Tuesday, 31 July 2018

2018 OAU Post-UTME Application Form Released

2018 OAU Post-UTME Application Form Released

OAU Peeps News Agency can now confirm the release of OAU Post UTME. A release from the Office of The Registrar read thus:

2018 Admission Screening Exercise for UTME and Direct Entry Candidates //

Candidates who made the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife their first choice in the 2018 UTME and scored 200 and above, and those who applied for Direct Entry (DE) are hereby informed to log on to the admissions portal, admissions.oauife.edu.ng or the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife website (www.oauife.edu.ng) to register for the POST-UTME screening exercise effective from August 6, 2018.

Candidates are required to visit admissions.oauife.edu.ng and login with their JAMB Registration Number to commence the on-line registration process for the screening exercise. Candidates will be required to obtain an RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference) from this site only, and use it to make payment online or at any commercial bank.

Applicants for the Screening Exercise will be required to do the following on the University admissions portal https://admissions.oauife.edu.ng 

1.      Update JAMB data
2.      Upload Results (i.e WAEC, NECO, JUPEB, ND, NCE etc)
3.      Upload scanned copy of credentials
4.      Upload passport photograph (if not available)
5.      Print completed Admission Screening form

Applicants that provide false information, or upload incorrect credentials will automatically be disqualified.

The closing date for screening of all candidates UTME/DE is 31st August 2018.  

Candidates will also be required to participate in the Post-UTME screening on their allotted date and time between 1st and 7th September, 2018.  

Applicants should note that the screening fee is N2,000. They will however be required to pay appropriate bank charges. 

All enquiries should be forwarded to admissions@oauife.edu.ng or enquiry@oauife.edu.ng. 

M.I. Omosule (Mrs.)


OAU, Ogun state government Celebrate Prof. Wole Soyinka At Ife Food Festival.

By Uthman Samad & Akpoyovwaire Aghogho Uniquette

Oduduwa hall of the Obafemi Awolowo University was full to the brim today as Students of the institution were chanting 'iwe iwe' in praising of the first African Nobel Laurette being Honoured.
The institution and the Governor of Ogun State celebrated Wole Soyinka, a Professor and first Africa Nobel Laureate by inaugurating the Wole Soyinka Museum in the institution.

According to the Director of Ife Institute of Cultural Studies, Felix Omidire, the festival would feature an exhibition of prepared indigenous dishes from different parts of Nigeria and from across Africa, the program is slated to last for a week.

While welcoming the audience, the Vice Chancellor of OAU, Eyitope Ogunbodede accorded Soyinka being worth celebrated with the need to project Africa's cultural heritage as food remain the central to man's well-being and humanity.
He also spoke about the contribution of Mr. Soyinka to the development of culture in Nigeria.

The don was celebrated at the maiden edition of OAU -Ife Festival of Food and Identity, which started on Monday July 30 expected to end on August 3 of which he declared the a-week event open by cutting of yam.

Ibikunle Amosun, the Governor of Ogun State represented by his Deputy, Yetunde Onanuga, said: "Ogun State is one of the rice producing state in Nigeria and the state government believe that Agriculture change the narrative of Nigerian economy away from oil."

The university reiterated that the festival is in line with the spirit of revival and resuscitation of the deep religious convergence, heterogeneity and conference which the Ife Civilization represents which aligns with the motto of the 56-year old institution, “for learning and culture."
The President of the Africa Development Bank (AFDB), Akinwumi Adesina, who will deliver the keynote address at the festival colloquium on Wednesday

Photos by OAU Peeps Photo Journalist, Ilebani Olushola.

IfeFlood: OAU Workers" Union Leader Charges Vice Chancellor

By Uthman Samad 

The ancient town of Ile Ife yesterday 29th of July witnessed heavy down pour of rain which led to the destruction of residents' properties and rendered some homeless as many houses were flooded by gully erosion.

The chairman of Nigerian University and administrative and technical staff Union.(NUATSU) Obafemi Awolowo UNIVERSITY Ile Ife,  has today vowed to charge the vice Chancellor of the institution on the attack on Students staying off campus caused by the flood.

Comrade wole Odewumi told Journalists in his office that "I am going to call on other Union leaders on campus to charge the vice Chancellor on what to do on the recent flood gate".

Mr Odewumi added that the whole blame of the incident is on the landlords who think the "Student-town-inversion" is an avenue for them for fast profiteering means, giving houses in marshy land to students.

Wole Odewumi' also told Journalists that all efforts will be put on deck to communicate to the Two Kings around the university community (Ife and Modakeke) to surmount their subjects(landlords).

One the victim of the flood, Deborah by name who is a female Student of obafemi awolowo university ile ife found at the flood scene yesterday, while speaking our correspondent around Oke ola, line 1 of modakeke said " this will be the second time this same flood will whisk this apartment after we have called on the landlord through the caretaker for proper drainage"

She added that all her vital documents and luggage are now carried away by the flood.

Akindipe Israel, the Chairman Hall Executive council of the institution while commenting said
"This event that happened is a tragedy that belittles the very essence of living which is comfort and happiness.
The stakeholders concerned (federal,state and OAU management) should strive to profer a lasting solution so as to prevent a re-occurrence"

Major areas like Mayfair, Lagere, Ibadan road and Asherifa are popular areas where Obafemi Awolowo UNIVERSITY Students reside after the the decongestion process by the school Management Of the Halls of residence.

"However, the flood was caused by the lack of a good drainage system as almost all the government road here in Ife did not have a good drainage and particularly all the affected areas" Akintola Isaac commented

It will be recalled that school Management of the institution proclaimed a new rule on all Halls of Residence which eventuated in reduction of occupants of bedspaces per room. This effect has made largee amount of Students of the institution residing outside the campus.

According to a local Campus press of the institution, 72 of 100% are now staying off the Campus.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Cybercrime : Who Is To Be Blamed?

Cybercrime : Who Is To Be Blamed?

By Israel Chrislyte

Technology in the past and present years has proven to be a major catalyst for the development of many countries. This same technology too has been proven to have brought about some social vices and moral ills to the society. With technology, the circulation of pornography and other sexual materials has grown in leaps and bounds. With the advent of the internet, a new form of crime has evolved. The term "cybercrime" refers to all crimes committed using computer networks.
Countries like the USA, the UK and other European countries have all been ravaged with different forms of cyber crimes ranging from data theft to hacking of credit cards. Chief among these crimes is the full scale hacking of unsuspecting victims' account. Life savings, pensions and inheritances have been lost to fraudsters via the internet.
Nigeria is not left out as many of her youths are involved in one way or the other in this type of crime. In Nigeria cyber crime is widely known as 'yahoo yahoo'. The trend now is you being seen driving a luxurious car and living large.
When these so called yahoo boys are asked if what they do is right they mostly say at least they are not armed robbers with guns and they don't harm anyone. How true is this?
The Nigerian government recently gave an all-out order to arrest people who are suspected to be yahoo boys. Suspected yahoo boys  have been arrested at night clubs around the country. This move by the government saw a lot of criticisms and also praise from quaters who felt differently about it. Speaking with one of the Yahoo boys who pleaded anonymity, he said ' i don't give a damn about what anyone says about what i'm doing, i pay my own bills and provided a job for myself since the government decided not to'.
Another guy who simply identified himself as Larry said, 'i don't want to be called lazy that is why i choose to hustle in my own way'.
Everyone involved in this yahoo thing, in one way or the other, blame the government for making them go into it. They said if the government had provided the basic amenities needed for a smooth running society, they wouln't be anybody involved in crimes such as this.
The big question is- Is the government really the cause of this or peer pressure?.

The "Not-Too- Young-To-Rule-Bill" A Way Forward Or A Fabricated Lie

The "Not-Too- Young-To-Rule-Bill" A Way Forward Or A Fabricated Lie

By Adesina Tunmise Adeolu.

On the 31st of may 2018, the president of the federal Republic of Nigeria assented the bill Not-too-young-to-rule, and therefore was passed into law ACT 27 OF 2018.
This of course was an unprecedented victory in the history of Nigerian youth as the age limit for candidates to contest for elections was reduced making it possible for younger ones to contest for political posts.
We often talk about youth and involvement in politics, but the question we need to ask ourselves is that are the youth truly ready to embrace this responsibility put before them?
Youth constitutes more than half of our population in Nigeria that tells us that when we say youth, we're referring to a large amount of people who is not limited to by occupational grouping, financial status, ideology or lifestyle. We often seem to forget that youth are not only limited to the confines of our university streets, polytechnics and colleges of education.
As a matter of fact that my readers can attest to, legit youth of this Nation are also  found in unfit places indulging in abominable activities like smoking Indian hemp in street corners, Idle hands found in car parks with stick of cigarettes stick to their mouth. The youths found in this despicable places indulging in abominable activities are eventually employed by politicians as machineries to steal ballot boxes during elections.
Another set of youths that we have are the apathetic youths. This set have shown no interest whatsoever in politics. They have cast their political consciousness into oblivion. They have deliberately shut themselves out of the political arena of the country, salvaging their interest in other activities such as entertainment, sports and other menial activities. This is rather unfortunate because these youths constitute the majority of the country's youth force.
It therefore becomes a pivotal issue that youths create in themselves what I will call a "political recuperation".
Nigerian youths need to restore their ill consciousness of political activities going on around them, youths should be drowning but yet starving for political awareness of the society for that is the beginning of true leadership
Also as youths, our worldview needs to change. I mean the lens through which we see our society needs to be changed. We need to begin to open our eyes to see a world where things can get better and brighter.
we have to close our eyes to religious dogmatism, an instrument that power hungry politicians have borrowed from money hungry so called religious leaders to keep us in check, to make us just as obsequious as their dogs. It is high time we began questioning the true reason for our existence. Are we born subjects of objects, A mere victim or a maker of circumstances. We need to open our eyes to envision a world where every of our heart yearnings aspirations  are consciously translated into utility. Youths need to close their eyes to corruption, indecency, immorality, internet fraud, incompetency and unproductiveness and open their eyes to see a world where orderliness, honesty and productiveness is a conscious achievable achievements that must begin with them.
For about two decades now, Nigeria has played a her democracy on the wrong side of the board. She has sold competency for power, she has supplanted sage for seduction, she has traded off innovative skills as a ticket to winning political offices for god fatherism and has given up LEADERS FOR POLITICIANS. These politicians have taken rounds upon the dignity of our land and we have fallen victim of their sugarcoated mouth which is but a gateway to hell. But all hope is not lost. The time is now for us to restore our dignity, for us to make an edifice of hope from the broken pieces of out lives. #Wearenottooyoungtorule its just about time....THEY'VE COVERED THE CLOUDS LONG ENOUGH; WANT TO SEE THE DAYLIGHT....

 Adesina Tunmise Adeolu is a Law student of Obafemi Awolowo University. He can be best reached  on adesinatheo@gmail.com

A Nation That Bleeds

A Nation That Bleeds

By Abdulwahab Jemil Lanre.

It is no doubt that the political incongruity of a nation largely affects the citizens in a number of ways. The educational, infrastructural, social welfare to mention a few of the development expected of a nation cannot to an appreciable extent be achieved with an unstable political environment. Relatively speaking, the developing and third world nations have an antecedence of unstable political atmosphere which has for decades affectednay hindered their development. My dear nation Nigeria is a perfect example of that nation that has from time been having issues with an unstable political atmosphere.
Right from independence, we have suffered greatly from leaders that care for their families and their unborn generations. The resources meant for the entirety of the nation's population would be embezzled or mismanaged by public office holders, instead of being punished by law the citizens would rather pay for it, even with their blood in some cases. Yes their blood I said. I know you will be wondering how possible this could be, but let me quickly refresh your memory with the not too long pension fund that was mismanaged by a public office holder which directly or indirectly led to the death of many pensioners who could not get money on time to access good medical treatment. Have these people not paid with their blood for the mistake of just one public office holder?

Politics in my country has appeared to be the most 'lucrative business' where everyone wants to venture into for no other reason in most cases rather than to make cool money. This quick way of making money has made politics a do or die affair for most politicians, they can go the extra mile to win an election by investing much more money in electioneering processes and at times instigate some youths popularly referred to as 'political thugs' to cause chaos in their respective immediate environment, all for their selfish interest.

These people have successfully caused differences amongst the masses with religious and tribal sentiments. The average man from far eastern part of the country has been structured by these sets of individual with their gimmicks to perceive the man from the northern part as a fundamentalist, on the other hand the man from north perceives the easterners as people who are not patriotic and hence unfit to rule the nation. The westerners have always been sitting on the fence claiming to be diplomatic but this to me appears hypocritic in nature, because there are certain issues one has to frown at for the progress of a state. All of these politicians have successfully done but the question citizens should ask is, how possible is it for that politician in your region who condemned the other man from another region to still be in the same political party without differences? The answer is simple, they have successfully distracted your attention from governance and engaged you into social media war with people from other regions. This you'll be busy with and before you realize it, he or she has completedhis/her tenure. They will come back home again to feed you with lies and tricks, put token in your pocket, you vote for them and they travel back to live the next four years with the same men they have turned your back away from.

We as citizens have failed to ask questions about what governance is, and don't care about how our resources are being managed. In most cases we are so much concerned about our  three square meals and I tell you that your rights democratically goes beyond you eating three times a day. The generations before ours neglected governance and that is why we have to live this way today. The most alarming thing now is that our generation is as well neglecting this and instead most youths have resorted to all manner of illegal ways to make money. Rituals have now become common place and the question is what are we leaving for the coming generation? We failed to understand that the system is indirectly turning everyone into a thief, because everything doesn't follow normal protocol again, you have to bribe people to get things done, I owe no one apology for this as it happens almost everywhere in the country.

The just concluded Ekiti gubernatorial elections has answer to most of the points raised above. People had to settle for a one term former governor that was rejected four years ago just for tokens. This is a testament to the fact that people do not even know what they want for themselves and their generations yet to come. People see governance as something meant for some sets in the society or the elites so to say, not until we see it as everyone's responsibility, things won't get any better.
Nigeria is a nation that bleeds and needs the attention of her citizens to as a matter of urgency stand up to their feet and fight for the future of the nation. We don't necessarily need to engage ourselves in physical battle with these people, but I tell you with your PVC you have a lot of changes to make. It's a tough decision to make but we all know that nothing good comes easy, and in the end we'll all be the  hero and more importantly we'll have something meaningful to keep for the generations yet unborn.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

NOVEL Nigeria Presents YES! FESTIVAL 2018

"If your brand or business is not growing, you'll soon be replaced - Kingsley Ndimele

Rather than drinking and partying, this is a festival with emphasis on discovery, motivation and discussion. This top quality program is designed to recharge and ignite every seed of positivity you've ever felt.

YES! FESTIVAL is the First Online Business Summit in Africa.  It is an online community of trailblazers and change-makers on one platform. With 30 business leaders across 25 African countries, activities and business lectures, we're so excited to invite you to join over 5,000 participants for a 30-day life-changing, riveting discussions with focus on entrepreneurship, branding and leadership.

One of the objectives of this online event is to develop and nurture startups that would shape the future of SMEs in Africa.

Our event lineup also includes; Book Reviews, YES! Essay Contest and YES! Charity Tour.

 This is a chance to take your life, business and brand to greater heights of exploits. Yes! You can.

Date: 2nd -31st October, 2018
Time: 6pm WAT Daily

Registration is ongoing;
For registration and more information, visit


Who to attend

- Business Leaders
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- Non-Governmental Organization
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from all fields of businesses all over the world

Opportunities Include

1. Knowledge on setting up and running a business successfully

2. Free Advertisements on the YES! Festival Platform

3. Setting up structures and building a global brand

4. Leveraging on digital market for your business

5. Expertise and Mentoring from business professionals

6. Networking and partnership experience with potential clients
7. Certificates of participation

This is a chance to take your life, business and brand to greater heights of exploits.

Yes! You can.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Faculty Of Agric. Students Demand Improved Operations of the School Farm

Today, The Sahel Scholar's Conference aimed at introducing students to opportunities in the agribusiness landscape, steps for becoming agripreneurs and building successful careers in the sector was held at the Conference Centre, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife on July 17, 2018.

The event which started by 9am had in attendance Ndidi Nwuneli (Managing Partner, Sahel Consulting), Adedeji Adebusoye (Vice President, Sahel Capital), Prof. D.J. Oyedele (Dean, Faculty of Agriculture) and HODs of various department amidst students from various faculties.

However,during the conference, over 250 Agric students unanimously made their demands known on the epileptic system of operation in the Teaching & Research Farm. The students took the opportunity to express their grievances as regards the pathetic state of the School Farm.

One of the participants who pleaded anonymous, said "Internship students go to farm daily to cultivate. They harvest and sell these products and submit the money to the farm. The current I.T students were told to construct and stock a fish pond and buy feeds, all for a cost around #300,000, knowing the current economic challenges in the country, yet the returns will go to the farm. The faculty needs to be considerate. The farm also needs to be mechanized and equipped". This statement was loudly supported by the students present.

However, the Dean, in his statement assured the students that efforts have been put in place to look into that.

The Sahel Scholar's Conference is the second annual edition of which OAU is a beneficiary. One of the organizers told students that 60 best students in the Faculty of Agriculture will be chosen for a paid Internship program and a year Scholarship award.

Some of the students who spoke with our correspondent said, "We've had several events like this, but implementation is often the problem. We hope this will be different.".

Olabode Adetoyi (CEO, Hi-Nutrients International Ltd.)  took turn to share his adventure in the entrepreneurial journey. He urged the students to be disciplined, purposeful, persistent and maximize the social media effectively.

He also took time to personally interact with some students after the photo session.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

#EkitiDecides: A Clear Evidence Of Poverty

Well, while all and sundry are busy celebrating and wishing Fayemi for the hard gained position, let me join them as a Nigerian and at the same time portray some side chicks as a commentator to the election.

Through the online videos, pictures and other surfaced evidences by @BBC, Channels News Update, Premium Times and TheCable, it's now evident that poverty is like flowing River in the heart of Ekiti people.

I sat for long to wanton that how will a state be like this? How can money be the coordinator of senses? Or is it true with what Smalldoctor Gbagaun said that owo ni 'senior'?

Coming to reality, Nigeria as a country will never be a dreamed nation by Patriots. And who are the Patriots? Are they those that buy votes with stipend? Or those that will be tagged professors without any element of professorships in their thinking?

Buying of votes is now a worrisome issue and trend which the just concluded Ekiti Election in Ekiti proofed. Both parties of APC and PDP used the avenue of the fact that Ekiti is a poor state and it's poverty ridden to win their hearts with money and all kinds of gift for mandate.
Stomach infrastructure has been a long trend. Osokomale reinforces this in Ekiti state again and forgets the dividends of democracy he promised. He even at one Interview with @seunokinbaloye of Channels Television that 'his people like him and yesterday he was with them frying Gaari'..... The question is, is this what they want? This set of people has made Ekiti people believe that with stipends you can have their power, their future as well as their Civic rights which should have spoken for them for the next 4 years.

According to report, the least that was shared to buy the electorate at the yesterday poll was #5,000. This recurring practice by the so called Change crusader and the proclaimer of bringing power to the people is a dent on the hard earned democracy, demanding accountability and fairness, and in one way or the other fuels Corruption.

In a video footage by BBC Yoruba, an aged woman is seen running amidst others, the reporter moved closer quizzing her that what's happening inside, the woman responded that 4...4 thousand. The reporter asked again that 'tani won ni kia dibo fun (who are we asked to vote for)? The woman answered that whoever your wish, then she said it undertone that 'fayemi, Fayemi ni ki adibo fun (we should vote for Fayemi).

Another pictorial evidence online showed a woman backing a female child, showing her ballot paper, which she has voted Fayemi on,  to the guy coordinating the mandate-for-5k in their unit, just to get her paid. It's not a curse that this set of people can never enjoy good governance as they have taken their part while baking it.

In a video by SaharaTV, PDP agents were seen gifting #3,000  to buy their power.

It is disheartening to read some unreasonable, unfounded and unpatriotic comments that what goes around comes around because similar act was carried out in 2014 by the then ruling party.

It is no more news that Nigeria has been crowned with new accolade of 'capital of world poverty '. The question is, are we progressing or retrogressing as a country?

Does it mean that at this age and time, some of us still believe that two wrongs can make a right? If the answer is in the affirmative and it is supported by majority of the people, then I think we should be considering looking beyond democracy as a suitable government for our country.

However, while I will not wish Ekiti people bad, I pray this their newly married wife, the marriage be a fruitful one.

Uthman Samad is a student Journalist from department of English, part 3. Currently the Deputy Editor-in-chief (Administration) of OAU Peeps News Agency
He can be best reached on sarmerdk2@gmail.com

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Restructuring: system of inclusive and productivity-- Gov. Dickson

Restructuring: system of inclusive and productivity-- Gov. Dickson

By Alabi Aderonke

Following the security crisis and economic debacles in Nigeria, the governor of Bayelsa, Seriake Henry Dickson proffered restructuring as the practicable solution at the annual lecture of faculty of arts Obafemi Awolowo University ile Ife on the 12th of july 2018.
He emphasized that restructuring is not about dismemberment but  a way of organizing and administering in true federalism.

He quoted Awolowo who said Nigeria is a geographical expression reiterating the fact that no matter the difference and diversification it is left for the people to use a system that suit them. He exemplified from the political system in the pre colonial era of Nigeria.
Though people shared same origin and belief, they still paid allegiance to their local shared community. The same reason why we need to note and understand our difference already pointed out by Ahmadu Bello the Sultan of Sokoto on federal system.

The federal system of the early post- independent Nigeria is totally different from what we have now as our federal system operations is now basically on paper and instead of giving it time to interact and discuss the reality of our time the leaders majorly engaged in McCarthyism ( pointing accusing fingers thus causing more problems) .
Tracing to the days of regional government in Nigeria, he pinpointed that we have more development as each region strived to develop anonymously which hence bring about drastic advancement then. Seriake furthered that patriots Nigerians are in need of reform to be able to unleash potentials and end the ongoing social instability.
He said" if you want stability and security then you need a new Nigeria". Henceforth, we must abandon the expensive and unproductive system that has persisted all the years since the military era.

Croatia to meet France in World cup Final, England and Belgium to battle for 3rd place.

Croatia to meet France in World cup  Final, England and Belgium to battle for 3rd place.

By Ganiyu Ayanniyi

The 'Vatreni' (Blazers) of Croatia to meet 'Les Bleus' (the blues) of France in final of this ongoing World Cup 2018 at 4pm (West African Time) on Sunday 15th July 2018 in Moscow, Russia as 'The Three Lions' of England and 'Les Diables Rouges' (The  Red Devils) of Belgium set to battle for third-place of the tournament on Saturday 14th July 2018 by 3pm (W.A.T) in Saint Petersburg.

The Blues secured their place to the final after defeating the Red Devils a goal to nil while the Blazers made their way to Final by defeating the three Lions 2 goals to 1.

Also, it is important to note that France and Croatia national teams have previously played each other five times and France has won three of those matches, while the other two resulted to a draw. The first match was played on July 8, 1998 during the World Cup Semifinals and Les Bleus won 2-1 to advance to the Finals, which they won over Brazil.

Also, Victor, a linguistics student of OAU, thinks that Croatia can't win France in Final as he believes that Belgium can win England on Saturday.

According to previous statistics, France has huge advantage to win Croatia, but, will the stats judge?

You can join the discussion on our IG and Twitter handle @ OAU Peeps

Thursday, 12 July 2018

The New Breed Conference Set To Hold Tomorrow

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The Get-a-HeadStart  conference is coming to OAU live and direct on Friday the 13th of July 2018 | Oduduwa Hall
#TNB #GetaHeadStart

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

NASS OAU: Immediate Past President Alleged Of Misappropriation Of Over 3.8Million Naira

NASS OAU: Immediate Past President Alleged Of Misappropriation Of Over 3.8Million Naira

By Uthman Samad

OAU Peeps News Agency learnt Clamours and allegations have been springing up from the faculty of sciences of Obafemi Awolowo university over what is termed  "misappropriation of public fund"

OAU Peeps learnt the students of the faculty are clamouring for the dividend of their due paid for the last administration led by Okoli Victor.

Okoli Victor Popularly known as SIR KELVIN Is the Immediate past president of the National Association of Science Students (OAU) for the 2016/17  Academic session.

The embattled former president was alleged on the ground of not providing Freshers" package for the generality of the then part one students that paid their dues during the administration worth of #2,500 each.

OAU Peeps News Agency learnt from an inhouse source that during the Sir Kelvin's ( Okoli Victor) administration,  freshers paid #2,500, out of which #2000 is for the package and #500 for faculty due. while returning Students of the faculty paid #1000 each.

Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency ,a part 2 student of the faculty who pleaded anonymity stated the Sir Kelvin administration collected 2,500 from them. In his words ;  ""Then while i was in Part1, #500 was collected  for association due &#2,000 for package. Calculating #2,000 meant for package for like over 1,700 fresh students with also numerous returning students too, that's over 3.8million naira . We got nothing  than  Sci-fi organised  welcome party where the renowned hiphop artiste, CDQ was invited to perform at the popular amphitheatre of the University.""

While on phone conversation with the embattled president, Okoli Victor told OAU Peeps News Agency correspondent that it is an issue that concerns Faculty Of Science students and further begged that it is an in-house thing ;" it's an issue that concerns Faculty of Science Students, the issues is in-house." --He stated.

While quizzed further by OAU Peeps" correspondent on the reason why the present part two students were not given package when they were in part one during his administration he said " because there's no budget allocated for package"

When contacted ,The former Vice president during Okoli Victor's administration, Tosin by name, who is now a graduate,  while interrogated through phone said "about the package issue, to the best of my knowledge, the last time I heard from the president about the issue was that they are making the package and that the project has been issued out as a contract to the contractor,  probably there's a delay with the person making it or so. The President said he's going to sort it out. Now that the issue is still horning, I don't know what's up but  I will try to investigate"

Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency, the current president of the faculty, Tobi Ogunlere popularly known as TOBEST stated  he knew nothing about the last administration as he's not in the system then.

In his words; "" I was not part of the executive, I don't know what happened during the last administration.  I don't know how they spend their fund. The whole got to down on me when we were trying to renew the association with Division Of Students Affairs(DSA) of which we will need the audit report of the last administration. Due to the fact that there's no proper handling over to me as the president elect then, the audit Chairman submitted an  Incomplete Audit Report. The DSA asked us to get complete form of the audit report before they can renew the association. Then I had to put a call through to one of our staff adviser, Dr. Ogunkunle of Chemistry Department, he wrote to the DSA that they should renew us that they will bring Okoli Victor and his team to book, all these was around early last month."
"The DSA renewed us and penned down their names. "

TOBEST further stated that he met any empty association account upon assumption of office as President;  "" I  will like to state that we didn't meet a dime in the association's account. I will tag it misappropriation of fund and also it's obvious and glaring to all that the last Administration led by Sir Kelvin Administration gave no package"".

Reacting to the development, Ogunlowo Samiat,the Present NASS OAU Vice President stated that truly package wasn't given to the last year's part one students and It has affected the rate at which students pay for dues this session.

To all our readers, we are promising to bring all stake holders involved in this alleged scandal into our subsequent reports on this saga. Investigation still ongoing

In Case, you know of any news/scandal in your department or faculty, mail  OAU Peeps News Agency on OAUpeeps@gmail.com. Be rest assured you will be anonymous


By RAY Of Hope

Today marks the 19th year of demise of our martyrs whose sacrifices generations of Great Ife community keep and will keep enjoying forever.

Today, we remember OAU-5; today, we remember George Yemi Iwilade (AFRIKA), the Secretary General, Great Ife Students'Union 1998/1999 session - the only successfully assassinated victim among the conscious students that carried out the arrest of members of Black Axe Confraternity on Saturday, 7 March 1999; today, we remember Eviano Ekemelu, Yemi Ajiteru, Babatunde Oke and Ekpede Godfrey who were victims of July 10, 1999 massacre.
The blood they shed forms the basis of freedom Great Ife community keeps enjoying today.

Condolence to the family of these heroes. In good memories of these fallen martyrs, Great Ife community will forever be grateful for their sacrifices generations keep in memory.

It is pathetic that this ground of freedom and liberty has turned to the city of fear. It is on this note that I encourage all and sundry to main the sacred traditions of our dear Union and stand against all forms of oppression and victimization. If Great Ife would remain great, it lies with you and I.

It is no  more a rumour that series of bullying and harassment have been taking place on the sacred land of OAU recently. Treating this as such, the university management should see the need for the reinstatement of the Students' Union activities. The university management would consent to the fact that there was never a time that the security intelligence of the school security was enough for the security of lives and properties especially on the side of the students; but the tactics, the physical strength and the consciousness of students have made this ground sacred and guarantee the security of lives and properties.

Great Ife! Stand up, we have nothing to lose but our chains. We must uphold the legacy laid by these heroes for the sake of future. We did not inherit today from our forefathers but borrowed today from generations yet unborn. Afrika and all have done theirs, now is our time... What shall we tell the future generations? Arise, Great Ife.



10/July/1999: The Night Water Began to Flow Uphill

By Novel Nigeria

On the night of 9 July 1999, the _Kegites,_ members of the Palm Wine Drinkers’ Club, held a “gyration”
(party) in the Cafeteria of Awolowo Hall. The party was in full swing, when, at around 3:30am (now 10 July), a group of masked individuals, wearing black clothing, drove through the main gate and proceeded to the car park next to the Tennis Courts in the Sports Centre. They went on foot along a bush path to Awolowo Hall, where they violently interrupted the gyration, firing guns and also wielding axes and cutlasses. Some of the partygoers were shot, though none of them were killed. Charles Ita and five
others who were shot in Awo Hall Cafeteria survived.

Twenty-five others received minor injuries, which were sustained during the stampede during the attack. Tunde Oke (Part 1, Philosophy) was still alive but died on the operating table. Yemi Ajiteru (Part 2, Religious Studies), Efe Ekede (Part 2, Pscychology) and Eviano Ekelemu (a medical student) bled to death due to gunshots fired from close range. The suspended Students’ Union President, Lanre Adeleke (Legacy) escaped when he had the first gun shots. He broke through the partition of the kitchenette into the next room’s kitchenette.

George Iwilade (Afrika), the Secretary-General of the Students’ Union and a Law student was shot in the
head. In 7 March 1999, He was reported to have led a confrontation of the Black Axe members who were caught in the boy’s quarters in the Senior Staff Quarters officially occupied Mr. F.M. Mekoma. They found nine individuals, eight of which were OAU students.
They were arrested and handed over to the
police. Barely 2 weeks they were granted bail, that the University authorities suspended them. Soon after the murders, the students brought a proposal that the Oduduwa Hall amphitheatre
be named the “Afrika Theatre” after George Iwilade. The proposal was rejected by the University

In the aftermath of the attack, the students went to the town searching for the perpetrators in locations where cult members were thought to be living. They “arrested” three individuals and brought them back to Awo Hall for interrogation and torture. Two of which died in the course of the interrogation. During two different Congresses, one of the attackers made his statements concerning the involvement of the VC, Prof. Wale Omole. The interrogations also yielded the information that the 22 Black Axe members from OAU, UNILAG, UI, UNICAL and UNIBEN were involved.

Following the resolution of that congress, the principal officers of the university were declared wanted. Students attacked the residence of Prof. Femi Ajibola (DVC, Administration), Prof. A.E. Akingbohungbe (DVC, Academics) and Prof. D.O. Kolawole (DSA). This made them go into hiding with their families. The VC had been out of the country on 10 July 1999. He returned from his trip to the campus the night after the tragedy and this must have exacerbated the suspicion which the students had about him. The VC’s wife, Sade Omole was kidnapped by students on her way from a church service in Ife campus in the afternoon of Wednesday 14 July and she was held for two hours before being released. That same day, the Government announced the suspension of Prof, Wale Omole after he had been summoned.

On the evening of 26 July 1999, a funeral service was held in Amphi Theatre after which four of the murdered students were laid to rest in the University Cemetery while “Afika” was buried in Iwo, his hometown amidst a great wave of grief. The tragic event attracted the attention of CNN and a visit of the then Minister of Education, Prof. Tunde Adeniran.

Following the proceedings of the Judicial Commission of Enquiry, a total of 12 individuals were arrested and charged to court over the three weeks following the murder. Only one of those involved in the March episode was among those arrested. There was adjournment after adjournment. Though nothing
eventually came out of it. Prof. Wale Omole presented a two-hour evidence before the Commission. Barely, had he finished, that he was smuggled to his car with a mob of stick wielding student pursuing
him. To the amazement of everyone, on 5th November, 2002. The Judge upheld a “No Case” submission by the defence. The accused persons were released and they subsequently disappeared.

Prof. Roger Makanjuola who succeeded Prof. Wale Omole wrote in his book titled; Water Must Flow Uphill, _“The student body is the major factor in the success of any campaign against secret cults"._

Reference: Water Must Flow Uphill (Roger Makanjuola)

Saturday, 7 July 2018

OAU Sex Scandal :Why I Demanded Five Rounds Of Sex - Prof. Akindele

OAU Sex Scandal :Why I Demanded Five Rounds Of Sex - Prof. Akindele

The Professor of Management Accounting at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Richard Akindele, who was recently dismissed for sexually harassing a postgraduate student of the institution, Ms. Monica Osagie, has said he was only trapped by the student.

In his reply to query issued to him by the university, which was exclusively obtained by New Telegraph, Prof. Akindele explained that the five rounds of sex demand from Monica, as revealed by the leaked audio conversation between them, was a deliberate attempt to discourage the student and at the same time invite her to his office to obtain evidence.

The embattled professor, who also submitted screenshots of earlier WhatsApp conversations including nude pictures allegedly belonging to Ms. Osagie exchanged between them, said the student had, sometimes in November 2017, sexually harassed him in his office by pulling off her dress and revealing her body from chest to toes.

According to the WhatsApp messages presented by the lecturer, which New Telegraph also obtained through a source, Ms. Osagie had allegedly initiated conversation with the lecturer at about 5:52a.m. on Sunday, February 25, 2018, declaring her interest in the lecturer, and sent him seductive messages, including nude photos. Akindele wrote: “I know the lady in the audio recording to be an MBA regular student.

I recall sometimes in November 2017 when she came to my office in company of some of her other MBA students/colleagues to inform me they failed a course that I took with another lecturer and pleaded that they should be upgraded. But I informed them that it was not possible because the result has been submitted and approved by the department.

They left my office, but the lady returned alone to my office some few minutes after they had left begging me to upgrade her to an “A.” She confessed that she did not fail the course, but that she had two other courses in the Department that she failed (not any of which that I am involved) but that she would need an “A” in my own course to boost her CGPA to get to an average of 50 to enable her obtain an MBA Degree. “I promptly turned down her request.

She knelt down and held my legs pretending to be begging me, but was actually romancing me. I shouted at her to stop her madness, but she immediately stood up, raised her gown up to cover her face and I noticed she was not wearing any pant. “I was afraid she could shout to attract other people and it may be difficult for me to defend myself of sexual assault.

So I had to gently tell her to calm down and that we will do it five times on another day and place to which she agreed and gently left my office.

I had to do that to save myself from any possible accusation of sexual assault which may be difficult to prove if she had shouted on that day.

Of course, she attempted calling me at other times and seeing me after that day, but I kept avoiding her. “Since then, she kept sending messages to me regularly describing how good she is in bed and how badly she needs to sleep with me and get an “A” in the course, all of which I resisted.”

Akindele explained that the day the leaked phone call was recorded, he had deliberately played along because on the said day, two unknown vehicles with unidentified men and a lady suspected to be Ms. Osagie had trailed him from OAU campus to Moro Campus, where the MBA programme was being run.

He said: “On that fateful morning, I left my office on campus for Centre for Distance Learning (CDL), Moro to go for the MBA lecture. As I was driving out of the university, I noticed two vehicles following…
I was somehow scared and wondered what the occupants in the cars were up to. While still wondering, my phone rang and it was the lady in question calling, but I did not pick.

When the phone rang the third time, I picked and sensing danger with cars behind me, I decided to play along with her request, and that was what led me to demand five times of sex and for her to come to my office.

“I have evidence and proof that she Unclad herself and harassed me sexually and I have a Unclad picture she sent to my WhatsApp contact, pressing that she wanted to have sexual intercourse with me.
I have known this lady to be a bad behaved lady and as if she is a psychotic person….” Akindele said if truly he had wanted to sleep with the student, he would not have demanded five times of sex rounds at a go, saying dating a girl would not ordinarily begin with the request for five times.

[b]The dismissed professor said it was only unfortunate that the girl was faster in implicating him. In the screenshots of WhatsApp messages of February 25 allegedly exchanged between Prof. Akindele and Ms. Osagie, which was exclusively obtained by New Telegraph, the conversations went follows:

Ms. Osagie: So ure awake by dis tym. Dis will b a good time to giv u a Mouth Gig

Akindele: Yes. Meaning?

Ms. Osagie: Suck ur rooster.

Akindele: Haa

Ms. Osagie: Stop saying haa. So wen u are wit a woman u just climb on her nd finish?

Akindele: Huuuu

Ms. Osagie: Just saying. Maybe we can try d 69 position 1 day.

Akindele: Meaning

Ms. Osagie: Dis one is ur assignment google and find out wat it means.

Then Prof. Akindele sent two pictures wishing her happy Sunday and saying good morning. But enraged by these messages from the lecturer, the student replied as follows:

Ms. Osagie: Are u kiddin me.
I thought u were goin 2 send me pictures of a man suckin a girl’s pussy while she sucks the man’s dick.

Akindele: Ok.

Ms. Osagie: No, it is not okk, let me send u mine but you won’t show anybody ooo

Akindele: Ok.

Ms. Osagie: Promise?

Akindele: Yes. Following this pledge, Monica sent in pictures of her private parts and was followed by other conversations.[/b]

But Monica has refused to comment on the matter, querying reasons behind the introduction of the evidences at this stage.

Speaking through her counsel and the Executive Director, Women Advocates, Research and Documentation (WARDC), Dr. Abiola Akiode-Afolabi, Osagie accused the media of attempting to wage a media war against her, saying she had been traumatised enough to warrant another round of public disgrace. According to Akiode- Afolabi, the university has exonerated Osagie after reviewing all evidences tendered before it, and so would not tolerate any fresh facts, which she described as an afterthought.

She said: “Which fresh facts again? Did you see the school’s conclusion? Because the school came to the conclusion that she did not harass the man. Where did you now get your own facts? I hope it is not that the media want to feed fat on this story.

“But if you have facts, disclose now but we won’t hesitate to go to court o. This is because the girl has been embarrassed a lot and so if you people bring it up again and embarrass her, we would not take it lightly. She cannot comment on this matter any longer because the case is even before the court. So she cannot start denying anything. If you guys have anything, bring it out.

“The school did a fact-finding of three levels and came to the conclusion that she didn’t harass anybody. “I am aware of all these messages you are saying, but please check your facts very well and look at the time you want to be bringing them out.

So I am not going to speak to you on this, if you have your facts, bring them out and we will reply at the appropriate time. If we need to go to court, we will go to court.” Meanwhile, efforts to speak to Osagie herself proved abortive as her line has remained permanently switched off.

But in his response to enquiries from New Telegraph, the university’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Eyitope Ogunbodede,confirmed that the institutions received the seductive messages by Ms. Osagie to Prof. Akindele as part of the lecturer’s responses to his query, but that they were not sufficient enough to exonerate him.

According to Ogunbodede, the evidences showed that the two were found culpable, but that in the circumstance, there was a weaker partner and a stronger partner. He said: “Prof. Akindele provided information that Ms. Osagie sent him nude pictures, but the panel did not consider that as sufficient justification for his actions and inaction.”

The OAU VC added that all laid down procedures were followed before reaching the conclusion. Asked why the university maintained silence on the allegation against the student, the Vice-Chancellor explained that the panel had also considered punishing Ms. Osagie, but found out that she was no longer the university’s student because she had overstayed on her MBA programme and so had lost her studentship.

The VC said: “Let me tell you that the university was not silent on the lady. If you read the press release, you would see that we really mentioned something relating to her in the report, but lecturers are supposed to act ‘in loco parentis’ for students.

Even though Prof. Akindele provided the nude pictures, the right thing for him to do would have been to report her to appropriate authorities. And even as a stronger partner, Prof. Akindele had every right to discipline the student.

“And honestly, if our student had also been found culpable, the ideal thing would be to discipline the student. But in this case, this lady is no longer with us. The lady came for a programme, but she did not complete her programme within the stipulated time, and so she is not a registered student of our school. As at the time the issue came up, she was trying to resolve her failed courses, but could no longer come in to register. So the situation would have been different if she was our student.

But in this case, the lady is not entitled to our certificate.” Meanwhile, New Telegraph has learnt that the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has intervened on the matter. Both Professor Akindele and Osagie had been invited by the ICPC. The anti-graft agency has conducted forensic audit on all evidences tendered by the two parties.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

OAU JUPEB Exam To Hold On July 21

OAU JUPEB Exam To Hold On July 21
OAU Peeps News Agency has confirmed that the Centre for distance learning (CDL), Obafemi Awolowo University, has scheduled the Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) examination  to hold on July 21.

The information which was made available on their website(www.oaucdl.edu.ng) stated that all applicants must be present with their writing materials on the examination day and  should also endeavour to print their examination slip prior to the date of the exam.

However ,the CDL management  has disclaimed any SMS sent in the name of the school to collect payment as it has not authorised anyone to send such.

"Successful applicants in to any CDL programmes will be contacted after the screening exercise." It stated.

To apply for JUPEB, click below;