Saturday, 14 July 2018

Restructuring: system of inclusive and productivity-- Gov. Dickson

By Alabi Aderonke

Following the security crisis and economic debacles in Nigeria, the governor of Bayelsa, Seriake Henry Dickson proffered restructuring as the practicable solution at the annual lecture of faculty of arts Obafemi Awolowo University ile Ife on the 12th of july 2018.
He emphasized that restructuring is not about dismemberment but  a way of organizing and administering in true federalism.

He quoted Awolowo who said Nigeria is a geographical expression reiterating the fact that no matter the difference and diversification it is left for the people to use a system that suit them. He exemplified from the political system in the pre colonial era of Nigeria.
Though people shared same origin and belief, they still paid allegiance to their local shared community. The same reason why we need to note and understand our difference already pointed out by Ahmadu Bello the Sultan of Sokoto on federal system.

The federal system of the early post- independent Nigeria is totally different from what we have now as our federal system operations is now basically on paper and instead of giving it time to interact and discuss the reality of our time the leaders majorly engaged in McCarthyism ( pointing accusing fingers thus causing more problems) .
Tracing to the days of regional government in Nigeria, he pinpointed that we have more development as each region strived to develop anonymously which hence bring about drastic advancement then. Seriake furthered that patriots Nigerians are in need of reform to be able to unleash potentials and end the ongoing social instability.
He said" if you want stability and security then you need a new Nigeria". Henceforth, we must abandon the expensive and unproductive system that has persisted all the years since the military era.

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