Friday, 22 November 2019

Rumble In The Jungle: FASA Election Postponed Indefinitely

By Bernard Nasamu       
The proposed election of the Faculty of Arts Students Association was again postponed for Thursday, 21st November 2019 was once again postponed indefinitely. 
The elections commenced at AUD 2 on the 21st of November 2019 with students of the Faculty of Arts ready to exercise their rights and agents stylishly donning the tags of their candidates. 

 Things, however, began to fall apart when the election commission abruptly stopped the voting procedures. According to an eyewitness, the turmoil started as a result of the fact there were irregularities as regards the number of accredited voters. The electoral chairman Hon. Havard, unanimously closed the curtain on the election process.
  On the account of another eyewitness, an anonymous department was responsible for the brow-raising electoral practice. According to the staff adviser Dr.Amusa that was present at the venue of the election, who clearly stated that the cause of the hullabaloo was because the student body of faculty of arts was not ready for an election.

        The incumbent FASA president AY-FAB, clearly stated that he smelt a rat in the build-up to the election. The number of students presented by an anonymous department was overemphasized. According to the president, the suspicion started from the unscrutinized registration process.

         It became a bitter-sweet scenario, as some went home indifferent while others were beginning to take things physical. All thanks to the presence of adequate authorities and corporative students, flames of any discord was put out. Hopefully, a new date for the elections would be made known in due course. 

Adebowale Damilola Elected As IRSA President

Adebowale Damilola Elected As IRSA President

By Pelumi Hassan
The Faculty of Administration, OAU earlier this week welcomed  another President as members International Relations Student Association, IRSA elected another president. The election was conducted at the basement of the faculty on November 20. The electoral process started as early as 9:00 am and it ended at 3:00 pm. The collation of the election results started almost immediately and the result was announced between the hour of 3-4 pm. It was a free and fair election as the students voted for the candidates of their choice via E-voting. All they had to do was to log into their Eportal accounts to vote. 

This process was considered stress free as even the President-elect, Adebowale Damilola said, "Personally I think the incorporation of the E-voting using our Eportal as made the process less stressful and also free and fair as possible limiting the chances of having issues. The election went well and IRSA students voted for those who they believe deserve to be voted for". He also commended the Electoral Committee for the job well done.

The IRSA students were proud of how simple the election was. An IRSA student said," I love the fact that it was just stress-free."
A total of sixteen candidates contested in the election and only ten candidates won. The winners and the result of the election are below;

Total Votes: 210

Vice President
Total Votes: 210
Ojelade Mary Yejide (Yejis)- 21

General Secretary
Total Votes: 210

Financial Secretary
Total Votes: 210

Assistant General Secretary
Total Votes: 210

Total Votes: 210

Total Votes: 210

Public Relation Officer
Total Votes: 210

Director of Socials

Director of Sports
Total Votes: 210

Money Heist In OAU As Teni, Sia, Joker Appear On Campus

By Okafor Eberechukwu

So the ongoing final year brethren week popularly called FYB week came with a full package. The final year week is a time for jubilation as the graduating students are leaving the university. For most departments, it usually features a costume day and we saw some unique costumes that blew our minds. 

This year, it would seem the FYBs carefully chose their costume as we saw; "The Marlians", "The dead bride" , "Parte after Parte" "Tenitheentertainer", " La Casa de Papel" and so much more. Most of which were gotten from movie series and some other from popular celebrity outfits. Some students were very creative in the selections of their costumes while of course, some outfits were below the expectations of the students.

The final year week which holds on the last week of lectures annually is for the purpose of creating a memorable experience for the graduating students. 

According to an OAU student, "Some FYBs were not able to accurately get the cooperate look but most them worked really hard in gaining the attention of not only their mates but the other students of Obafemi Awolowo University at large. It was really nice".

The costume day is usually the highlight of the FYB week as all students look forward to it and are expectant of which costume rules the day. 

The Jersey day is also a memorable event as that is when the graduating students dance around the halls of residence of the Obafemi Awolowo University as they are being drenched with water. This is a way of showing our joy and partaking of their jubilation. The sign out day: the final year students all wear a white top or shirt on either a trouser or skirt and their fellow graduating students sign out on their white tops even until there is no more space available for any writing. The purpose of this is to reminiscence on their past time in school after they must have left the school for their different paths in life. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Faculty of Law OAU Regains Accreditation

The Faculty of Law of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife regained her accreditation after losing it almost two sessions ago. 

Being one of the foremost Faculties of Law in Nigeria, a lot of people were shocked when the Faculty of Law was unable to meet up with the criteria of the National Universities Commission. As expected this led to the Faculty alongside a few other like the Faculty of Dentistry and the Department of Nursing losing their accreditation. 
This loss of accreditation also led to these faculties not being able to admit students in the past two admission exercises organised by the Obafemi Awolowo University. 

While the accreditation process is still ongoing, details on the process in the other discredited departments have not been obtained. Although, there is a lot of hope that these departments would join the Faculty of Law to regain accreditation by the NUC.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

RCF Holds Annual Conference In Style

By Oluwashemiloore Lawani

The Redeemed Campus Fellowship, OAU hosted the 2019 edition of her annual DAC between 15th to 19th September 2019. 
DAC is an acronym that stands for Dominant Army Conference and is hosted annually by RCF OAU. The program has explored different themes over the past few years and this year, the theme of the conference was “Of God's Spirit And Of His Power,”.

The event started on the 15th of November, 2019 at about a few minutes past 9:00pm and events that day mainly featured renditions from the church choir or the Chosen Generation Choir as they are more fondly called. The event also featured a play courtesy of Smiles Production. 

The event continued on Saturday and the curtains were closed on Sunday, 17th November 2019 with a thanksgiving service. The service featured a ministration from Pastor Johnson Adeniran who was said to be the Pastor In Charge of RCCG Region 3. 

Gathering feedback from participants of the conference, an attendee who pleaded anonymity said about the conference, "This year's ministration was great compared to last year's...". Several others gave high praises to the organisers of the conference and stated that they looked forward to the next edition already.

Landslide In Pharmacy As Micheal Olusola Emerges Next President of PANS OAU

In what many would agree is the widest margin in recent years, Micheal Olusola, a 400-Level of the Faculty of Pharmacy, OAU has emerged the next president of the OAU chapter of the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian students, PANS OAU.

Micheal, who had served as the association's Public Relations Officer, pulled 332 votes to beat his opponent; Jacinta Ezegamba, who only managed to garner 98 votes, in the Presidential race. 

Reacting to the outcome of the elections, Mr Ayobami appreciated the electorate for the privilege granted him. In his words, "After all is said and done, PANS OAU is still  You and I in Synergy and so we must remember that more than the lines that may seem to divide, our dreams and goals unite us. So let us join hands and come together as a house united in goal and purpose. As we head into exams, good tidings and the voice of rejoicing shall always abound amongst us."

Micheal joins the list of people who would serve as Faculty presidents for the 2019/2020 academic session. and in what seems like election season in the OAU campus, the question in the atmosphere remains, who are the other people on this list?

Full details of the election results soon

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Micheal Ademuyiwa Emerges As NUASA OAU President

Micheal Ademuyiwa, President-Elect NUASA OAU

In the early hours of November 15 2019, the OAU Chapter of the Nigerian Universities Accounting Students’ Association; NUASA organised her elections. This marked the beginning of the end of the tenure of the current leadership of the association led by Akerele Isaac, popularly addressed as A.K Isaac. 
In an interview with Faesan Omotayo, a part 3 student of NUASA, she stated about the current administration, "His regime was good because he made himself available for Nuasites."  However, as good as his regime might have been, it had to end. 

The candidates delivered their manifestos and publicized accordingly till the eve of the election. The electoral process was conducted in an orderly manner at the basement of Faculty of Administration.  Members of the association also came out to support their preferred candidates.

The election started at exactly 9am and ended 5pm. The collation and counting of votes was done from 5:00pm and the results were officially announced at 6:50 am the following day. According to Oladipupo Osotimilehin, the outgoing Public Relations Officer of the association, there were over four hundred voters, 16 candidates and only 10 of them were elected into power.

Find full details of the elections below;

Osigwe Kennedy - 204
Ademuyiwa Michael - 221

Vice President:
Kay Kay - 232
Funmi - 191

General Secretary:
Eben - 263
Fanzzo -161

Assistant General Secretary:
Teekay - 40

Financial Secretary:
Wuraola - 388

Hon Ay - 256
Okuz - 157

Public Relation Officer:
Djoe - 215
Comrade - 204

Director of Socials:
Ay toolz - 296
Ferragamo - 124

Director of sports: 
Phobia - 376

Librarian: Francis - 412

The full names of the winners and their respective positions are;

President- Ademuyiwa Micheal (MichealKing)
Vice president- Lisa Kanyisola (Kaykay)
Gen Sec - Adeleye Ebenezer (E-Ben)
Fin Sec. - Wuraola (Wura)
PRO- Oyedeji John (Djoe)
AGS - Onigbinde Iyanuoluwa (Teejay)
Treasurer- Alufa Ayomide (Hon Ay)
Director of Socials - Ayodele Toluwannimi (Ayo Toolz)
Director of Sports - Babatunde Abiola (Phobia)
Librarian- Odeyale Sunday Francis (Francis)