Tuesday, 31 December 2019

"Payments Will Be Made for The Period of Stay..." DSA

By Emmanuel Dominic

The Division of Student Affairs as regards students who wish to stay in the Hall of Residence during the SIWES/Teaching Practice program state conditions governing the availability of accommodation.

 Firstly,  students who have been offered bed space will be allowed to stay in the Hostel
Secondly, payment will be made for the period of stay according to the regulation guiding staying back in the hostel

Then lastly, letter of undertaking to be written by each student on terms and conditions for stay

Note: This information is addressed to those running a holiday program (SIWES/TEACHING PRACTICE e.t.c)

Saturday, 28 December 2019

OAU Students React To New Accommodation Policy

As a result of the special release by the Division of Students Affairs of Obafemi Awolowo University, several reactions have begun to circulate within the student's community of the institution. 

The notice emphasized that stallites will be denied accommodation on campus for this coming session 2019/2020 by not being legible for bedspace balloting which is against the habitual tradition of this great institution. 

The students, most of whom are away from the university campus for the festivities of the season, mostly complained about the new development.

Some students were of the notion that the decision taken by the DSA was harsh and would have negative effects on the academic, health or security of students.

"First, the landlords and agents in Ife would use this as an opportunity to extort the students. This is unfair!" A student who pleaded anonymity said.

A final year student in the Faculty of Arts, Oluchi, also contributed to the issue "I hope the news (about the bedspace) is not true? Where do they want to send us to ?"

Another student in the Faculty of Education, Happiness, said she can't believe the story and she hopes the school authority review the decision to be taken because many students would be immensely affected as they will be subjected to insecurity and housing problems.

A number of students, however, tried to reason with the decision claiming that it was more important for the freshmen to get accommodation on campus that returning students as they were still very much naive to the environment.

While many students remain hopeful, several continue to await further developments from the division on the state of accommodation on campus next session. 

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

"Stallites Should Note That There Is No Bedspace For Them On Campus..." -DSA

By Emmanuel Dominic

The special release by the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) on accommodation for students on Christmas eve addressed a sets of issues,  which featured -:
*  Students vacating the hostel
* SIWES Students seeking Accommodation,  and finally the brainbuster,
* Stalites not being able to ballot for hostels from the next session.

According to the release, the Division gave students till 31st of December 2019 to vacate the hostel, with their belongings,  as the loss of any property won't be accounted for by the DSA or School management.  

 The school recognized the need for students on SIWES, Teaching Practice and college of health sciences students who have legitimate academic/clinical reasons to stay behind. These set of students were instructed to go through their Head of Department or Deans for possible consideration. 

The last part and perhaps most interesting part of the release was that there shall be no bed space for stallites on campus henceforth, according to the release,
  "All stalites should note that there is no space for them on campus hence, there is no balloting of such for accommodation, for the coming session (2019/2020), as only freshers will be given consideration."

This would be the first time in recent years that this trend would be observed as both freshers and finalists used to be considered for the spaces in times past. Already reactions have begun to trail this release. While some believe it might be linked to the rumored reinstatement of the Students' Union, some others believe that the management might reconsider this stance later on. 

However, things seem on hold for now as most activities are now on hold till after the yuletide. 

Join Our Online Community Of OAU Freshmen And Aspirants

Join Our Online Community Of OAU Freshmen And Aspirants
The leadership of OAU Peeps News Agency, the largest online news agency in the OAU campus hereby use this medium to invite aspirants and newly admitted students of the Obafemi Awolowo University to join our online platforms for first hand information and orientation about the institution.
The platform also allows you to connect with other colleagues and excos from your department in preparation from your admission.

For relevant information, contact the Editor, OAU Peeps News Agency on 07031572065

Pelumi Hassan 
Editor, OAU Peeps News Agency

Larceny In The Moremi Hall Of Residence

By Emmanuel Dominic

Information reaching us at OAU Peeps news agency from a resident in Moremi hall of residence for female students, about a thief who has been reportedly breaking into their rooms,  stealing phones and other valuables.

There is unrest among the residents of Moremi hostel at the alarming rate of the reoccurring event. In an interview with a female resident, she explained that the thief who she revealed to be a guy broke into the hall around 4am this morning.

In her statement;
A girl saw him and shouted "thief" but he was not caught. He stole three phones at block G, room 305. When he was being chased he dropped two phones and went with one. And last two weeks too Wednesdays/Thursday morning too, they stole phones on G 208 too 8 phones in the middle of the night. So it's like it's same guy that came to do the job.

Residents believe that these thefts were done by the same person who they believe is a male student. We urge everyone living in Moremi hall of residence,  to be cautious and be more vigilant.

Monday, 16 December 2019

Election Pandemonium as Zachman Emerges As FSRC Speaker

The in-house election of the Faculty of Arts Students Representative Council was billed to start by 4:00pm. However, it didn't start until till about 9:00 pm as a result of pandemonium that ensued as a result of the credibility and the candidature of some English department honourable.

Two Honourables vied for the post of Speaker; Hon Hope from Religious studies and Hon  Zachman from English department.

At the end of the voting process, Zachman had 17 votes and Hope had 13 votes, in the process of counting, an overzealous person entered the election venue and another set of argument ensued until the school security was called in to restore normalcy the situation.

OAU Accounting Student Shines At Convocation With 4.98 Grade Point

The 44th convocation of Obafemi Awolowo University held from the 11th to 13th of the month. The glorious ceremony started with a lecture at Oduduwa hall. Lawal Oluwafemi who bagged a 4.98 CGPA of 5.0 was awarded got a cash price of 100,000 naira amongst many other gifts.

Commenting on the feat, he stated "I graduated from the Obafemi Awolowo University as the Best Graduating Student 17/18 session with a historic 4.98 CGPA of 5.0. Was also the Best Overall 4 times in ICAN professional exams with 14 awards.BSc Accounting & 22 academic awards in 4 years. Can only be God!"

 It is worthy of note that this year a total of 7,209 students graduated, out of which 5,292 were undergraduates, while 1,917 are postgraduates. A total of 124 students in the institution graduated with first-class honours, leaving 1,795 students with second class honours (Upper Division), 2256 with second class (Lower Division), while 542 and 39 are graduated with third class and pass degrees respectively.

The ceremony was a success as many of the graduates came from different locations to celebrate.  And as the known culture, most came bearing food and drinks.

We at OAU Peeps wish all the recent graduates the best life has to offer. 

Three Deaths In One Week: Dark December In OAU (Full Report)

In less than two weeks, the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife has recorded the death of three members of its academic staff. A little over a week ago, the death of Mr Nicholas Igbokwe was announced, less than a week after, the death of Professor Jerome Elusiyan who was said to be attacked by unknown gunmen, and the most recent is the death of Dr. Victoria Oluwaremilekun Adeniyi who reportedly slumped and died.

Dr. Victoria Oluwaremilekun Adeniyi, was the Head of Department of Dramatic Arts and was said to have recently directed the convocation play that enacted for two days, Friday and Saturday. 

She was reported to have slumped and died on Sunday morning at around 11am after church service in her residence. It was said that she did not show any sign of sickness. This tragedy struck in less than twenty-four hours Professor Ife Jerome Elusiyan of Paediatrics at the OAUTHC died.

The entire OAU Peeps Team sends out her condolences to all family and friends of the deceased. 

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Another tragedy; HOD of Dramatic Arts, Dr Adeniyi, Reported Dead

Another tragedy; HOD of Dramatic Arts, Dr Adeniyi, Reported Dead
The Head of Department of Dramatic Arts, Dr V. Adeniyi has been reported dead.

This would be the third lecturer lost to the cold hands of death within the last two weeks in the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

Details later...

Friday, 13 December 2019

Professor Elusiyan, CMAC OAUTHC Reported Dead

Professor Elusiyan, a professor of paediatrics and child health at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife was reportedly shot dead today, Friday 13th December 2019.

The sad incident was said to have occurred in Edo state. Professor Elusiyan was the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and a father to many. 

We pray that his family and friends find the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

Full Details later...

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Car Accident At Fajuyi Hall

On Monday, 9th December 2019, a car accident occurred around Fajuyi Hall Annex of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. 

The car, which was reportedly said to belong to an OAU lecturer, was reported to have crashed into the gate of Faj Annex. The accident was said to have occurred at about 5pm. 

The car was reported to have suffered from a brake failure and crashed into the second gate of the hall, damaging the canteen very close to the gate.
However, there was no life lost, although some of the people at the restaurant were injured. 

Finally, FASA Decides!

Finally, FASA Decides!

By Bernard Nasamu 

The election of the Faculty of Art Student Association; FASA, was set for 10pm, but the voting process abruptly started around 11:30. The condition was conducive for the election. In small groups and troupes, students made way to exercise their constitutional rights.

The bone of contention after the cancelled election was the actualization of a free and fair election. A notable figure at the election which held at History lobby was Dr Amusa, whose presence coupled with the selfless services of the incorruptible electoral commissioners paved way for a hiccup election.
There were two candidates from two different departments under FASA, Zachman and Hamzat as they are popularly called.

The voting process ended officially around a few minutes after 4pm. Just as the saying goes the voice of the people is the voice of God. Hamzat, a part 3 student of the department of philosophy, emerged as the president-elect of FASA. Hamzat claimed the spot with a narrow 277- 248 votes, against a very rigid opponent in the person of Zachman. This is a break down of the votes by the departments of FASA:

Department of English
ZACH MAN.  112votes
HAMZAT.    10votes

Department of History
ZACHMAN.  76Votes
HAMZAT.   11Votes

Department of Philosophy

ZACHMAN.  6Votes
HAMZAT.   105Votes

Department of Linguistics


Department of Music


Department of Religious Study

ZACHMAN.  3Votes
HAMZAT.   19Votes

Department of Dramatic Arts

ZACHMAN.  36Votes
HAMZAT.    12Votes

Department of Foreign Languages

ZACHMAN.    4Votes
HAMZAT.     37Votes

Female OAU Student Assaulted At Maintenance Gate, Security Reacts

At 10:50pm on Sunday 8, December, a female student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife was assaulted directly opposite Maintenance, the popular female residential area around the campus gate. 

It was reported that the female student (who pleaded anonymity) was out to buy food when three unidentifiable guys who alighted from a car behind her allegedly harassed her. In reaction, she was then said to exclaim,"Are you normal?" This is when the situation got out of hand as things got violent.
These unidentified individuals, reportedly three in number pounced on this female student slapping and hitting her vigorously. The food seller who tried to help was also said to get some part of the beating. The onlookers who sells by the scene tried to help but these individuals kept slapping and hitting her.

It was also reported that the case was reported immediately to the security at Maintenance gate but they turned their deaf ears to the report. The identity of these individuals remains unknown. 

However, details of the event have been reported to the security department of the institution and the department reacted to the incident via a twitter handle @OAUSecurityDep claiming that the event was already being handled and the department was already on the lookout for the alleged culprits. 

Friday, 6 December 2019

OAU Management Dedicates Hotline To Reporting Sexual Harassment

By Eberechuwu Okafor

The management of the Obafemi Awolowo University has released a special circular on new means to protect students from sexual harassment.

Prior to the release of the helpline, the viral video of the "All-seeing eye" by Kiki Mordi for BBC Africa in October, several students had looked out for the steps the Obafemi Awolowo University will take towards protecting its students against actions like that. At the time, it did not seem like much would be done.

However, the management has put these fears to rest as the Obafemi Awolowo University has decided to take a strong stand against sexual harassment meted on any of the students of the great school by creating a helpline in case of emergencies.

According to a release signed by the registrar of the school, students can now send text messages directly or via the social media "WHATSAPP" to 07063610481 in cases of emergencies. This development is surely welcome as many students have shown a warm reception to this it.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Olanrewaju Bello To Steer LSS OAU Through Next Academic Session

The OAU chapter of the Law Students' Society announced the emergence of the new elected Executives.

The Electoral Commission officers of the Law student body, corporately known as the Law Students' Society (LSS) conducted the election at the Old Law MOOT and MOCK court, located at the Faculty building.

After two preceding presidential debates and Manifesto nights, Voting started at the early hours of yesterday, December 2nd, at about 9:45am due to some delays as against the intended 9:00am and the process spanned till 5pm.

Sequel to this, the collation of votes began 30 minutes later at 5:30pm and the new executives were announced soon after.

Of the 10 LSS positions, only 6 positions had more than one aspirant involved.

The office of the Public Liaison Officer (P. L. O), the Public Relations Officer (PRO), the director of Sports and the office of the Director of Socials were contested unopposed.

Despite the absence of part one students from the faculty, participation took a high turn as over 800 students came to the polling centre to vote.

In an interview with the Vice-President-elect, Miss Ibukun Akinkuotu (IBK) on the conduction of the election, she commented, "For what is spectacular about this election, majority were interested. Not only in voting, but in supporting and pushing for their candidates.".

At the end of the polls, Olanrewaju Bello emerged as winner of the Presidential elections beating Komolafe David (Khomzie) and Adebayo Elizabeth (La Queen) to the position.

Find the full list of winners below;

Olarewaju Bello(Olah da poet) - winner
Komolafe David (Khomzie)
Adebayo Elizabeth (La queen)

Akinkuotu Ibukun (IBK) - winner 
Omoseibi Gideon

Jolaoso Moses (Jolaoso) - winner
Okonkwo Jemima (Jemima)

Kolade (kolex)
Adebambo Mariam (Ryha) - winner

Ishola Daniel (Dannykeys)

Shado Olayinka &
Salami Adegboye Adeyinka (Aristotle) - winner

Ishola Damilola (HIGHDEE) - winner

Monday, 2 December 2019

Best Wishes To All OAU Students In Forthcoming Examinations

As exams start, we wish all students of the Obafemi Awolowo University success in the upcoming exams. As we prepare for the end of the session, we hope you all have time to reflect on the session and on the year as a whole. 

We wish you all the happiness and joy that this month has to offer. We hope you leave every exam hall with smiles on your faces, even if we all know that how we feel after writing an exam doesn't matter till we see the result. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance. 

Pelumi Hassan 
Editor-in-Chief, OAU Peeps News Agency

Sunday, 1 December 2019

OAU Peeps Gets New Editor As Babafaros Bows Out

One of the foremost online campus news agencies in Obafemi Awolowo University - OAU Peeps News Agency now has a new Editor-in-Chief (EIC).

The outgone EIC, Oluwaseun Farombi a.k.a Babafaros, whose tenure elapsed on November 30, 2019 hands baton to an Interim EIC, Hassan Pelumi.

Hassan Pelumi, who is the first female editor of the agency is a 300 level student of the Department of English Language, Obafemi Awolowo University. She will be assisted by four other members including, Lawani Oluwashemiloore, Akintunde Oluranti, ALABI-OYO omobolaji and Bernard Nasamu.

According to a statement by the Board of the Agency, the appointment of an Interim EIC comes on the heel of the dissolution of the Executive Council of the agency. "This decision and step is necessary to stabilize, restructure, strengthen and focus the agency to deliver on its original mandates," the statement added.

Going forward, every communication and business relating to the agency is to be discussed with the new Editor-in-Chief. She can be reached via editor@oaupeeps.com

The entire Board thanks the out gone EIC, Oluwaseun Farombi for leading the agency purposefully in the last few years and wishes him the very best in his future endeavours.

FASA Suspends President, VP, Others Amidst Electoral Issues

Despite making headlines in recent times for postponing elections on multiple occasions, the Faculty of Arts Students' Association (FASA OAU) has managed to find newer reasons to make the news as the parliamentary arm of the association on the 27th November, 2019 suspended the President, Mr Adewale Ayo Waliyu (Ayfab), Vice President and some other members of the executive council of the association indefinitely, making the speaker the acting president of the association.

Efforts to reach the suspended President of the association have been futile, however, find below the full official resolution of the FASA parliament.

Being the Resolution of the Parliamentary Sitting That Held on the 16th of Nov. 2019
The sitting started exactly 5:27pm the Speaker then addressed the House and made Hon. Tea through the House the acting Chief Whip. The agenda was then adopted by a motion moved by Hon. Toluano, with the same motion by Hon. Oba and since there was no counter motion, the motion stood. Hon Pathfinder adopted the last minute through a motion while Hon Faturoti Rachel from the department of Dramatic Arts, seconded the motion. 

The Ag. Clerk read out the letter from the President as regards the amount of money he was able to disburse, the House got #20,000 out of #50,000 that was ratified to be disbursed since it was a congressional resolution to have some certain amount of money ratified by the and must be disbursed by the President, and no amount of money was disbursed to ECOFASA out of #52,728 that was resolved at the floor of the House to disburse to the Secretary ECOFASA. Hon Toluano having being recognized, said the House would not tolerate any form of ''perspe'' (i.e hanky panky game) and immediately on the permission of the Speaker, asked the President being present at the sitting to come forward and give the House the time he will disburse the remaining money to the House. The President responded by apologizing to the House, he pleaded that the House should let him get to the part where he will be giving his stewardship report so the two parties can know how to gather around the next step which is achievable. Hon. Toluano pressed further by asking when the House will be collecting the remaining #30,000 the President should give a day or time frame. 

The Speaker immediately reminded the President the importance of getting the remaining part of the fund as ordered by the House that the House needs it to fund the necessary project(s) intended on carrying out. Hon. Ay. from the department of English, opined that there should be a proper agreement between the President and the House that is well documented and duly signed by the President and the Speaker. The President went further and claimed that if the association is capable, that there is nothing stopping the disbursement and it will  be good if the House can wait till the part where he would be giving his stewardship report and that he cannot singlehandedly give a date or time frame as proposed by the House. Honorables in the house simultaneously started asking question as regards if there is any other hope for disbursement owing to the current financial state of the association. The President responded that there is hope but it will be more clearer if he gets to the part of his stewardship report. Immediately, the Speaker of the House asked the House to allow Mr. President get to present his stewardship report which he was granted by the House through the Speaker. The Ag. Clerk read the letter the General Secretary sent about the fact that he would be late coming for sitting due to his commitment in his own indigenous association's programme. The  Speaker said as regards the report of all standing committees, the Speaker said such would be given in the next sitting since they all have swung into action.  

The President, started giving his report and some  problems arose as regards the fact that the receipt of the association was not signed by the Fin. Sec alone rather by different people. The bank statement could not be presented because the Treasurer claimed to be on suspension so he refused to sign. Hon Praise said that the audit committee ought to give a recommendation immediately they give their report. Hon Toluano said the committee can only function if there is fund so the House should not expect a report from the committee if not funded. The Speaker said that a special  amount has been disbursed to his office so the committee will be funded.  The President said the committee could work without any fund and expressed his feelings about the approach of the project monitoring committee. A gallerian and a former Parliamentarian was recognized, and he reacted on the need for the Treasurer to sign so as to have the bank statement that the three signatories to the account are needed for such. Immediately Hon. Toluano moved a motion that the suspended Treasurer should sign and be made open to auditing and this motion was seconded by Hon Rachel. Hon Ay. moved a counter motion that the Treasurer be reinstated which was seconded by Hon. Ishaq. The motion moved by Hon. Toluano stood while that of Hon Ay. was not adopted. 

The Director of Sports gave his report, Hon. Toluano reacted to it and commended him on a job well done which also attracted praises from the likes of Hon KayKing and some other Parliamentarians, the Dir. of Sports was accepted and reinstated by the House and cleared immediately this was as a result of the motion moved by Hon. Praise from the department of Linguistics and African Languages and duly seconded by Hon. Kay King from department of Foreign Languages. The President gave his report and after so much deliberations, the House through the Speaker of the House, asked him to table it before the audit committee for proper scrutiny. In the President's speech, he commented that there are some IGRs that are not with the EC and also from the due paid by the staylites, and because he does not know the exact amount coming from the sources thus implored the House to work together so that the Financial Secretary of the association and other concerned offices should give their report so we can know where the IGRs are and also the Audit committee should be fast in auditing the Dir. of Socials because some amount of money can come from his office. About the audit committee, they were asked to work with the EC for the renewal before Tuesday. 

Under the AOB, it was discussed that the money of the ECOFASA should be increased and Hon Praised spoke on the need for the Clerk himself should get back into office while Hon. Tea said the Ag. Clerk should be rewarded for his service to the House while this was buttressed by the Speaker of the House by saying that he should be awarded a different certificate as the outstanding Parliamentarian of the session which made the Ag. Clerk opined that he is not saying he is not leaving the seat but beseeched the House to have a fuller House before such decision would be taken which was later adopted. Later on the House went on recess since there was a  need to meet other members of the EC and bringing the idea of  adjourning the sitting would affect the House since it might not be possible meet the constitutional requirement of 72 hours. Sequel to this, a motion of recess was moved by Hon. Praise that the House should go on recess and resume on the 19th of November by 3pm and this motion stood which was duly seconded by Hon Tea without a counter motion.

The House resumed from recess on the 19th of November, 2019 at exactly 3:34pm. Upon the  resumption of recess, the Ag. Clerk of the House was not available and there was a need to have a proper documentation of the proceedings of the House, the Speaker had to throw it open to the floor of the House and members of the Parliament reacted to it thus made the House resolved that the Clerk himself in person of Hon. Toluano be reinstated with immediate effect without any condition which made the Speaker gave  his ruling and as such the Clerk resumed office and makes him back on seat as the Clerk of the House. Moving away from that, the Speaker through the House appointed Hon. Oba from department of Philosophy as the Ag. Chief Whip due to the incessant absence of the Chief Whip of the House thus Hon. Oba assumed office.

Having said that, the Speaker of the House lamented that there was no member of the Executive Council on board even with the fact that they have been given prior notification and he sees no reason why they should abscond from sittings, he described this act as been unprogressive in nature due to the fact that this won't be the first time almost all members of the EC would disregard the Parliamentary ruling(s) which is against the provisions of the Constitution. The Speaker in his wisdom asked for a way forward on the same matter, Hon. Pathfinder from department of Religious Studies, reacted that how valid is it that the Ag. Clerk gave the members of the EC an invitation letter, and if there is any evidence to ascertain this, that such should be put forward before actions would be taken against them. The Speaker gave a response that such had already been put in place and he is aware of that since he was with the Ag. Clerk of the House after he prepare the invitation. Moving away from that, Honorables who were present at the resumption of the recess lamented and raised observations about fellow Honorables that absconds from sittings that actions should be taken against them the Speaker responded that the constitutional action he took against such persons in some sittings ago was upturned by the President of the association at the kangaroo Congress he organized which the Speaker furtherly described this act perpetrated by the President of the association and his cohorts as being unprogressive and anti democracy that those whose seats where declared vacant at the sitting should not be reversed by the President using the Congress as a tool.

The Speaker went further and requested for submission on the absence of some Honorable members and Hon. Pradol from department of Linguistics and African Languages opined that those that do not resume recess with the House should be pardoned but a contrary view was immediately raised by the Clerk of the House having been recognized by the Speaker of the House that such should not happen since the constitution is clear on what should be done since constitutional matters are not debatable. While the sitting was going on the Speaker of the House threw it open to the House about going on another recess while Hon. Praise stood and raised a motion for recess till 27th of November by 4pm this motion was duly seconded by Hon. Pathfinder while Hon. IB from department of History moved a counter motion that while resuming the recess that the Audit committee be mandated now that they have to come and give a report on why the election was postponed and the House should decide when next the postponed election would hold while this motion was seconded by Hon. TimmyBlack from department of History. Having two motions on ground, the Speaker called for voting and the motion moved by Hon. Praise stood by having four votes while that of Hon. IB had two votes thus the Speaker of the House declared the sitting to be on recess at exactly 7:59pm. 

The House resumed recess on the 27th of Nov. 2019 while the sitting started at exactly 5:21pm while the House resolved that Hon IB and Hon. Oba be made Ag. Deputy Speaker and Ag. Chief Whip respectively for the sitting since both officers that ought to occupy those offices were not available. The Clerk later stood up and gave update on the notification he sent to the EC  and said it was only the President that sent a message that he won't be available while others he sent  notifications to and that are not present at the sitting didn't inform him about their absence. Hon Ay. from department of English opined that since the Financial Secretary is available that she should come and give her report that hopefully before she finish giving her report other that are invited except for the the DOS(socials) who was available might come in. The House adopted this opinion and the financial gave her report, having done that, the House asked her about the amount of money left in the association's purse she categorically stated that the association has less than #5000 in the account. This caused controversies in the House as many Honorables and some gallarians raised eyebrows and this made the Clerk of the House in Person of Hon. Toluano ask her that some list were written on the day of election which made the President accused the Financial Secretary of doctoring the electorate list that what happened and she said that those names that she wrote were names that the President mandated her to write that they paid their due already but no money were remitted to her as regards those names and no money as regards that reflected in the association's statement of account which means that the President has embezzled such fund that is meant for the association and he is  even guilty of the fact that he collected the receipt from the Financial Secretary to sign and give people who want to pay their due which he should not have done since it is not within his jurisdiction to do so. 

Immediately, after so many arguments and show of displeasure from the Parliamentarians and the gallerians, the House requested the Speaker to call for motion on this, which the Speaker called for motion and Hon. Pradol from department of Linguistics and African Languages moved a motion for the Impeachment of the President of the association in person of Mr Adewale Ayo Waliyu (AyFab) having been established that he didn't remit the association's money that he collected for due to the Financial Secretary of the association and going ahead to collect the receipt for due from the financial secretary which is not within the scope of his duties and responsibilities as such he has committed offences against the provisions of the Constitution which is Embezzlement of fund, gross misconduct, misleading the House, Unconstitutional withdrawal of funds, constitutional aberration. This motion was seconded by Hon. Praise Durowoju. A counter motion was moved by Hon Kayking from the department of Foreign Languages that instead of being impeached that the President be suspended indefinitely on all of those grounds and be open for investigation by the necessary and appropriate quarters this motion was seconded by Hon Ajos from department of History. Having two motions on ground the Speaker put it into voting and the counter motion by Hon. Kayaking stood having 5 votes and that of Hon. Pradol had 3 votes. Thus made the President of the association in Person of Mr Adewale Ayo Waliyu (Ayfab) placed on indefinite suspension and be open to investigation. The House moved further and looked into the absence of the invited members of the EC after so much deliberations, the Speaker called for motion while Hon Toluano moved the motion that the Vice President in person of Pedro Omolola (Pedro),  the PRO in person of Kushimo Adebayo (Competence), the General Secretary in person of Adeniji Mahmoud (Hon ATM) and the Assistant General Secretary in person of Jethro  (Jethro) be placed on indefinite suspension on the grounds of disregard for Parliamentary rulings since that won't be their first time. This motion was duly seconded by Hon. Olucrown from department of English while Hon Pradol moved a counter motion that they should be pardoned but was not seconded by anybody which made the motion earlier moved by Hon. Toluano stood. Having all these motion stand, the Speaker of the House automatically becomes the Ag. President of the association until the House deems it fit to reinstate the suspended President in person of Mr. Adewale Ayo Waliyu. The Speaker of the House immediately addressed the House on being progressive and called for motion for adjournment. A motion was moved that the sitting be adjourned till the Speaker of the House deems it fit, this motion was moved by Hon. Praise from department of Linguistics and  African Languages and was duly seconded by Hon. Pathfinder from the department of Religious  Studies. The sitting was officially brought  to an end at exactly 7:22pm.


Hon. Komolafe Tolulope Joshua

Clerk of the FSRC

Rt Hon. Raji Hammed Olatunde (Hon Hammed)

Rt. Hon Speaker of the FSRC

What You Probably Don't Know About Benin Republic

By Ganiyu Ayanniyi M.

The republic of Benin is a francophone country that borders Nigeria at the southwestern part of the Nigerian territory. It was formerly known as "Dan-ho-mé" which means "built on the snake's (Dan) belly" in Fon, a local Beninese language. The French colonialists had difficulties in the pronunciation of ''Dan-ho-mé", so they called it "Dahomey". In 1975, President Mathieu Kerekou influenced the change of the country's name from Dahomey to Benin (La République du Bénin) because the former name was regional in which many citizens didn't show signs of belonging since the name was in Fon language. She gained her independence on the 1st of August 1960, before Nigeria got hers.

The country is the first and only nation where three presidents ruled in the same tenure at a time. The names of those presidents are: Sourou Migan Apithy, Justin Ahomadégbé Tomêtin and Tahirou Congacou. They were from different tribes (Yoruba/Nango, Fon...) and different zones (North, central and South parts of Benin). The trio left office in 1965. The country later had other trio presidents after the first set. Now, the country's presidential mandate is quinquennial which is renewable once.

The name of the current president is Patrice Talon. He assumed office in 2016. He resides  at the presidential palace located in Porto-Novo, the political capital. The name "Porto-Novo" which means "New port", has its influence from the Portuguese explorers who came through the coasts of the Beninese capital. Cotonou is the economic capital of the nation.

Some artifacts from the Ethnographic Museum Alexandre Senou Adande

Personal Travelogue to Benin Republic
At Porto-novo, I visited a Museum named "Ethnographic Museum Alexandre Senou Adande" which is controlled by the Beninese ministry of Culture.

In the Museum, different ancestral masquerades were seen of which some are pertinent to the Yoruba culture and tradition as well as to the Egun. More so, different calabashes were sighted with some African drums, clothes, cowries, etc.

The ethnographic map which shows all tribes in Benin republic were seen too; The Yoruba and Egun are dominant in Southern part of Benin, the Fon at North/central...

From Porto-Novo, the bus took its way for Cotonou. Cotonou, the economic city which is more developed than Porto-Novo in terms of business, good roads, infrastructures, basic social amenities etc. I got to a popular bookshop in Cotonou named "Sté Le Bon Berger Sarl Librairie",  where many people bought French books.

My next destination was the Cotonou central market.

Observations from the Trip
1. I observed that the two Beninese dominant cities, Porto-Novo and Cotonou, have good roads though the latter has better roads.

2. I noticed that most administrative buildings found in Porto-Novo, the capital city, were built by the colonial masters though they under maintenance.

3. I observed that Benin republic has constant electricity for 24 hrs/7.

4. I saw that the use of motorbikes is the Beninese major means of transportation.

5. I noticed that in Porto-Novo, one could hardly see a filling station. And that, in Benin republic, Roadside sale of petroleum is common.

6. I was informed that the main operating banks in Porto-Novo are: Bank of Africa & Banque internationale du Bénin.

7. I observed that the new Beninese senate building which has been under construction since more than 8 years is still under construction.

8. At the Cotonou central market, we discovered that Yoruba or Nango (Yoruba from Benin) and Igbos are the ones dominating the commercial arena. The Yorubas or Nangos sell food stuffs there while the Ibos sell deported clothing materials, shoes, bags, belts etc. The Hausas there are very few and some of them engage in wheelbarrowing goods of customers.

9. I noted that Beninese actually love Nigerians, especially Yoruba people.

10. Benin republic is very peaceful country though she is the mother of 'voodoo', witchcrafts or traditional religious.

11. At Cotonou, we discovered some toilets were channeled with funnels where men could pee.

12. I discovered that Benin republic is a very small country and that its resources are not be comparable to that of Nigeria. But, what surprises us is the constant electricity she has. Most francophone countries in West Africa enjoy constant power supply 24 hrs/7.

13. I discovered that imported food and other things as car, cloth, etc. were cheaper to those ones in Nigeria.

14. The most popular primary and secondary school dressing in Benin republic is identifiable by  khaki clothes. Male primary school pupils wear shirts with shorts while female pupils wear garment or robe, all in khaki. Male secondary school students wear shirts with trousers while the female ones wear shirt with skirt. Almost all the students wear khaki except few whose parents couldn't afford to buy school uniform (khaki).

Friday, 22 November 2019

Rumble In The Jungle: FASA Election Postponed Indefinitely

By Bernard Nasamu       
The proposed election of the Faculty of Arts Students Association was again postponed for Thursday, 21st November 2019 was once again postponed indefinitely. 
The elections commenced at AUD 2 on the 21st of November 2019 with students of the Faculty of Arts ready to exercise their rights and agents stylishly donning the tags of their candidates. 

 Things, however, began to fall apart when the election commission abruptly stopped the voting procedures. According to an eyewitness, the turmoil started as a result of the fact there were irregularities as regards the number of accredited voters. The electoral chairman Hon. Havard, unanimously closed the curtain on the election process.
  On the account of another eyewitness, an anonymous department was responsible for the brow-raising electoral practice. According to the staff adviser Dr.Amusa that was present at the venue of the election, who clearly stated that the cause of the hullabaloo was because the student body of faculty of arts was not ready for an election.

        The incumbent FASA president AY-FAB, clearly stated that he smelt a rat in the build-up to the election. The number of students presented by an anonymous department was overemphasized. According to the president, the suspicion started from the unscrutinized registration process.

         It became a bitter-sweet scenario, as some went home indifferent while others were beginning to take things physical. All thanks to the presence of adequate authorities and corporative students, flames of any discord was put out. Hopefully, a new date for the elections would be made known in due course. 

Adebowale Damilola Elected As IRSA President

Adebowale Damilola Elected As IRSA President

By Pelumi Hassan
The Faculty of Administration, OAU earlier this week welcomed  another President as members International Relations Student Association, IRSA elected another president. The election was conducted at the basement of the faculty on November 20. The electoral process started as early as 9:00 am and it ended at 3:00 pm. The collation of the election results started almost immediately and the result was announced between the hour of 3-4 pm. It was a free and fair election as the students voted for the candidates of their choice via E-voting. All they had to do was to log into their Eportal accounts to vote. 

This process was considered stress free as even the President-elect, Adebowale Damilola said, "Personally I think the incorporation of the E-voting using our Eportal as made the process less stressful and also free and fair as possible limiting the chances of having issues. The election went well and IRSA students voted for those who they believe deserve to be voted for". He also commended the Electoral Committee for the job well done.

The IRSA students were proud of how simple the election was. An IRSA student said," I love the fact that it was just stress-free."
A total of sixteen candidates contested in the election and only ten candidates won. The winners and the result of the election are below;

Total Votes: 210

Vice President
Total Votes: 210
Ojelade Mary Yejide (Yejis)- 21

General Secretary
Total Votes: 210

Financial Secretary
Total Votes: 210

Assistant General Secretary
Total Votes: 210

Total Votes: 210

Total Votes: 210

Public Relation Officer
Total Votes: 210

Director of Socials

Director of Sports
Total Votes: 210

Money Heist In OAU As Teni, Sia, Joker Appear On Campus

By Okafor Eberechukwu

So the ongoing final year brethren week popularly called FYB week came with a full package. The final year week is a time for jubilation as the graduating students are leaving the university. For most departments, it usually features a costume day and we saw some unique costumes that blew our minds. 

This year, it would seem the FYBs carefully chose their costume as we saw; "The Marlians", "The dead bride" , "Parte after Parte" "Tenitheentertainer", " La Casa de Papel" and so much more. Most of which were gotten from movie series and some other from popular celebrity outfits. Some students were very creative in the selections of their costumes while of course, some outfits were below the expectations of the students.

The final year week which holds on the last week of lectures annually is for the purpose of creating a memorable experience for the graduating students. 

According to an OAU student, "Some FYBs were not able to accurately get the cooperate look but most them worked really hard in gaining the attention of not only their mates but the other students of Obafemi Awolowo University at large. It was really nice".

The costume day is usually the highlight of the FYB week as all students look forward to it and are expectant of which costume rules the day. 

The Jersey day is also a memorable event as that is when the graduating students dance around the halls of residence of the Obafemi Awolowo University as they are being drenched with water. This is a way of showing our joy and partaking of their jubilation. The sign out day: the final year students all wear a white top or shirt on either a trouser or skirt and their fellow graduating students sign out on their white tops even until there is no more space available for any writing. The purpose of this is to reminiscence on their past time in school after they must have left the school for their different paths in life. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Faculty of Law OAU Regains Accreditation

The Faculty of Law of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife regained her accreditation after losing it almost two sessions ago. 

Being one of the foremost Faculties of Law in Nigeria, a lot of people were shocked when the Faculty of Law was unable to meet up with the criteria of the National Universities Commission. As expected this led to the Faculty alongside a few other like the Faculty of Dentistry and the Department of Nursing losing their accreditation. 
This loss of accreditation also led to these faculties not being able to admit students in the past two admission exercises organised by the Obafemi Awolowo University. 

While the accreditation process is still ongoing, details on the process in the other discredited departments have not been obtained. Although, there is a lot of hope that these departments would join the Faculty of Law to regain accreditation by the NUC.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

RCF Holds Annual Conference In Style

By Oluwashemiloore Lawani

The Redeemed Campus Fellowship, OAU hosted the 2019 edition of her annual DAC between 15th to 19th September 2019. 
DAC is an acronym that stands for Dominant Army Conference and is hosted annually by RCF OAU. The program has explored different themes over the past few years and this year, the theme of the conference was “Of God's Spirit And Of His Power,”.

The event started on the 15th of November, 2019 at about a few minutes past 9:00pm and events that day mainly featured renditions from the church choir or the Chosen Generation Choir as they are more fondly called. The event also featured a play courtesy of Smiles Production. 

The event continued on Saturday and the curtains were closed on Sunday, 17th November 2019 with a thanksgiving service. The service featured a ministration from Pastor Johnson Adeniran who was said to be the Pastor In Charge of RCCG Region 3. 

Gathering feedback from participants of the conference, an attendee who pleaded anonymity said about the conference, "This year's ministration was great compared to last year's...". Several others gave high praises to the organisers of the conference and stated that they looked forward to the next edition already.

Landslide In Pharmacy As Micheal Olusola Emerges Next President of PANS OAU

In what many would agree is the widest margin in recent years, Micheal Olusola, a 400-Level of the Faculty of Pharmacy, OAU has emerged the next president of the OAU chapter of the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian students, PANS OAU.

Micheal, who had served as the association's Public Relations Officer, pulled 332 votes to beat his opponent; Jacinta Ezegamba, who only managed to garner 98 votes, in the Presidential race. 

Reacting to the outcome of the elections, Mr Ayobami appreciated the electorate for the privilege granted him. In his words, "After all is said and done, PANS OAU is still  You and I in Synergy and so we must remember that more than the lines that may seem to divide, our dreams and goals unite us. So let us join hands and come together as a house united in goal and purpose. As we head into exams, good tidings and the voice of rejoicing shall always abound amongst us."

Micheal joins the list of people who would serve as Faculty presidents for the 2019/2020 academic session. and in what seems like election season in the OAU campus, the question in the atmosphere remains, who are the other people on this list?

Full details of the election results soon

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Micheal Ademuyiwa Emerges As NUASA OAU President

Micheal Ademuyiwa, President-Elect NUASA OAU

In the early hours of November 15 2019, the OAU Chapter of the Nigerian Universities Accounting Students’ Association; NUASA organised her elections. This marked the beginning of the end of the tenure of the current leadership of the association led by Akerele Isaac, popularly addressed as A.K Isaac. 
In an interview with Faesan Omotayo, a part 3 student of NUASA, she stated about the current administration, "His regime was good because he made himself available for Nuasites."  However, as good as his regime might have been, it had to end. 

The candidates delivered their manifestos and publicized accordingly till the eve of the election. The electoral process was conducted in an orderly manner at the basement of Faculty of Administration.  Members of the association also came out to support their preferred candidates.

The election started at exactly 9am and ended 5pm. The collation and counting of votes was done from 5:00pm and the results were officially announced at 6:50 am the following day. According to Oladipupo Osotimilehin, the outgoing Public Relations Officer of the association, there were over four hundred voters, 16 candidates and only 10 of them were elected into power.

Find full details of the elections below;

Osigwe Kennedy - 204
Ademuyiwa Michael - 221

Vice President:
Kay Kay - 232
Funmi - 191

General Secretary:
Eben - 263
Fanzzo -161

Assistant General Secretary:
Teekay - 40

Financial Secretary:
Wuraola - 388

Hon Ay - 256
Okuz - 157

Public Relation Officer:
Djoe - 215
Comrade - 204

Director of Socials:
Ay toolz - 296
Ferragamo - 124

Director of sports: 
Phobia - 376

Librarian: Francis - 412

The full names of the winners and their respective positions are;

President- Ademuyiwa Micheal (MichealKing)
Vice president- Lisa Kanyisola (Kaykay)
Gen Sec - Adeleye Ebenezer (E-Ben)
Fin Sec. - Wuraola (Wura)
PRO- Oyedeji John (Djoe)
AGS - Onigbinde Iyanuoluwa (Teejay)
Treasurer- Alufa Ayomide (Hon Ay)
Director of Socials - Ayodele Toluwannimi (Ayo Toolz)
Director of Sports - Babatunde Abiola (Phobia)
Librarian- Odeyale Sunday Francis (Francis)