Tuesday, 30 October 2018

EXCLUSIVE:How Department of Local Government President Singlehandedly Embezzled Over 0.5Million Naira

EXCLUSIVE:How Department of Local Government President Singlehandedly Embezzled Over 0.5Million Naira
By Farombi Oluwaseun

The National Association of local government Students (NASLOGOS),OAU Chapter has been thrown into Chaos as the President of the aforementioned association has  been accused of embezzling over 0.5million naira,part of the association generated fund.

The embattled President of the association is  Akinkunmi Sodiq Opeyemi popularly known as Hon SDQ. He is a part 4 student of the department of local government studies, Faculty of Administration.
He was alleged to have embezzled association fund through  annual due,  income from freshers party,etc

OAU Peeps News Agency was able to  confirm that the fraudulent act was made possible by the president through making himself the only signatory to the association"s account without involving the financial secretary which is contrary to the constitution of the department.

Upon thorough investigation, OAU Peeps News Agency gathered that the embattled President collected some annual due in cash and refused to remit into the association"s account which amounted to the sum of #386,200(three hundred and eighty six thousand, two hundred naira). He also  behind the staff adviser &  without the approval of the Head of Department withdrew #107,000 from the association account and also refused to remit #49,000 which was part of the income generated during freshers' party.

 Furthermore,it was gathered that  the staff adviser approved a withdrawal of #51,000 early this year but the "constituted authority", Hon SDQ changed the approved money to #61,000 before getting to the Head of the Department for approval having #10,000 collected fraudulently. He also claimed to have #13,000 to balance the souvenir contractor of which the staff adviser has approved a sum of #117,000 for souvenirs over three months ago which he has failed to produce.

As at the time of filing this report,the  embezzled sum has been totaled to #565,200( Five hundred &sixty five thousand,two hundred naira only).

Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency on phone conversation, the Public Relations Officer of the association, Afolabi Oluwasegun David  confirmed the incidence and further stated that they(all executives)  have been reporting to Floor O &the Division  of of Students Affair Investigation Department since the shocking scenario.

In a release obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency also by the NASLOGOS  public relations officer, Afolabi Oluwasegun , he stated the embattled President(Akinkunmi Sodiq) has confessed to the university investigative department of  being guilty of the fraudulent act. The Public Relations Officer further stated that the president has also confessed that none of the executives of the association, the Head of Department & staff adviser are aware of his fraudulent act.

"" It is so disappointing and disheartening when one look look critically at the state of our association especially when one thinks of the architect of our loom that is, the kind of president we have this time around"" the association public relations officer further stated in the release obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency.

Also speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency, a student of the department who pleaded anonymity stated that he  was shocked after being informed of the act of his  president, he further stated that  he thought other executives were aware/part of the fraudulent act but he was more  shocked when the president confessed he did all singlehandedly.

 Saliu Abdurauf,the Speaker of the Students Representative  Council while speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency, stated that a committee has been set up at the student congress to further investigate the matter. He further stated that the student honourables are meeting tomorrow to further Suspend the embattled President immediately.

OAU Peeps News Agency also confirmed the presence of family relatives of the embattled president  on campus last week. They have however promised to raise money to pay back all the embezzled sum of  money by Sodiq as soon as possible.

However, all efforts to speak with the embattled President of NASLOGOS,Akinkunmi Sodiq proved abortive as all his lines were all switched off.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

FASA OAU Election: Philosophy Students Conduct Primary Election

By Aderonke Alabi

Obafemi Awolowo University students has been known for active participation in politics. Thus in their political vibrancy, a resolution  was reached by the National Association of Philosophy Students at the last congress held on 25th of October concerning  the forthcoming Faculty of Arts Students Association (FASA).

Owing to the fact that they are two tight friends & also from the same department aspiring for the post of  president of Faculty of Arts Students Association, a primary election was conducted between them.

The duo are  Akanho Olanshile (Shile) and Komolafe Tolulope (Toluano)

Akande Olanshile  is currently a  member of FASA students representative council while Komolafe Tolulope  is the present class representative for Philosophy part three, the former Assistant general Secretary of FASA & also currently  a member of FASA students representative council.

However, after the primary election held  last Thursday,  Mr Olanshile was  announced the winner of the primary election with 45 votes ahead of his opponent, Mr Komolafe Tolulope.

According to the chairman of the committee, Akande Taiwo Oriyomi, the total number of vote cast was 250;  23 votes were void, Mr. Tolulope had 91 votes while Mr. Olanshile polled 136 votes.

In a conversation with both contestants, the two contestants confirmed that the election was free and fair.

Considering the friendship tie between the duo which opinions recommended a step-down from one of them ,  OAU Peeps News Agency further questioned the duo on why no one could step down for each other after several meetings.

Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency , Mr Olansile stated that they both had meeting but were unable to reach consensus based on egoistic nature of man. He added that he informed all his close friends including Komolafe Tolulope of his ambition since 2016/2017 session while he(Toluano) promised to contest at the Students Union Level of which unfortunately union activities were later suspended by the university management.

"" I can never step down for someone who has an accidental vision for FASA,
my main aim for contesting is to revive the academic excellence  of  FASA"" - Olanshile further stated.

Also Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency, Komolafe Tolulope stated that he couldn't step down for his friend Shile because he is conversant with political activities in and outside FASA more than Shile. He further stated that due to his previous posts and still holding in FASA, he is well experienced more than Shile.

"Someone who doesn't know what politics is shouldn't be considered when we are talking of politics. I am more experienced than Shile. I have plans to rekindle FASA."" Toluano futher stated.

However, speaking on the outcome of the primary election with OAU Peeps News Agency, Mr Olanshile said "" NAPSites have decided""  however Mr Tolulope vouched to still further his ambition irrespective of the outcome of the primary election, he said " I loosing the election cannot stop me from contesting in the upcoming FASA election because only the department of philosophy  cannot decide for the whole of the Faculty of Arts Students, which has other 8 departments".

The much anticipated Faculty of Arts Students Association Election is expected to hold in the next couple of weeks which will finally decide the fate of all aspirants.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

OAU PreDegree Entrance Examination To Commence Tomorrow

OAU PreDegree Entrance Examination To Commence Tomorrow
By Farombi Oluwaseun

This is to inform the OAU Predegree aspirants that the entrance examination into the 2018/2019 session has been billed to commence tomorrow, October 24,2018.

The Entrance Examination holds on October 24 - 25, 2018 at Ile-Ife centre while  it holds on October 26, 2018 at Lagos centre.

Lagos Centre
Chams City, Lagos Digital Village, Behind Ikeja Shoprite Shopping Mall, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Ile-Ife Centre
Centre for Distance Learning, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (Moro Campus), Moro, Osun State.

It should be noted that the  pre-degree programme is designed to be an intensive coaching curriculum that aims at preparing senior high school graduates (senior secondary) for university education. The programme normally runs for two (2) contact periods both within nine (9) calendar months

As at the time of filing this report this report, the application form for the programme has not closed and can be applied for through www.oaucdl.edu.ng while  candidates are advised to follow the Application Instructions very carefully and ensure they select the Correct SUBJECT COMBINATION of  which  failure to do so may adversely affect the Candidate.

The Centre for Distance Learning has further advised successful applicants  to login to  their account on the portal and print the Examination Slip before coming for the entrance examination.

OAU Peeps Team wishes the applicants the best.



This is to draw the awareness of the generality of Obafemi Awolowo University Students about the Professor M.O.B Olaogun Essay Competition which will commence 22nd October, 2018.
The essay contest is meant to appreciate the tremendous works of Professor M.O.B. Olaogun in the department of Medical Rehabilitation and the College of Health Sciences at large.

Topic: Nigerian Tertiary Institution: Preparing the youths for the Future? (Support)

Eligibility: Must be a student of Obafemi Awolowo University

Essay Requirement:
Must not exceed 1000words
Must be written in New times Roman, font size 12 with one inch margin on one side of each page.
Plagiarism must be avoided
Must be grammatically error free
Submission are to be made as an attachment in word document format and sent to Ifutsaoau18@gmail.com
The subject of the email should be positive impact of Nigerian Institutions.
Identity should be written beneath the essay in this format; Full name, Matric number, level, department.

Winner: Ten Thousand Naira(#10,000)
1st Runner up: Five Thousand Naira(#5,000)

Submission Time frame
Commencement: 22nd October, 2018
Deadline: 10Th November, 2018

For enquiry
Contact: Phoebe -0813 658 8468, Waleunique -07032807527

Saturday, 13 October 2018

EXCLUSIVE : How Alumni Hall Fire Incident Happened

EXCLUSIVE : How Alumni Hall Fire Incident Happened
By John Beloved & Uthman Samad

Exclusive: How Alumni Hall Inferno Happened 

Last Tuesday night was a sad memory for the occupants of  Block 4 room201 of alumni Hall of residence of the Obafemi Awolowo university ile ife as the room was razed to ashes through the use cooking cylinder Gas.

The inferno caused the students occupying the room their belongings and valuable items including their mobile phones.

One of the victims of the fire razed room of Alumni Hall of residence has revealed to OAU Peeps that they have been asked to pay two hundred thousand Naira each as damage cost, OAU Peeps can report.

Faith,  one of the affected student and an occupant of the room mentioned that members of the room have be asked to pay N200,000 each for the damage caused by the fire outbreak in alumni hall.

Speaking as a member of this room, she told OAU peeps that although new bed spaces were not  provided for either of them, they have been generally required to pay for the damage cost.

In her words, "I haven't seen any of my roommates since the accident. It is like we are actually scattered. some went off campus, some now stay with their parents while others had to go home"

She added that "There is actually no provision for a new bed space for any" of them.

"The hall warden and porters said we will pay #200,000 each even though it was just lend that was cooking"

Faith said the management of the hall established the fact "we are members of the room so we have to pay on that mandate although they are yet to demand for the money, but when they do, we would have to call our parents to fight for us"

While been quizzed about how life has been after the incident, she said "I've been trying to move on, well I can't because of the incident I have to stop attending my classes.
I still have some of my books and foodstuffs but some of my roommates lost everything including their certificates"

The inferno had cost the students most of their valuables such as certificates, books, phones,clothes,foodstuffs and the likes.

How It Happened
OAU Peeps News Agency learnt that a lady named Kemi, A part 1 economics student, an occupant of the room was turning Amala using camping Gas cooker.

Kemi  was turning the Amala right on the cooker while the burner was turning with it without putting it down for proper staring. 

With this, as the burner was moving with the pot, the gas was leaking without her taking the notice and the gas exploded.

Kemi ran out of the room go look for an object to quench the fire.  She ran down from her block to other blocks.

On her verge to get fire extinguisher to quench the fire, Kemi had to run down to a nearby male hostel, Awolowo hall of residence.
On getting down to Her hostel,  the fire has extended out of what a fire extinguisher can quench.

OAU Peeps learnt that  it was through the help of the fire service  that later came to set things right.

Alumni Hall Warden Fumes
While on a phone conversation  to getting the reaction of the hall warden, Mrs Ezebudey Titilayo insisted that the story be kept internal and basically within the jurisdiction of the school management.

"I don't think we need any news about what happen here. We don't need any news to be spread, It is an internal problem and we have handled it, we don't want the world to hear about it" she said angrily.

"The incidence is not beyond what can be controlled, So I don't think that it is your business, It is the business of the school management" she added.

"The students are under their care and so they have the responsibility of taking care of the student.

"We will not appreciate it if you publicise anything about the incident
Please don't do that for your own interest please" she threatened.

OAU Dean of DSA debunks Payment of Fine, Assures Renovation of the Room. 
Meanwhile, in a telephone conversation with our correspondent on Thursday, the Dean of the Division of  Students' Affairs, Isiaka Aransi, assured that a renovation exercise will commence in the affected room very soon.

In his words, "Any moment from now, everything will be sorted out and the students will be back in their rooms.

It was only one room but it was burnt beyond repairs. We will start the renovation from the roof of the affected room and it will come very soon."

Prof. Aransi also debunked the rumour the affected students paying fine.

"We have not told any student that they will pay any money. Under normal circumstances, it is students, who are supposed to do that (the renovation) but considering the circumstances, it is expedient to do something to assist our students," He stated.

OAU Peeps Observes, Students Clamour for Fire Extinguisher. 
In a survey carried out by OAU Peeps News Agency, in the affected hall of  residence, there's a clear fact that there is no enough Fire extinguishers in the hall of residence. The available ones are empty.  This made the 'kemi' to run right from Alumni down to Awolowo Hall of residence.

Students have however clamoured for the provision of fire extinguishers in all Halls Of Residence.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Obasanjo Educates OAU students On the Causes Of Unemployment In Nigeria

By Uthman Samad

Yesterday 11th of October was a memorable and historic moment as The Nigerian former President stormed Obafemi Awolowo university ile ife to give lecture. 

Chief (Dr) Olusegun Obasanjo expressed the opportunities, curled from the agricultural sector, as a way of  occluding the country's longtime unemployment issues and gave an headway

Mr olusegun said this while rendering his speech at a job fair on the topic; "unemployment in Nigeria: The Way Out" organised by faculty of Environmental Design and Management

He hammered on the different job opportunities available in agricultural enterprise as he as a  "sole business person in the agricultural business" had "discovered the great job opportunities in agriculture"

In his address to the students, he noted that the only problem Nigeria has is being unable to discover these opportunities simply because of the system that seems not to be encouraging the platform for youthsy yet. 

This news agency learnt that Mr. Obasanjo owns one of the largest farms in Nigeria, located in Sango-Ota area of Ogun state with varieties of poultry, livestock and food products.

This means  that, it is very important we start discovering the immense opportunities in agriculture by embracing agriculture passionately," He added.

However, the Vice-Chancellor of the varsity, Prof. Eyitope Ogunbodede, said while giving his speech that it is quite pathetic to realise that the present system is unable to provide employment for  seekers.

 "The present curriculum in the university is currently undergoing a design to bridge this gap. And this has been going on through the various seminars  the university has been organising and hosting to ensure that  what ever courses every students offered on this campus will be able to equip them for the current Job challenge."

Ogunbodede, a Don of  Dental Public Health, highlighted that the aim in the curricular design is to ensure that every students stand on their own and earn a living after school.

 He added that several organisations like First Bank PLC have been partnering with the university to achieve this aim of job creation.

"Whatever that you are doing and you are doing it well, please continue," he advised the students present.