Friday, 17 August 2018

Sex-For-Mark: CONUA Enlightens students on sexual harassment.

By John Beloved and Alabi Aderonke

The Congress of university academics (CONUA) knowing the  need for creating awareness on the  part of both students and lecturers on the effect of sexual harassment and a need to fight the continual rise of  sexual harassment within the campus has held a programme orientating on the sexual harassment on 15th of August 2018 titled "Sexual harassment in Nigeria universities and containment" at Ajose lecture OAU, ile ife.

The event was organised majorly to orientate students on the negative impacts of sexual harassment and as well educate them on how to handle such situations.

The events served as a means to educate both students and lecturers on the laws guiding against sexual harassment and punishment for harassment.
Dr Orifoworan of faculty of law of the institution emphasized on the  difference of sexual harassment and indecent exposure.

At the congress, it was identified that harassment could be from either sex.

Dr. Moha, one of the discusser said that "female students would be flocking around some lecturers, parading their offices and she wondered what they are looking for"

However, Prof. Adeyanju cleared the air that their is no way female students wouldn't have cause to visit the male lecturer but the lecturer have just to be disciplined enough.

Different speakers from various faculty including the faculty of law, faculty of Agriculture amidst others addressed the diverse perspectives  of sexual harassment on the side of both men and women.

Their resolution include creating  awareness, boomeranging and implementing the social policy, ensuring justice at reported cases, empowering the female students,decent dressing code uphold, having an emergency line for female students , planting remote cameras in offices,  and the leadership of the University taking forefront in exposing perpetrators

While some emphasised on the importance of decent against indecent dressing, others enlightened the students on breaking the silence advising students to speak up when they are sexually harrassed instead of silently suffer from the trauma it would bring.

Miss Adesola emphasised on their self-esteem and value with should not be reduced by any patrachal ego and subjugation. Dr. Fasiku added that dereliction of duty is the bottom line of all form of absurdities in the university system.

An interactive session was declared for the audience to ask questions and share personal experiences.

During the session, both lecturers and students shared opinions on sexuality and harassment emphasising on the "culture of silence" the power of self assertiveness and the need to always be self equipped as female students.

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