Friday, 22 June 2018

Young Engineering Graduate Unveils Naija Made Kits

A lot has been said about the Nigerian youth over the past months, and not all have been positive with comments that have questioned the desire and ability of our youths to excel in challenging circumstances. Hence, it is always encouraging when Nigerian youths excel as it demonstrates that we are still willing and able to rise above our challenges.

Last month, Nigeria created a ripple across the globe because of the wonderful jersey Nike made for the national team at the ongoing World Cup with the jerseys getting sold out in less than five minutes in major stores across the globe.

These events promptly shifted the focus to what could have been if an indigenous brand had handled the design and production of these beautiful jerseys with a well-known senator leading the charge. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t support local content as the said senator published a book he wrote in the US.

JaniCuts fashion house decided to create a similarly beautiful design with a retro feel which Nigerians can afford without compromising on the quality – a common trend when trying to maximise profit among entrepreneurs.

The fashion house has been producing great outfits for over six years while sourcing a majority of its materials locally to help contribute to the economy as much as possible by providing jobs and helping to keep its suppliers in business. Its Ankara branded line has gone on to become its most popular signature.

The brain behind this brand is Oluseyi Ajani, an Engineering graduate from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He has been able to grow his fashion and purchase equipment to economically mass produce fashion wares and branded outfits in a challenging economy.

Furthermore, an NGO – ProjectletgoAfrica – founded by Oluseyi helps gives back to the society through its annual charity project which targets less privileged children living in orphanages by clothing them and providing other supplies. There are also training courses which are provided to young women who need to learn a trade or skill to earn a living courtesy of professional who volunteer to assist.

Nigeria remains blessed with a lot of natural and human resources and its imperative we continue to support and encourage our local brands who are working within the ambits of the law to develop our economy and local content while plugging the issues of brain drain and the exodus of our best minds.

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