Saturday, 27 October 2018

FASA OAU Election: Philosophy Students Conduct Primary Election

By Aderonke Alabi

Obafemi Awolowo University students has been known for active participation in politics. Thus in their political vibrancy, a resolution  was reached by the National Association of Philosophy Students at the last congress held on 25th of October concerning  the forthcoming Faculty of Arts Students Association (FASA).

Owing to the fact that they are two tight friends & also from the same department aspiring for the post of  president of Faculty of Arts Students Association, a primary election was conducted between them.

The duo are  Akanho Olanshile (Shile) and Komolafe Tolulope (Toluano)

Akande Olanshile  is currently a  member of FASA students representative council while Komolafe Tolulope  is the present class representative for Philosophy part three, the former Assistant general Secretary of FASA & also currently  a member of FASA students representative council.

However, after the primary election held  last Thursday,  Mr Olanshile was  announced the winner of the primary election with 45 votes ahead of his opponent, Mr Komolafe Tolulope.

According to the chairman of the committee, Akande Taiwo Oriyomi, the total number of vote cast was 250;  23 votes were void, Mr. Tolulope had 91 votes while Mr. Olanshile polled 136 votes.

In a conversation with both contestants, the two contestants confirmed that the election was free and fair.

Considering the friendship tie between the duo which opinions recommended a step-down from one of them ,  OAU Peeps News Agency further questioned the duo on why no one could step down for each other after several meetings.

Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency , Mr Olansile stated that they both had meeting but were unable to reach consensus based on egoistic nature of man. He added that he informed all his close friends including Komolafe Tolulope of his ambition since 2016/2017 session while he(Toluano) promised to contest at the Students Union Level of which unfortunately union activities were later suspended by the university management.

"" I can never step down for someone who has an accidental vision for FASA,
my main aim for contesting is to revive the academic excellence  of  FASA"" - Olanshile further stated.

Also Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency, Komolafe Tolulope stated that he couldn't step down for his friend Shile because he is conversant with political activities in and outside FASA more than Shile. He further stated that due to his previous posts and still holding in FASA, he is well experienced more than Shile.

"Someone who doesn't know what politics is shouldn't be considered when we are talking of politics. I am more experienced than Shile. I have plans to rekindle FASA."" Toluano futher stated.

However, speaking on the outcome of the primary election with OAU Peeps News Agency, Mr Olanshile said "" NAPSites have decided""  however Mr Tolulope vouched to still further his ambition irrespective of the outcome of the primary election, he said " I loosing the election cannot stop me from contesting in the upcoming FASA election because only the department of philosophy  cannot decide for the whole of the Faculty of Arts Students, which has other 8 departments".

The much anticipated Faculty of Arts Students Association Election is expected to hold in the next couple of weeks which will finally decide the fate of all aspirants.

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