Sunday, 23 December 2018

EXCLUSIVE: How A 200 Level OAU Student Was Murdered

By Farombi Oluwaseun

A 200 level student of Obafemi Awolowo University, identified as Abiodun Babalola  has been reportedly murdered by armed robbers during a robbery attack in Ile-Ife at the early hours of Saturday. 22nd December, 2018.

OAU Peeps News Agency gathered that the victim, Late Abiodun Babalola  is a student from the department of Management & Accounting ,Faculty of Administration &  popularly known a TERMUR

It was gathered that the robbery attack which led to his murder occurred off-campus at Adam& Eve Hostel.

Speaking with OAU Peeps News Agency, Mr Funso Adegboye, the Ile-Ife Area commander Police  confirmed the incidence. He stated there was a robbery attack, the victim was injured ,rushed to the hospital but eventually gave up the ghost.

OAU Peeps New Agency gathered that the victim is not a resident of the hostel but slept in the hostel on Friday to participate in group discussion meant for SSC 202 Test scheduled to hold  the following day,Saturday,22nd December 2018.

According to an eye witness who pleaded anonymity , he stated that few minutes after the armed robbers had gained entrance  to the room , an argument occurred perhaps an interception with the robbers. In this process, he was hit with a cutlass on the head.

The eyewitness further stated that the victim should have survived it but a lot of irregularities played  after the incidence caused his death.

He stated that the irregularities started when there was no vehicle or patrol van to take him from the hostel to any nearby hospital.

" Both the Nigeria Police and the OAU security officials complained of faulty patrol van'' He emphasized.

He stated that the victim was first taken by a bike before the University Chief Security officer brought his private car to pick the Victim.

OAU Peeps News Agency gathered that the victim was first taken to the university health centre before being transfered to Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex around 3am.

It was confirmed the health officials at the OAUTHC didn't treat the case as an emergency as they kept asking for frivolities like money for blood,etc which left the victim to be unattended to for more than 5hours.

OAU Peeps gathered that the victim was finally attended to after  8am before he gave up the ghost around 9am on Saturday.

It will be recalled that this is not the first case of students not being attended to on emergencies at the university teaching hospital.

In a release by the executive council of  Nigeria Universities Accounting Students Association,OAU which was obtained by OAU Peeps News Agency, the executive council stated that it was a bad occurrence to have lost one of the archetypes in the association. They stated the  victim was a man of distinguished humanity before his  death & concluded by sending condolences to all affected friends & family of the Late Abiodun Babalola

Speaking extensively with the University Public Relations Officer, Mr Abiodun Olanrewaju stated that it is a sad incident to the university community at large especially towards  this festive Period of the year.

In his words;" The university Vice Chancellor, his management team & on behalf of the university council,we are all sad to lose a student of the institution especially towards this festive period of the year".

  The University Public Relations Officer  thanked everyone that tried all their  possible best to save the life of the victim  and further added that this is not a right time to shift blame on anyone for the loss of the student stating that " Man Proposes but God disposes ".

He concluded by praying for the family and friends of Late Abiodun Babalola for God to console them and bear the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.

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  1. May his soul rest in perfect peace. This is so painful.

  2. Father lord! May the Lord heal his family and protect us all in Jesus Name

  3. Hmmmm. May God help us!
    Rest in peace!

  4. May his soul rest in peace and may God console his parents 'cos this is a great loss! I pray for God's protection over each and everyone of us.

  5. May the soul of the deceased rest in perfect peace. I still find it hard to believe all the accusations levelled against the health system though.

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  8. Yes... we can't bring out bucket to fetch water aftr the rain. Nonetheless, it is better for human beings to play their various parts well bfr wishes could come to be nd nt putting God to cover our faults.May the dead have a perfect peace in the way far beyond.Amen.

  9. God go punish dose hospital people ohhh