Thursday, 1 November 2018

OAUTHC Management Threatens To Fire Three Nurses For Putting On Trousers

The Director of Nursing of the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex,  Mr Onini Victor, has allegedly queried three nurses for putting on trousers at work.

It was gathered that the  nurses, Mrs Olaleye Nihmat, Mrs Alimat Aminat and Mrs Olabanji  were asked to remove their trousers and wear only a gown instead. The three nurses were chased out of the ward out of the teaching hospital on Tuesday and were warned seriously not to wear it again.

Investigations revealed that the nurses were threatened to be relieved of their duties if they continue to wear trousers.

According to one of the victims, Mrs Olaleye Nihmat, ” It is in our law that we can put on a trouser and the nurse gown but we were surprised when we were called by the director to see him in the office. When we got to his office, he ordered us to remove our trousers or else,  we will be fired.

“We said okay to him, and instantly ran to meet with the Muslim community. The Muslim community advised us to remove the trouser and promised to look into the matter. ”

When asked why she preferred to use the trouser on duty, she stated that she wore it based on a police set forth by the Nursing Council of Nigeria’s policies, which states that nurses can wear either a nurse cap or shoulder length Hijab with the trouser.

When contacted for comments, the Director of Nursing in the hospital, said that the nurses are only permitted to wear a gown and a small Hijab not trouser.

Contrary to his claims, a circular from Nursing & Midwifery Council Of Nigeria to the hospital authorities signed by P.N Ndatsu, through secretary general and sent to all directors of nursing, their deputies, chief medical directors, chief executives and principal, dated 11th February, 2002 with reference number N&MCN/CMF/721/1/3, where Section 2, subsection b(III) of the circulation made available to our correspondent on Wednesday, prescribes that the nurses are permitted to wear a trouser and a gown
with long sleeve.

However, all efforts by OAU Peeps News Agency to reach the Chief  CMD of the Teaching Hospital for comments proved abortive.

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