Saturday, 12 January 2019

Lecture Free Week: The Comic Heartbreak

by Kingsley Ndimele 

Bosun, my room mate was preparing lunch yesterday, when suddenly he was notified that timetable for his exams have been officially released by  his department.

Unlike the usual tense academic atmosphere during the lecture free week, many students are yet to wake up to the reality of the fact that semester exams start next week.

Everyday, several departments keep releasing examination timetable, while some departments had released theirs before the Christmas and New Year break.

Like seriously! Exams start next week! So, VC refused to add extra two weeks. I've read nada! This is gradually becoming a reality. I pray I don't jones this semester.

Few hours after the threat letter released by ASUU OAU, Federal Government made head way in their agreement with ASUU National Body. Predictably, the ASUU strike will be called off officially any time soon.

As I was writing my last test scheduled for this week, I saw exams staring strongly at my face. The gradual reality that exam is loading when I'm yet to recover from the festive break is a comic heartbreak.

Somebody, help my solution. Where do I start from?  Which course do I read first?  Do I even have all the materials? Some of my friends are still at home waiting for the extra two weeks.  Even some 'ASUU departments' rumored to have been on strike have released their timetables. UJCM Exam Prayer Meeting even starts next week. Lobatan!

Awo cafe is half filled, while lazy ones like me is still on the look out for breaking news for an extension of this semester.

With the way this drama is unfolding, I pray that I don't fail too much.

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  1. Hmm, thanks for this. Examination week in OAU is usually very tense.

    Nobody wants to bang!

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  6. Just pray and do your best in the exams, after preparing as much as you can.