Sunday, 15 July 2018

#EkitiDecides: A Clear Evidence Of Poverty

Well, while all and sundry are busy celebrating and wishing Fayemi for the hard gained position, let me join them as a Nigerian and at the same time portray some side chicks as a commentator to the election.

Through the online videos, pictures and other surfaced evidences by @BBC, Channels News Update, Premium Times and TheCable, it's now evident that poverty is like flowing River in the heart of Ekiti people.

I sat for long to wanton that how will a state be like this? How can money be the coordinator of senses? Or is it true with what Smalldoctor Gbagaun said that owo ni 'senior'?

Coming to reality, Nigeria as a country will never be a dreamed nation by Patriots. And who are the Patriots? Are they those that buy votes with stipend? Or those that will be tagged professors without any element of professorships in their thinking?

Buying of votes is now a worrisome issue and trend which the just concluded Ekiti Election in Ekiti proofed. Both parties of APC and PDP used the avenue of the fact that Ekiti is a poor state and it's poverty ridden to win their hearts with money and all kinds of gift for mandate.
Stomach infrastructure has been a long trend. Osokomale reinforces this in Ekiti state again and forgets the dividends of democracy he promised. He even at one Interview with @seunokinbaloye of Channels Television that 'his people like him and yesterday he was with them frying Gaari'..... The question is, is this what they want? This set of people has made Ekiti people believe that with stipends you can have their power, their future as well as their Civic rights which should have spoken for them for the next 4 years.

According to report, the least that was shared to buy the electorate at the yesterday poll was #5,000. This recurring practice by the so called Change crusader and the proclaimer of bringing power to the people is a dent on the hard earned democracy, demanding accountability and fairness, and in one way or the other fuels Corruption.

In a video footage by BBC Yoruba, an aged woman is seen running amidst others, the reporter moved closer quizzing her that what's happening inside, the woman responded that 4...4 thousand. The reporter asked again that 'tani won ni kia dibo fun (who are we asked to vote for)? The woman answered that whoever your wish, then she said it undertone that 'fayemi, Fayemi ni ki adibo fun (we should vote for Fayemi).

Another pictorial evidence online showed a woman backing a female child, showing her ballot paper, which she has voted Fayemi on,  to the guy coordinating the mandate-for-5k in their unit, just to get her paid. It's not a curse that this set of people can never enjoy good governance as they have taken their part while baking it.

In a video by SaharaTV, PDP agents were seen gifting #3,000  to buy their power.

It is disheartening to read some unreasonable, unfounded and unpatriotic comments that what goes around comes around because similar act was carried out in 2014 by the then ruling party.

It is no more news that Nigeria has been crowned with new accolade of 'capital of world poverty '. The question is, are we progressing or retrogressing as a country?

Does it mean that at this age and time, some of us still believe that two wrongs can make a right? If the answer is in the affirmative and it is supported by majority of the people, then I think we should be considering looking beyond democracy as a suitable government for our country.

However, while I will not wish Ekiti people bad, I pray this their newly married wife, the marriage be a fruitful one.

Uthman Samad is a student Journalist from department of English, part 3. Currently the Deputy Editor-in-chief (Administration) of OAU Peeps News Agency
He can be best reached on

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