Saturday, 18 August 2018

NESA: Economics Students Suspend Financial Secretary

By John Beloved 

The Nigeria Economics student association (NESA) OAU chapter held its final semester congress last Thursday.

The Congress was staged as a means to check the state of the association and deal with the faults of her executives.

Graced with the presence of the NESANs, the Congress men  Audited financial statement for May, June and july 2018 by the Audit unit of the association.

On the verge by the Congress men, this statement revealed the frivolous activities of the executives  which led to the questioning of the President, Vice president and the financial secretary.

The financial secretary (Fadahunsi Oluwafemi) after much argument was found guilty by  the congressmen and was indefinitely suspended on 3 major grounds;

 1. The misplacement on the Receipt booklets 401-450 which has not been issued to NESANs from the total receipts booklet.
The discovery of 119 invalid receipts with issued out duplicates.

2. The overstatement of annual due which could not be validated due to non remittance in the receipt booklet.

3. These reason were summed up and seen by the congressmen as lack of accountability and failure in performance of his duties.

With the above , the financial secretary of the Association, Fadahunsi Oluwafemi was also suspended indefinitely.

The Congress was almost dissolved by an uproar  over the motion for the impeachment of the financial secretary.
 The congress  however  provided an open floor for  the congressmen critically question the excesses of the executives who were found wanting.

 According to one of the congressmen who spoke with OAU Peeps News Agency, the student questioned the effort of the unit report the uprisings to ESRC

"I remember vividly that some members of the ESRC are also member of the audit committee, Now my question my audit chairman, when all this issues were developing, was the ESRC aware?" He asked.

More so the  speaker, Honourable Adetunji also emphasised on the report stating  that no letter reporting the issue was  brought his notice.

"It is unfortunate  that the clerk is not is not present here in particular, but I can say that no letter was given to the ESRC in particular."

The embattled financial secretary when asked about the missing receipts and also invalid receipts narrated the ordeal , also trying to clarify what he felt were misconceptions
"Truth be told I misplaced receipt 401-450, it receipts were numbered 101-522 in 10 boxes with 50 in each and why it was 522 was because I was given extra but I was written down which made it 522, so out of the 10reciepts I misplaced 1 which is numbered 401-450 and when presenting to the audit committee I made mention that, it was carelessness on my part to have misplaced the receipts before submitting.

Concerning reciept 101-135, there was a lecturers forum, there were about 170 students at the forum who needed to collect their receipts, so I had to tear out the duplicates and sign immediately before giving it out to the students. It was a mistake on my part that I did not go back to my original copy to sign it that is why it was classified invalid ". He added.
Meanwhile , Students from the department of Economics who spoke with OAU Peeps News Agency expressed their total disappointment  in the financial secretary and the present  administration led by Ezekiel Gbolagun.

Speaking ,  a member of the association who is also the  director of programme, Honorable Ridwan, he angrily expressed total disappointment in the association.

"" I'm the programme director of this association but I will never conform to such an act, this is stupid.
I was chatted up by two former members of the  executives not to show up for this meeting but I did.
  The president cannot even properly preside the congress.
The financial secretary of a 3month old association misplaced receipts, I'm highly disappointed in this association. I'm resigning, I'll send my letter of resignation to the ESRC tomorrow, whether there is a sitting or not, I don't care! "" He said.

Not forgetting the slack in other members of the executives which includes the president and Vice President, the congressmen after questionings  concluded that the audit committee conducts further investigations with a mandate to report at the next congress before deciding on the actions to be taken.

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