua
0818 906 4205
Publicity Secretary,  Osun Youth Coalition

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