Tuesday, 10 July 2018


By RAY Of Hope

Today marks the 19th year of demise of our martyrs whose sacrifices generations of Great Ife community keep and will keep enjoying forever.

Today, we remember OAU-5; today, we remember George Yemi Iwilade (AFRIKA), the Secretary General, Great Ife Students'Union 1998/1999 session - the only successfully assassinated victim among the conscious students that carried out the arrest of members of Black Axe Confraternity on Saturday, 7 March 1999; today, we remember Eviano Ekemelu, Yemi Ajiteru, Babatunde Oke and Ekpede Godfrey who were victims of July 10, 1999 massacre.
The blood they shed forms the basis of freedom Great Ife community keeps enjoying today.

Condolence to the family of these heroes. In good memories of these fallen martyrs, Great Ife community will forever be grateful for their sacrifices generations keep in memory.

It is pathetic that this ground of freedom and liberty has turned to the city of fear. It is on this note that I encourage all and sundry to main the sacred traditions of our dear Union and stand against all forms of oppression and victimization. If Great Ife would remain great, it lies with you and I.

It is no  more a rumour that series of bullying and harassment have been taking place on the sacred land of OAU recently. Treating this as such, the university management should see the need for the reinstatement of the Students' Union activities. The university management would consent to the fact that there was never a time that the security intelligence of the school security was enough for the security of lives and properties especially on the side of the students; but the tactics, the physical strength and the consciousness of students have made this ground sacred and guarantee the security of lives and properties.

Great Ife! Stand up, we have nothing to lose but our chains. We must uphold the legacy laid by these heroes for the sake of future. We did not inherit today from our forefathers but borrowed today from generations yet unborn. Afrika and all have done theirs, now is our time... What shall we tell the future generations? Arise, Great Ife.



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