Wednesday, 15 August 2018

NUESA Suspends President, Financial Secretary, Treasurer and Clerk.

By John Beloved

On the grounds of constitutional aberration, wrong Disbursement of funds andfor undermining  the power of the parliament, The OAU's Nigerian Universities Education Students' Association through the Education Students Representative Council has suspended her President,Financial Secretatry,Treasurer and Welfare Director.

The President (Gaberial okunori(Goggy) ), financial secretary( Kehinde Ademola) and the treasurer, charles johnson, were accorded 3 weeks suspension  while the welfare director Bamisaye oluwaposi has 24hours ultimatum to write an apology letter to the parliament.
However, Ebeh grace, the clerk was placed on an indefinite suspension.

A retouch in EDB, a class room in education was said to have been renovated without properly following the necessary process as stated in the constitution. The undue process  majorly includes the  disbursement of #175,500 without the  approval of the parliamentary.

Although this work  was generally commended, the  means still could not totally justify it end at the parliamentary sitting held yesterday.

A suspension lasting for 3 weeks for the president, Financial secretary and the treasurer was the outcome of the meeting as to the effect of the using unapproved funds to sort the inadequacies of class rooms which include the provisions of  bulbs and wirings in lecture rooms within the faculty of education.

Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency, a member of the parliament who pleaded animosity stated that although the suspension was to include the welfare director but was however considered at the discretion of the speaker majorly for the distribution of souvenirs to students which was to be done in a week time and also because the issues was lesser on his own side.

More so the grounds had led not just to the  suspension but also to the division of the body into two independent  groups with parliamentarians on one side and the suspended executives on the other.

However the suspended executives affirmed that although they were truly guilty of constitutional aberration as accused, the Interest of the association is highly respected.

 Reacting to the suspension while speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency,  the embattled president, Gabriel okunori affirmed that the work was unduely carried out but there was an urgent need of the work for the benefits of the NUESITEs 

"Before now, the EDB has been without light and students have been demanding for it,
So we went to the previous Dean.
He asked if we had the money, we replied yes, thinking we could afford the money Only for us to find out that money was too high and so we were trying to run away from it until the dean was changed and the issue came up again last week Friday".

He added that "This thing had to be done so we sent a letter to the house last week friday and that's a lapse on our own part.
We were walking on it, thinking that the house would approve it  but unfortunately, we did it even before the letter  got to the notice of the house  and that is truly constitutional aberration.
The house would feel its power has been undermined but we did not feel that way, we were working for the congressmen.
They are right to say we undermine their power but the truth is we did it.

It's a two way thing, I either remain in office for the next three weeks without having the lights fixed and NUESITES would not be able to read or I stay away from office and the rooms are lit, so weighing the two options I think I would rather be away from office for the students to do good". The president said.

Speaking with OAU peeps news agency, the welfare director, Bamisaye Oluwaposi added that although they might have made mistakes trying to seek the progress of the faculty, the team have no regrets, they have pledged to serve the NUESITEs by giving them the best.

"The EDB has been the main reason for the suspension but it is better for us to be suspended and the NUESITEs should enjoy, our watchword since we assumed office is "NUESITES deserve the best"
I just want everyone to know that the suspended executives would come back stronger". He stated.

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