Friday, 17 August 2018

OAU Female Student Injures Friend Over Allegations Of Smoking

By Farombi Oluwaseun

It was an ugly drama few days ago at Bims Hostel along Ede road, Ile-Ife  as two female friends fought dirty after an heated argument.

OAU Peeps News Agency gathered that the two ladies named Temitope & Nifemi were good friends before the bad incidence. It was also confirmed that Temitope is an undergraduate student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU),  the department of history  against Foreign languages reported by some blogs while  Nifemi is an undergraduate student of the department of Computer Science, Oduduwa University Ife (OUI).

As widely reported, it was stated that Tope threw Roll-on at Nifemi"s head for allegedly daring to advice her against smoking. However, while speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency, Tope confirmed she threw the Roll-on at her friend but not for advising her against smoking. Tope stated that they have been friends for a while and that they both smoke.

Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency, Nifemi the injured OUI student stated that after the injury sustained she has been treated at a nearby hospital. She further added that she sustained the injury for being  against her friend( Tope) who smokes. Nifemi stated that she doesn't smoke at all.

Speaking further, Nifemi explained to OAU Peeps News Agency that 5 reflons(a drug)  was given to her friend Tope to keep but she took three out of the five which is not supposed to be. She(Nifemi) stated that Tope insulted her brother after they both confronted her(Tope) for smoking what is not hers.

""She is my Friend, I wouldn't  have reported her to the Police, but when she was still standing on the wrong act she did even when blood was gushing from her head, I had to call my parent and report to the Police"; Nifemi Stated.

However, Speaking extensively with OAU Peeps News Agency, Temitope the accused student stated that they both smoke, take Reflon(a drug). Temitope stated that she truly threw Roll-on at Nifemi while she(Nifemi) was abusing her over reflon which  later led to her arrest by the Police.

Tope stated  that the story on instablog is a  scandalous attempt to destroy her image as she didn't want to go to the media in the first place but her friend;Nifemi was faster than her.

  In her words with OAU Peeps News Agency, she stated;

"  This girl Nifemi is my friend,  who travels too much and most times she lies to her mum that she’s with me so I cautioned her about that, I didn’t know she was not happy with that until Monday 13th Of August; She told me to follow her to see one of her boyfriends because she  didn't  want to sleep over, so I followed her .

 When we got there, her boyfriend offered me weed and reflon which I said I’d take when I get home, her boyfriend collected the weed from my friends cousin and I was given  a sachet of reflon to take the amount I want. Due to the fact that my friend takes reflon and smokes too so I took 3 considering  my friend Nifemi too. Instantly her cousin's face changed even when I waved him goodnight, he didn’t reply me

To cut the long story short, the next day my friend told me that the reason why her cousin didn’t respond to my greetings the previous night  was because I took three out of five of refs and I questioned his immaturity to get angry over reflon,  over how much!

 That was what we were arguing about when my friend accused me of being a prostitute because the guys she likes are close to me . I told her to stop she didn’t listen, she kept calling me names and she turned her back to me and I wanted to throw the roll-on at her so she could stop talking so she turned and the roll-on met her on d forehead.. I didn't throw stone on her and it was not intentional.

And her boyfriend; Isaac went to report me to the police then I found out that her boyfriend knows the IPO in charge of the case.  This is because Isaac is a yahoo boy. That day, I was called to come to the police station which I did .The issue was settled amicably that day she even hugged me and we said we would talk about things after until  people started calling me that she was asking for my nude pictures, my matric number and my level. The next thing I would hear was my name is already on instablog 9ja".

Meanwhile, Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency, a resident of Bims Hostel where the incident occurred who pleaded anonymity, stated that the fight between the two friends remains a shock to them all as the two have been seen together different times. He stated reflon caused their fight &he cannot guarantee that that the injured student(Nifemi) doesn't smoke ,concluding with an adage which says "' Show me your friend and I will know who you are"".

Here is a photo of Tope on the left and Nifemi in the middle and right

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